Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ready To Rumble Vs. No Holds Barred

* = Halford's gay? Really? No! Really? I just thought he liked the smell of leather, and I mean C'mon who doesn't love metal spikes? WHO?

Yesterday was just terrible. I had to go to Mankato all day for a class, which isn't that bad until you consider the price of gas. Then up on returning there was a MASSIVE cluster F' at the place that continues to pay me. The reality is it wasn't the fault of anyone's fault that currently works there. It was just an overzealous individual who was stretching the 'truth' a bit to get what she wanted faster. The problem was it just drew my intense ire. I try not to complain much about my job, because let's be realistic very few people love their jobs. I've stated it before and will do so again here, I like what I do, I just don't care for who pays me. This manifests itself when I'm annoyed to a degree where I really have to slow down and make sure I don't shoot off at the mouth any more than I already do. Let's face it I could get another job, but I can't afford to currently.

I'm not sure I could find one currently where I have built up enough equity with folks that they leave me alone, that I make enough money that I can get by, and one I'm very good at. It's inevitable that I leave, everyone does, especially here, but I'm in no serious rush now, not when we're on the verge of 'The Plan' coming to fruition. That being said every day I get a little closer to leaving this place one way or another, and on the day that I do I'll leave knowing I left it better than I found it, but that I'm also moving on to MUCH greener pastures.

Enough serious talk, let's chat about FAKE SPORTS NEWS! Do you know that man;

His name is 'Captain Charisma' Christain Cage, and he is my tag team partner. You see I FINALLY started my Smackdown Vs RAW 2011 WWE Universe. It began with a match against Vance Archer on RAW where I beat that ass like it owed me money. I was happy with that when out of the back storms Jack Swagger pointing and yelling at me. At that point I decided, "Jack Swagger, you must DIE!" This led to a parking lot brawl a week later, which I barely won. And eventually to a tag match on WWE Superstars with Edge & Swagger taking on Christian and myself. After that match I was informed that we were now 'friends'. After that the computer put us in another tag match against Cryme Tyme, which we won, and afterwards the computer informed me that Christian & I were an offical 'Team' now. In fact we are currently the #3 contender for the Tag belts. The thing is I KNOW Christian will betray me, it's wrestling. I have to decide whether I should betray him first. I'd like to win the belts first, and then maybe drop him like a bad habit. That's the beauty of this game. I have no idea what's going to happen next, the matches have been competitive, and the creation mode is outstanding. Now I just need to make the rest of my "To Do CAW" list, as well as make a version of Dave as 'The Czar'. I'm waiting to hear back from him on what he'd like to do. Maybe tonight I can squeeze a few more games in before Cassandra gets back from her grocery show excursion?

On an altogther different note I finished Michael Moorcock's second Hawkmoon book, The Mad God's Amulet (**** 1/2 out of 5).

I enjoyed it more than book one. The thing I'm realizing is this is written in an almost serial style, and it's growing on me in leaps and bounds. I loved the addtion of Hawkmoon's beastial friend Oladahn, and his 'Frenimy' Huillam d'Averc. I loved the scene in the Mad God's lair, and even the part leading up to that with the Mad God's 'forces'. The Red Amulet is an interesting item, almost akin to Elric's Stormbringer. The end game of the 'betrayal', the seige at Kamarg, and the 'escape' were really fun. I only have one more book, in my possession, to read. I think there is at least one more in this set and maybe a sequel 'cycle' as well. Overall this has me interested in reading more of Moorcock's Eternal Champion series, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to say that after the first book.


- I'm almost done with Henry Kuttner's The Dark World and it is FANTASTIC!

I'm really loving it. The book is moving at a break neck speed, the characters are interesting and each has a very distinct motivation, and more than anything else I'm not sure how it's going to end. The idea that the main protagonist may also be the main antagonist is really intriguing. I have about 40 pages left and I'm chomping at the bit to find out just how Kuttner is going to wrap this up. That being said I think that if the rest of the tale is any indication I'll love the ending as much as the rest of the book. There is just SO much 'history' that alluded to, so many battles, betrayals, loves, and losses that are mentioned in passing you get the feeling that this story is the climax to some epic YOU & I will NEVER get to read! I really admire when a writer can drag you into that created world and emmerse you so deep that you don't want to leave. It's such a great literary trick! I think the last time I read something where it was uses so well was Robert Kirkman Destroyer Marvel MAX miniseries.
Sometimes the idea that this is THE End, adds such gravitas to a tale that the tale itself can be nothing special. I think it makes all these untold tales that are alluded to that much more enticing. You know you'll never get them so you are left with your imagination spinning those yarns. I want to know what Edward Bond did to prep the Rebels to attack the Coven, just what were all the heinous acts Ganelon did, and what was his real relationship with Medea? This long 'mythology' is a mystery so it allows our fertile imaginations to run wild with speculations. It's just great stuff.

- I'm thinking Saturday night if it's not raining I'm having a fire in the fire pit. If the weather stays like it is today it'll be perfect.

- R.I.P. Dick Clark, damn man you had a hell of a run.

- Fuck you Ted Nugent.
You claiming your speech isn't inflammatory is like me claiming I'm a gay black woman who ALWAYS votes Republican, it's a LIE. Folks like you and on the left the lady who attacked Romney's wife are idiots and the prime reason we can't have a real conversation with each other anyone. But you don't care, all you want to do is stir up the idiots into a frenzy so you can 'win'. You F'ing idiot you never 'WIN'! No one does. In fact I'd wager if you ask Obama whether he feels he's 'won' by being President, and he was being honest which is virtually impossible for a politician, he'd say 'No'. Do you really think it matters anymore if it's Romney or Obama? They aren't that different in policy, it's jsut that one's an obvious liar and one's just really good at not getting caught in same said lies. Standing on a stage and telling a bunch of zealots that if our current president is re-elected that you'd either be dead or in jail is beyond stupid. In fact I hope you are 'Merican enough to follow through. When Obama wins, and I think he will for better or worse, do us all a favor Teddy and kill yourself.

- Hey Duke if you're reading this those pics of Grilled Pizza you put on the 'Fazebouk(s)' looked amazing. I think we're headed down 'south' next month wanna hang out?

- I want to rant more, but dammit I'm to tired.

And with that I think it's time to be done and begin plotting the 'shocking betrayal' of my Tag Team partner. MUHAHAHAHAhahahahahaha!

"Follow trails of you to here

Every mile takes you my way

Rolling faster if we can


Tables turnin all the time

I’m the dog at your feet

Out of sight and out of time


You’re the one

Colored bottles in a line

Different signals blinkin my way

Rolling faster all the while

You’re the one"

Ain’t it something we're born to hula

* = Axel Rose looks like he went back in time and ate the 1990's version of himself...

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