Saturday, February 6, 2016

Heel Turn Radio - Episode 41 - Dickensian Potty Humor

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger take it to the streets to go through the Chikara Season 16 double header season premiere and what are hopes and dreams are for what happens next, we heap deserved praise on the Lucha Underground season 2 first episode AND their news of a season 3 being on the way, we then discuss just who is poop and who deserves to be called up in NXT, before wrapping up with a rundown of the WWE proper and fantasy book us some Rasslemania.  Join us for lots of poop comparisons, Vince fatigue, and mad love for the Independents.  So let go of the tag rope, hop off that apron, and leave your partner behind.  It's time for a HEEL TURN!

Heel Turn Radio - Episode 41 - Dickensian Potty Humor

The Insecurity Blanket Podcast - Episode 33 - In The Womb With Limey Dracula

James and your humble slice of fabulous retreat into the Podcast Womb for a hostile takeover!  James hijacks the Podcast!  We talk his D&D events of last weekend and I give some honest feedback on Edgar's game from last Sunday.  The Beard then takes me completely off guard with a series of queries regarding alignment both in game and in real life.  And finally, James attempts an intervention to my current obsession with Kamen Rider, inquires about what will come after the Star Wars miniseries game, and my ideas for 2016 Extra Life.  The answers may surprise you...Or not.  I mean I am a huge nerd so you sort of know what you are getting yourself into.  ENJOY or don't, we'll keep knocking these out regardless.

The Insecurity Blanket Podcast - Episode 33 - In The Womb With Limey Dracula

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Under Your Skin Vs. You're Not You

Oh the plans I had.  Things had been going pretty well of late.  There had been small health hiccups, but mainly it was just feeling run down with a flu.  Sunday we played 2nd Group D&D and all seemed well.  Then on the way home I felt like I got hit by a bus.  I had a seizure in the car out of the blue.  It was pretty nasty.

Then once we got home I had a few more.  These weren't the clench and shake either.  These were far more violent.  These were more like the ones that I had gotten through years ago.  These were longer, more intense, and have left me a mess.  I can't seem to think, I can't seem to speak intelligently for very long even though I have the words in my head, and man does my body hurt.  It seriously hurts.  Bad.

I'm not sure what brought this on.  I usually feel them coming.  This was just out of the blue and has smashed me like a wave on the shore.  I am recovering, but it is beyond tedious, slow, and frustrating.  I'm not sure how to process this setback.  Getting through today is extremely difficult.  I'm stiff and extremely sore, I'm trying to think through this fog, but feel like I can't get words put together and therefor really don't want to talk to anyone.  I just want to go back to sleep.

Tomorrow will be better.  The day after that will be even better.  Well after the snow blowing and tiny bit of shoveling I have to survive.  I have to remain positive.  I have to keep looking forward.  I don't have any choice.

Ugh, enough of this, let's just do some....

- I had to postpone tonight's Heel Turn Radio & Insecurity Blanket Podcast.  Sorry.  Well maybe not.  Honestly, I'm not sure.  I was dreading shoveling and snow blowing tonight.  Not stressing, but just dreading finding the energy to push through what has to be done.  It's hard to hype yourself up when you feel miserable.  Then I get this picture. 
The Beard, my Tag Team Partner, showed up and shoveled.  He didn't have to, no one asked him to, he just did it because that's who he is.  I talk a lot about how important my Friends are to my life, and they are.  I think I forget sometimes just how generous they are with their time, their imaginations, their effort, their finances, with everything.  I may not be in the best of shape in a lot of ways, but in the Friendship department I am better off than anyone else.  Thank you all.  And ESPECIALLY, The Beard!

- Thank the Gawds for the snow blower.  Without it I never would have been ok letting Cassandra attack the driveway last night.

- While I was down and out I found myself watching a crazy amount of Kamen Rider on YOUTube of late and am fascinated by it. 
Couple that with re-watching old Gamera flicks and I have an insatiable desire to run an Apocalypse World hack that takes the best of Kaiju, Sentai, & Henshin tropes and combines them into complete insanity.  This blog has some nice initial thoughts on it.  I may need some help with this if anyone is interested.  Oh and if you aren't overly familiar with Kamen Rider then you should go check it out.  It is insane.  And by 'insane' I mean it is totally beautiful, over the top, and encapsulates like every single thing that I enjoy.

- I really need to see the mid-1990's Gamera flicks now.  Seriously, like right now.

- As I sat there yesterday trying to do anything not to allow my discomfort become my sole focus I started knocking out some LEGOs. 

I have to say Chinese blocks on Ebay are the best.  I know they aren't true LEGO's, but they are basically the same, they are MEGA cheap, and have a lot of interesting things going on.  So I knocked out four mech style sets as I watched wild Kamen Rider movies on YOUTube.  The articulation in each of these sets is outstanding.  The Ninjago sets were solid, and the Captain America mech is good, BUT the Bruce Banner mech is truly fantastic.  It has articulation, bulk, and was a joy to build.  It doesn't hurt that the Bruce Banner minifigure is awesome.

- I wish I could curl into a ball right now.

- Lucha Underground season 2 started and it is glorious.  Season 3 is now confirmed and I am giddy.  The premiere set the tone, but left so much to the imagination. 

We have the carry over of the big plot points from last season; Mil Muertes WINS everything, Vampiro is crazy and not to be trusted, Dario Cueto is still out there doing El Jefe type stuff, Pentagon, Jr. hates people's arms a LOT, the dysfunctional trio are crazy over, and Prince Puma is LU's Jern Tatersalad without being lame.  The thing is we didn't get a lot of anything new even though we have guys like "The King Of DONG Style" Joey Ryan, PJ Black, & Rey Mysterio Jr. on the docket this season.  And I think that is the HUGE difference between almost everything else and LU.  The story leaves me clamoring for more, in fact I'm starving for more.

I wish I had more to say, but honestly it's all just me being mopey and hurty.  And no one wants to listen to or read any more of that crap.  OH and remember to VOTE!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Shuffle Sounds - Podcast - Episode 4 - David Bowie - 'Blackstar'

David & Ben welcome their newest co-host Michael James Harmon out of his Basement Of Sleaze to talk about one of his favorite all time artists 'farewell' endeavor.  It is a somber, well as somber as we all get, look at the latest, but possibly not last, work of David Bowie.  We take the time to look back as well as forward on what the man meant, the art he created, and what he inspired in us.
Shuffle Sounds - Podcast - Episode 4 - David Bowie - Blackstar

The Insecurity Blanket Podcast - Episode 32 - Off The Rails

The Beard and your humble slice of Ginger Fabulousness head down into the Podcast Cave set to talk about some games when we get side tracked on the current situation in Oregon, the philosophical bent of moral absolutism, the current trend towards rigid, dogmatic thinking, and whether or not mankind can get out of this current tailspin of 'Us Vs. Them'.  Eventually, we find our way back to the greener pastures of talking Movie-A-Thons, Expectations Vs. Reality in RPG's, and just how the casual gamer doesn't fair well in a competitive gamer environment.  Enjoy!
The Insecurity Blanket Podcast - Episode 32 - Off The Rails

Heel Turn Radio - Episode 40 - A Phenomenal Thing Happened On The Way To The Rumble

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger kick off 2016 in a rollicking fashion by NOT completely hating the Royal Rumble!  In fact we both did what Bret Hart couldn't.  We enjoyed it.  We break down the entire PPV fracas before jumping into some Independents.  Once again we try to make you understand that PWG is putting on the most insane cards of the last five years every month, touch on some of the interesting things happening in Evolve, say goodbye AND hello to Mr. Nakamura, and wrap up with some giddy joy over the double header that is the Season 16 premier of CHIKARA.  So let that rest hold go and grab a chair it's time to turn heel!
Heel Turn Radio - Episode 40 - A Phenomenal Thing Happened On The Way To The Rumble

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Failure To Communicate Vs. Win Win

I missed my MinBlogIsode episode this weekend as I ran into the brick wall of not having any extra time.  It wasn't completely due to having an insanely heavily booked schedule, which I do, but more to do with being sick.  I'm just sort of coming out of that now and feeling a bit better.  Just in time to have my lovely better half get sick.  Sick enough to miss two days out of her 40 hour week.  Which for those that don't know her that is akin to her cutting off her own hands.

I was going to try and sneak in that MinBlogIsode, but have changed my mind as The Beard and I are just going to sneak in two Podcasts tomorrow prior to the next episode of Shuffle Sounds - Podcast, with very special guest Michael J. Harmon (of Basement Of Sleaze infamy).  It'll be a crazy night of yapping.  Then Thursday we're supposed to knock out an Actual Play episode of The Antagonist Relations Podcast.  Busy, busy, busy.

Due to being ill I didn't run D&D for 3rd Group last Thursday.  I HATE cancelling, but had some seizures and didn't think I could hack it mentally that night.  The reality was and is I can't.  I got through the last 8 hours of my week with spit and bailing wire, took a nap, and then had a pretty decent 1st play session of my 3 episode Star Wars game.  The Beard showed up about midway through and really helped pick the energy level up and took the session to a far more satisfying level than I think I was up to.

Saturday was again crazy busy.  We had a Movie-A-Thon that night that was Basement Of Sleaze APPROVED, which we'll talk about on the Podcast tomorrow.  I want to touch upon our Frostgrave game.  We had played four times or so.  Turns out we'd been doing the combat wrong, which was one of the reasons that our mortality rate was so low.  The Geneious joined us and kindly made the rules corrections for us, and spurred on a blood thirsty change to the game.

I really, REALLY like Frostgrave.  I think it's a great and simple war game.  I also understand that war games aren't for everyone.  I re-learned that lesson Saturday.  Two of our regular players quickly found that they didn't care much for the far deadlier, correct, version of the rules or with the more aggressive tact of the players.  I think they both enjoy the exploration and the fun/risk of treasure hunting.  There isn't a lot of frustration with killing random monsters who want to destroy you.  When someone wipes out half your war band because it is 'in their way' you can sometimes attach some feeling to that.  Especially when your rolling is poor and theirs is outrageously good.  That mixture can really sap the fun out of games.

The reality for me is I had fun playing, even if my rolling was truly EPICALLY bad and frustrating.  I didn't have fun watching others be frustrated and actively not enjoy the game.  I always look at games as a way to not just enjoy myself, but to enjoy the company or joy of others.  Saturday morphed into the opposite of that.  In the end, that's ok.  People are entitle to not like a game, or a player, or even me as the host.

Scheduling for Frostgrave is hard as well.  The put together time of the table is a few hours, while the tear down time is about thirty minutes.  I like to make new war bands, new wizards, new themes, etc. while some people are VERY into seeing just how far they can take their Wizards.  Now that people seem to have bowed out, I really thought about getting back to every third Monday night as the play night, and I think I'll go with that, even though that means some people will be left out.  At the same time that once a month Saturday we were setting aside for Frostgrave will be for random Board Gaming and maybe some Anime. 

In the end, I have to live and learn.  I can't make everyone love or enjoy everything.  I can't make someone have a good time.  And I certainly can't make my damn dice not betray me.  All I can do is bring folks together, try new games, and try and make it a place where EVERYONE can have fun.  I think that's the most noble goal I can have when it comes to playing games.

Well that was longer than I thought.  So let's jump into the...


- Heel Turn Radio should be wild as we hit the insanity that was the Royal Rumble HARD.  I have a lot of opinions.

- I've been really tearing into Bowie's 'Black Star' and I find that I have two distinct trains of thought on it. 
One revolving around the context of the album being a 'goodbye' to his fans.  This visceral, real moment of knowing your demise is near, but having something profound to say.  The other is the fan who has this strong feeling of this is the last new music I'll ever get from Bowie.  That is so strange.  So strange to think of someone who I looked at as being as 'immortal' as their work being gone.  There is a serious feeling of personal mortality associated with that.  It is odd, disconcerting, and yet so honest.  I'm anxious to talk about it on Shuffle Sounds - Podcast.

- I'm going to grill this weekend if the weather holds up.  I'm excited enough to have purchased some sausages!

I think that's all I have in the tank today.