Sunday, May 22, 2016

Heel Turn Radio - Episode 53 - The Mayor Of Chanhassen Speaks Part 3

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger finish bottle after bottle with Playboy Pete Huge!  We delve into our first ever HUGE List of Independent Wrestlers, talk the X-men, and then cut some masterful Posthumous Promos...Thank you, Pete!
Heel Turn Radio - Episode 53 - The Mayor Of Chanhassen Speaks Part 3

Heel Turn Radio - Episode 52 - The HUGEst Interview Part 2

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger give unto you Part II of our evening with The Mayor Of Chanhassen, Playboy Pete Huge.

Heel Turn Radio - Episode 52 - The HUGEst Interview Part 2

Heel Turn Radio - Episode 51 - Season 2 Episode 69 Pete Huge Part 1

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger are graced with the presence, wit, and wisdom of the ONE, the ONLY 'Playboy' Pete Huge!  We delve into the MN Independent scene, Pete's history, his artistry in the ring and on the microphone, Adam Paige being a BUM, The Chris Gethard Show, the dynamic of the Junk Squad, Nick Cage movies, Whiskey, his future Stable, Tattoos, and The Simpsons!  All this and it is only Part 1!  Please give it a listen and rejoice in the awesomeness that IS 'Playboy' Pete Huge!

Heel Turn Radio - Episode 51 - Season 2 Episode 69 Pete Huge Part 1

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Nerve Vs. Punch Drunk Love

I'm walking on the pin head of a needle.  It isn't a bad thing necessarily.  I'm very excited about finishing up the next 6 days and a some hours of what has been a nine year sojourn.  At the same time I am so uncertain about the future that I'm really stressed, beyond anxious actually.  I know that what comes next will be something better.  It seems SO crazy better that I can't even stand it.

That's the thing though, I'm constantly worried that the 'other shoe' will drop and it will fall apart.  This is the realist/pessimist part of me.  I always look for the worst thing to happen.  Either I won't be good enough, or they'll start to think I'm not capable, or a meteor will fall from the sky and ONLY destroy my future spot, etc.  They are ridiculous and dumb, but they are mine. 

I was so worked up over it on Tuesday that I had as close to a full blown melt down at work as I've had since I got the phone call that my Dad was dead.  I was just falling to pieces while at my desk and trying everything to hold it together.  I thought maybe I would feel better talking about it, posting on the Facebook about it, and just trying to 'own' it.  Then a surprising thing happened, people responded.

Make no mistake about it, I don't podcast, blog, post, etc. for attention.  Shit, if you look at how many people actually listen to or read the drivel I post then you'll realize that.  I do it because I really do have a hard time expressing my emotions to others.  They swell inside me and my ability to ration them out effectively is poor.  So they end up erupting out, generally in unproductive ways.

So I posted two pictures, a before and an after/during anxiety.  I had read an article about people doing this in order to express to the world just how brutal anxiety can be.  For the record it is.  So I followed suit and did the same with a message reminding people that we all can struggle with this and to be good to one another, to support one another, and to give those hugs when needed.  Shockingly, people came out of the woodwork to give encouragement, tell their own tale of their struggle, give those virtual and real hugs, and just generally be amazing human beings. 

So first up, THANK YOU!  Thank you to everyone who said something or sent a hug or even just had a 'like' for that.  Secondly, I hope people out there I know realize that they aren't alone.  That you don't have to be afraid to be vulnerable in the confines of whatever it is you are struggling with.  That just a little compassion, a little interest in the health of others, and that if you take the time to just look at another person and say "You ok?" can really turn someone's day around.  Each person who did just that made that day bearable, and is making today easier.

Life is hard and it is LONG.  Chris Rock said, 'Time is short, but Life...Life is LONG!'  It is true.  Our time is finite and feels rushed and the older we get the more we realize how short that time is.  However, Life is long.  Every mistake we make, every struggle we have, and every choice we make becomes magnified as the pressure and negative consequences become bigger and bigger.  If we try and tackle this all alone it can be a Herculean task at the best, and impossible at the worst.

The thing is we don't have to.  We aren't alone.  We surround ourselves with people, whether directly or indirectly, who care.  When they show they care it is something truly amazing.  It is humbling.  The thing is we can all do this more often for one another.  I know I try, and after Tuesday I think I'm going to try even harder. I like to help people.  I have sort of dedicated my life to it.  There is nothing greater than helping people you care about.

So if you need me, you know where to find me.  I am happy to listen, happy to be there for you, and happy to remind you that you are incredible and that this time, no matter how bad it feels it is, will pass.  And that I'll be happy to help pick up the pieces afterwards.  I'm happy to do this because I know you would do the same for me.

Sometimes when the human experience manifests itself this way all I can do is smile and give you....


- I have fallen to the 'bug', and I'm in on the Warhammer Quest reboot, the Silver Tower.  Sure it is going to cost me some serious cheese, but DAMN does it look good.

- Big guest on Heel Turn Radio next week.  I'm nervous.
- I am physically a mess lately.  SO I've decided to bribe Friends to help me knock out yard work.  If you are interested in eating some smoked pork butt on Sunday then let me know and you can come help me mow my gawd damn yard and I'll feed you.

- I am going to paint little dudes Sunday afternoon.

I think that's all I got, I just wanted to put it out there just how much everyone's encouragement, hugs, and their admission of struggling with the same things meant to me.  Thank you again...

Sunday, May 8, 2016

MinBlogIsode - Episode 46 - New Days Ahead

Things are changing.  I'm happy about it, but crazy tired.  In RANDOM CRAP(!) I review some shows, a flick, and a book.  Then I shill for Harwood Hobbies' sale, RPG Vice on Bandcamp, and the upcoming Warhammer Quest Silver Tower game.  Oh and happy Mother's Day to all them Moms out there.  Listen or don't, I know you're busy....

MinBlogIsode - Episode 46 - New Days Ahead

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Heel Turn Radio - Episode 50 - A HUGE Farewell

The Beard, Casual Doug, & YOUR King Ginger settle in for the 50th Episode!  We talk the MIW Pete Huge Retirement Show, squee over PWG's upcoming, AMAZING looking 'Prince' show, listen to the wit and wisdom of 'Hot Bod' Dougie Little regarding the blocks for NJPW's Best Of The Super Jr.'s 2016, touch up on all that is 'E', and wrap up with a rundown of all the amazing events in the up coming weeks in Minnesota Indy Wrestling!  So get ready to laugh, cry, and 'WOOOooooo' your Wednesday night away.
Heel Turn Radio - Episode 50 - A HUGE Farewell

Willard Vs. 9 To 5

I'm not sure I have whole lot to talk about this week.  It is the normal slog.  I had a decent weekend, beyond the two massive seizures in the car Saturday night.  We saw the Pete Huge retirement show for MIW which was bittersweet.  We'll talk about that more on this week's Heel Turn Radio episodes.  Thursday I was contacted about interviewing for a position elsewhere.  I didn't seek these folks out, they sought me out.  That makes me nervous for some reason.  That interview is tomorrow.  I'm not sure how it'll go, but I'm cautiously optimistic.  It is odd to think about going from somewhere that I am uncomfortably comfortable if that makes any sense.

I think it is a good thing to be wanted.  I know I'm not wanted where I am.  I had someone nominate me for Employee Of The Month, but wasn't even listed in the 'got votes' section.  That's the thing about where I serve my 40 hour sentence per week even the carrots they dangle are ONLY for those that are good little lap dogs.  I am not in that category.  Far from it in fact.  Not even having your hard work be recognized because you won't play 'the game' is more than a little disheartening.  Seeing others get recognized for their mediocrity, and not all of the nominees are mediocre but a lot are, is soul crushing.  It makes me not want to do anything.  Ever.

Seeing folks get credit for my work is just mind boggling.  The person who won, deservedly for their work ethic, was nominated for doing things that would NOT have been completed if I hadn't done the actual work.  It would drive me crazy if I still bothered to care.  That is the thing.  I just don't even care.  I am worried that this apathy will carry over into my interview.  I am slightly concerned that I am entirely burnt out on this industry because it seems to be populated by folks like I the one's who rubber stamp my paycheck.

On a more positive side note, we might be having some guests on Heel Turn Radio soon. 
I am more than a little nervous about the idea of having more people I admire on the show.  I don't want to be too much of a 'Smark', fan boy, or whatever.  At the same time I am not a professional interviewer.  The Podcast(s) work because they are informal, fun, and there are no limits or expectations placed upon them.  Maybe I'll just have to have the guests over for grilled food before we start the show.  Cooking for people, especially grilling for them, usually builds a nice bridge and makes folks more relaxed. 

We solicited feedback for the Shuffle Sounds - Podcast and I thought received some interesting responses.  I'm not sure how well they played out in the last episode.  It is always interesting to do anything creatively where you put something out there you enjoy and then have to listen to it be critiqued.  I thought the first 20 to 30 minutes of the show really had that feel.  After that we settled into our normal flow and fun.  I am thinking maybe having that first 30 minutes of just joking and goofing around is a nice warm up and lets us get into it.  I think it also reminds us each why it doesn't matter if we like each other's albums or not we are all Friends.  Jumping right into criticism, like it or not, can feel a bit contentious.  That's just my opinion, we'll see how the next episode plays out.

Wow, that was more babbling than I thought I had in me.  Let's knock out some...


- The irony of Ryback 'being sent home' after all his terrible attempts at trolling CM Punk for walking out is HI-larious.  What a shit bag.

- Harwood Hobbies is having a 20% off sale until May 17th! 
I literally can't say enough good things about Wally's work or company.  The quality of sculpts are fantastic, the price is right, they are easy to assemble, a joy to paint, and the customer service is by a gamer for gamers!  So if you are in need of some wonderful minis with a TON of character for a great price, go, use the discount, and buy from Harwood Hobbies!

- I started watching Ultra Q on Shout Factory TV's streaming service for free.  It is gloriously weird and wonderful.

- Mowing on Monday was murderous.  I was still recovering from Saturday's seizures, which were pretty brutal, had worked almost 9 hours, spent another hour plus in the car, and was just physically in a shit place.  My legs just quit working, my lower back tightened up, and I just couldn't push through.  It was awful.  Luckily, The Beard helped out and only wanted grilled meat in payment.  Thank you James, you are a saint.

- Watching old The Chris Gethard Show episodes on YouTube is good for you.  FACT!

- I picked up a new mask for Full House Wrestling since my main character, Monsuta, turned heel. 
It is TERRIFYING!  I might still go with the other mask on occasion, robe and Young Bucks inspired arm bands included, as I feel it is still pretty damn menacing (Thanks Mom2!).  However I saw this, it was on the cheap, and it blew me away.  It looks truly menacing and that is what I'm shooting for.  A menacing 'Monster Heel'.  I think this mask will set a great tone for that.  Now I just need to figure out my hair cut 'situation' both for the up coming nuptials of Zack Attack and Lady Christy, as well as potential new employment opportunities.  Should I rock the 'hawk' and just go full on shaved head.  I think either would look magnificent in this mask.

-   I need this day to just end.

- Saturday night after the Pete Huge show the L.E.W.G.I. crew in attendance, 'ELITE', had to deal with a drunk idiot in the Perkins lobby. 
I missed his true obnoxiousness in the parking lot, which would not have ended well for him.  Instead I got the treat of his utter flabbergasted nature that we all were Friends who love pro wrestling.  I didn't realize how drunk he was until he began rambling and in the end launched into his high school sports exploits.  I was nice as it was obviously a guy growing through some 'shit'.  He came off as being one step away from emptying his savings account to buy a mid-life crisis mobile.  Luckily when we got seated he was far away from us because he was the butt of 75% of our jokes.  Late 40's, drunk, and obnoxious in Perkins is no way to live your life dude.

- It sounds like we are going to start putting the Podcasts on iTunes soon.  I know this is a long time coming.

- The Parkway Theater is having a Luchador Film Festival tomorrow night for Cinco De Mayo! 
I am not going for multiple reasons, one of which is it is a Thursday night and my ass has to work Friday.  If I had known about it earlier I would have took the day off.  The Parkway always has super swinging awesome free shows.  THE Earl does a great job of giving the masses what they want and making it fun.  I am jealous to all who are going to make it out for the show!  Hopefully he does it again soon.

Well that's all I got.  I suppose I should get back to being surly.