Friday, November 21, 2014

Zu Warriors Vs. Blind Chance


I have either been crazy busy or crazy tired the last week or so. It is no excuse to not get a blog up, but I figured with the three I posted last week I’d built a bit of blog equity. It isn’t even like there isn’t a lot going on, I’ve had two crazy 5E D&D sessions, I’ve got a handful of interesting things to talk about as far as what we’ve been watching, and Cassandra had her Birthday! So this one will be totally all over the place, in other words steel thyselves for some…


- We really do need to go see Big Hero 6.

- Happy belated birthday to reoccurring Podcast guest Kolie, to the Iowa Wizard known at my house as Big Nate, and to my lovely and multi-talented wife, Cassandra.

This year I did things a bit differently and rather than give my wonderful better half a ‘thing’, I am giving her what I hope is a memory. Tomorrow night we are off to see ‘Hello Dolly’ with some of our best Friends. I hope to make it a magical evening for the woman who truly makes my every day something out of a fairy tale.

- Next week we get ALL THE TURKEY(s)!

- 12/6/14 is the CHIKARA Season Finale and I for one cannot wait! Thus far we are getting a full blown Cibernetico with Team CHIKARA Vs. Team Flood, the Campeones De Paraswill be defended as The Throwbacks defend against the overwhelming monsters that are the Devastation Corporation, the finals of CHIKARA’s sister promotion ‘Wrestling Is Fun’ Young Lions Cup has Heidi Lovelace against Missile(!) Assault(!) Ant(!), and we finally get Deucalion in the ring against the Grand Champion Icarus.
Deucalion has destroyed so many members of not only CHIKARA’s roster but of his own Flood invaders as well that it will beyond intriguing to see how the ‘Face’ of CHIKARA can stand up to what is possibly the most dangerous single Rudo in the history of the company. All that and I figure we’ll get Eddie Kingston Vs. Jimmy Jacobs, something with the Spectral Envoy, and as with EVERY CHIKARA season finale we’ll get plenty of closure coupled with some insane new cliffhangers! If you like crazy Superheroes &/or Lucha Libre then pay your $16.00 or so for the iPPV broadcast of CHIKARA’s ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ and enjoy OR join us in the MUDD Pitt, bring a snack to share, get there early for some ‘Heel Turn Radio’, and prepare to have an AMAZING time!

- Listening to the Vikings apologists on KFAN defend their turnstile of a Left Tackle makes me sad that they are that delusional.

- Last Sunday I had the opportunity to Co-DM with Master DM Kedrin 4.0, as we kicked off the 5E reboot of 4th Group. It now longer is the Far East vibe that I had when I ran alone; instead Kedrin has crafted a truly interesting morality play taking place in Purgatory. I can’t reveal much more because the vast majority of players read this blog, what I will say is this will be a challenge for the players in a way that no game I’ve ever run has been. She isn’t attacking them in the conventional ways, and is instead hitting the PC’s with moral quandaries with tangible consequences which is truly inventive and quite brilliant. Starting with a ‘Haunted House’ adventure is also pretty unusual, and has been a blast. 
Take into account that they are there to ‘Take’ an object in a house full of Ghost Children and their ‘Mother’ that may or may not have been an orphanage that was sacked by soldiers of the individual who sent them there in the first place and you have something that comes off as fun, challenging, and evocative. For the most part I think the PC’s have adapted to the different style with a flourish. There are still some ‘growing pains’ as the Players try to figure out who their characters are and how they work. I felt like the Role Playing though was off the charts and the decision making was incredibly inventive. Magic Mike’s Barbarian was especially fantastic. The best part is this is only Kedrin’s first real go at running something she is creating virtually from scratch. She has been a sponge as far as picking things up, and has a real flair for taking ideas and crafting them into not just something workable mechanically, but something that the PC’s may not have seen before. I’m not sure how long I’ll be sitting behind the screen with her before I’m no longer needed as a Co-Pilot, but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts, and look forward to creating my own memorable PC and trying to find salvation in Purgatory.

- I really need to spend some ‘quality time’ with WWE 2K15, maybe tomorrow morning.

- I am currently obsessed with Showtime’s first season of Penny Dreadful. I’m two episodes away from finishing, and I’m almost dreading getting to the end as I’m enjoying it that much.
It is as if someone decided to make a decidedly horror version of Alan Moore’s League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and I mean the comics not that ‘movie’. It is definitely a slow burn of a show, as if you demand instant bloody gratification you won’t get it each episode, but what you do get is the mystery of each character slowly unraveling like a snake virtually invisible on a colorful tapestry that is prepping to bite you. When it gets bloody it gets downright gory, and it has a Game Of Thrones level of nudity and sex. I am watching it and feeling a deep seeded NEED to run some Ravenloft at some point. The acting has been the perfect complement to the story. Timothy Dalton, Billie Piper, Josh Hartnett, and David Warner have knocked it OUT of the park. However, what has really shocked me and brought me back are the actors in the other main roles who I am unfamiliar with. It has a cast that brings menace, melancholy, and gravitas to the show. Overall though it is FUN! It is a really interesting and fun horror romp, and I still have TWO episodes left in the first season. I can’t recommend this show enough.

- I am VERY close to having ALL my Christmas shopping done.

- Last Sunday Cassandra and I fell down the rabbit hole that is Dougflix and watched two films that both of us had a LOT of interest in, first was Maleficent (** out of 5). 
To say that this movie was a predictable march into disappointment would be to give it too much credit. I am all for the idea that no character is the villain in their own story, however what I don’t like is when it turns out that not only are they not a villain, but that even the violence they perpetrated that cast them in that role was technically defending themselves and what they care about. They took a perfectly wonderful villain in the title character and made her a boring Hero. Yeah you read that right, not only was she not even a villain, but she wasn’t even an anti-hero. The story had so many opportunities to do something interesting to show her justification for doing true Evil, to keep her sympathetic while showing all those horrible flaws that made her such a terrifying bad guy, but instead they went with the most predictable, saccharine sweet and ultimately boring options. In the end the story just came off as uninspired and a discredit to every version of Sleeping Beauty that I’ve ever seen. That is a shame because it was certainly a ‘pretty’ movie visually.
Next up we jumped into The World’s End (*** ½ out of 5). I was bred, born, and built to LOVE this movie, and yet I wasn’t as blown away as I had hoped. I think it might have something to do that watching Simon Pegg trying to be a truly deplorable douche bag is difficult. Watching Nick Frost be a responsible, respectable, voice of reason for ¾ of a film makes my brain go goofy. The premise is certainly fun, if not poignantly dark in some spots, and fits perfectly with Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg/Nick Frost’s other two flicks in Hot Fuzz & Shaun Of The Dead. However, it does feel like this movie is the least ‘fun’ of the three. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t bad, it isn’t boring, it is wildly original, and laugh out loud funny in some spots, but it left me with that feeling that I wanted and expected just a little more.

- For those that know, “Ditto, ALL the Ditto…”

- 3rd Group kicked off last night and I’m not even sure how to describe it other than utterly insane. First off it was a hard night to get any words in edge wise as the creativity between the players was overflowing and at times close to overwhelming. As a DM it was like wrangling cats until we finally got to some combat, and then it seemed everyone settled into a groove. THE Karl is playing a Warlock with a tentacle fetish, Cassandra & Spence are Gnome brothers one being a Paladin and the other a fighter both devoted to Caellius the God Of Greed & Dragons, Magic Mike is a Dwarven Sorcerer who just radiates unpredictable chaos, Casual Doug is a child hating Cleric, Kedrin is a dumb as a box of rocks naked Dwarven Barbarian, and Elyssa is a Drow Rogue who likes to Intimidate EVERYTHING! Together they are a ‘Collections Agency’ for the Church Of Caellius, which are essentially Banks. And by ‘Collection Agency’ I mean they are tax collecting leg breakers who don’t skirt the law they bludgeon it into submission and then rob it.
They are on a job to acquire a ‘Package’ which turns out to be the mayor of a town called Rookroost and a ‘toady’ for the ‘Country less Conqueror’ General Pallack. They only worked through about half the adventure as the Random Wilderness Encounter chart I built really caused the 2nd day of travel to be a bloodbath. I was impressed with the way they worked together, worked efficiently, and overcame some pretty nasty odds with a plumb. I am giving my groups a pool of ‘Fate Dice’ that they can spend in a session that either give them nothing, a +1, or a -1 depending on how they roll to add a risk taker element. This went over REALLY well so I’ll be adding it to all my games. I’m also going to bring back Flanking in combat, allow PC’s to use Inspiration to make me roll Disadvantage, and if there is a critical fail against a Spell Effect that has no ATT number then that is going to be treated as if that was a Critical Hit. These house rules are going to go into effect for ALL my games immediately as I feel that they added a lot of fun to the game. As for a feel of what the ‘vibe’ of third group is I give you a look into just who Casual Doug worships. Chester, Casual Doug’s creepy Cleric, worships the Suu~Ä«tomizarÄ« (translated means Sweet Misery). It is the sexless Godling of Misery. In its life it was an unrepentant torturer, murderer, & worshipper of Tharump. Upon ‘Tharump’s Fall’ it basked in the blood of its God and Ascended to Godling status, and when he ‘Re-Ascended’ it was granted Sainthood in his Church. It wallows in the misery and destruction visited upon the most innocent. While its own entity it is also seen as one of the ‘Pain Saints Of Tharump’ in that much larger Church. Most of the time worshippers operate in pseudo-secrecy and seclusion, but occasionally they form Cults, and in the case of more powerful followers, like Doug’s Cleric, they operate out in the open. Thus far I am enjoying 5E with a fervor and glee that has been missing from a lot of my running for a while. All my Players have just jumped into the experience with both feet screaming ‘GERONIMO!’ and that has been amazing. Sunday 2nd Group debuts and I am really excited to see if I can keep that momentum going!

- Sometimes hugs are the most precious thing in the universe.

- I sat down the other day and constructed Christmas letters to my Family. It was really difficult. I feel like I may finally have come to a point where I am totally ok with being detached with them in a very real and permanent way, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care about or miss them any less. I felt it is important to make sure that, in writing, they each knew what I think of them, how much I appreciate any and all the time they are able to give me, how proud I am to call them my Family, how much I do actually care, and, contrary to popular belief, I do miss them. I have been very privileged in the last year and a half or so to get my ‘poop in a group’ and surround myself with some truly fantastic people. Some of them were new to me and we’ve just hit it off, others I called Friend but only in this recent time span have I maybe actually really acted like one. The mantra of ‘No Expectations & No Pressure’ has led to the exodus of some folks as they’ve just drifted away without me constantly applying pressure, and it has made a lot of my other relationships more comfortable, easier, and much stronger. By treating everyone like a Friend rather than varying degrees of ‘friend’ my expectations have become far more realistic. It was a rough lesson to learn, but a worthwhile one. When it comes to Family my Father once told me ‘Family isn’t who you think you are stuck with, Family is bigger than that. It is who you choose to stick with’. I don’t think I have always understood that fully, nor have I bought into it as much as now. My Friends have given me a place, and a group that has supplanted my Family as ‘Home’. It doesn’t diminish my actual Family, it just means that I have fallen in with a group of people who don’t just ‘get’ me or tolerate me and aren’t just my Friend because no one else would have us, but who care, want to be around, and make me and my life better. In the end, the real proof is I am truly the happiest I have ever been, and I want my Family to know that, and I want them to know that I wish and want for them to have the same.

- I really want to give World Wide Wrestling & Monsterhearts a go soon.

- My other new television obsession is Lucha Underground on the El Ray Network. This strange little gem is a mash-up of Lucha Libre, telenovela storytelling, and good old fashioned wrestling. There is a wonderful style to this show that reminds me of an 80’s Action Movies that have crossbred with the feel of ECW. I knew this was going to be something different when I saw it was produced by Mark Burnett & Robert Rodriguez, and they haven’t disappointed. The show is always taking place in a rundown warehouse known as The Temple, there is an evil promoter/Mr. McMahon analogue, and there are these gloriously cheesy vignettes that are so amazing that I could watch a show just made up of them.
I know that sounds like me being critical, but it isn’t! They are just some of the reasons I LOVE this show. The in-ring work is solid to outstanding at times. The roster is populated by Lucha standbys like Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Blue Demon as well as a fantastic influx of new stars like Fenix, Pentagon Jr., Draco, and my favorite Mil Muertes! Couple this with some familiar faces like John Morrison, ‘Big Zeke’, and Ricochet under new identities; Johnny Mundo, ‘Big Ryck’, and Prince Puma, and you have something really interesting on your hands. The commentary is decent with former WWE employee Matt Stryker teaming with former AAA & WCW stalwart Vampiro calling the action. From what I’ve read we’ll see even more interesting faces showing up like Brian Cage & B-Boy from PWG and potentially Alberto Del Rio fresh off getting his ‘hush money’ from WWE after his really messy firing. Storytelling wise I can honestly say the greatest compliment I can pay them is they have made Chavo relevant to me as more than his dead Uncle Eddie’s imitator. Instead he is a vindictive man who isn’t just trying to step out of the shadow of all of the famous members of his wrestling royalty family, but one who is going to do ANYTHING to establish himself as THE leader of the Guerrero legacy. Much like CHIKARA this isn’t your normal wrestling, they pay homage and respect to British ‘World Of Sport’ style, American Indy, and ‘Puro’ or Strong Style wrestling. They aren’t trying to copy the WWE in any way, and instead are hell bent on giving us something SO different and new that is becoming its own ‘thing’. If CHIKARA is the four-color Super Hero, time travelling, family friendly, insane Lucha Party then Lucha Underground is its more adult, 80’s Action Movie, dirty, back alley street fightin’ man big brother. If you are even remotely intrigued give it a try, sit back, enjoy, and remember its only wrestling.

- A Beer Cheese Soup or a Cheese Potato Soup would seriously be the greatest thing ever this weekend.

You know, I think that’s all I got…

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Group D&D World Building - Session 3

Year 0 (Start) - Godbirth
- The Unseen agents of the Unseemly Tome chronicle the adventures of the heroes from Godbirth to the New Age.  They become 'The Watchers'.

Year 2 - Exodus 
- The plane is open once again to two way interplanar travel that had been closed previously.  The ancient blue wyrm Gorgel wanted what Oxaclic now had, Godhood.  So he traveled across the cosmos itself to the home world of 'The Others' and the two engaged in a titanic struggle.  In the end Oxaclic proved to be too powerful, took Gorgel's Godshards as his own, and petrified Gorgel as well as the resurrected Angel of Binding that had once held Gorgel in Pelor's prison.  Both stand as ominous reminders of the power of Oxaclic.
- At the same time the city of Braugheim is founded in what is now known as The Twilight Kingdoms by Demere Bloodsworn, a Cleric of Braug.  The Twilight Kingdoms are on the edge of the perilous Frozen Wastes.  Braugheim became a bastion for all demi-humans.
- Year 2 The Draught Of Shadynasty - Shadynasty uses her 1,000 Gold Pieces to have a monument erected to her.  It does not go well.  Those that drink from the Flowing Draught of Shadynasty lose a piece of their intellect (-1 to INT permanently), but gain in a rageful strength (+1 to STR permanently).
- Year 3 - Rise of the PigBears - Shedynasty is drinking with fellow party members after her many attempts to breed Pigs and Bears together fail. She has invested heavily into her breeding enterprise but has thus far seen no return on those investments and even with her limited intellect realizes the impact of this failure. Jimini Krixmas uses his soothing vocals to sing her to sleep and then proceeds to woo Shedynasty’s beasts together to mate giving rise to monstrous PigBears. While sleeping, Krixmas also sings an enchanting Midsummer Night’s Dream jam suggesting the beauty of these coming mongrel creatures to Shedynasty as a cruel joke, but what mayhem and destruction has Krixmas wrought upon the Known World?
- Year 10 - Roxy, the Goddess of Dying, calls all the birds to her in the Shadowfell.  There she challenges Uwain, the God of Death & Judgement, to a game to determine who will 'hold' the Raven Queen's citadel.  Through trickery and guile Roxy win and renames the citadel 'The Avery'.  Across from it Uwain constructs 'The Hall Of Judgement Eternal' in response.
- The Pixie Priestess to Gorgel, Janx, bears him a Godling child; Thane Gorgel, The Trickster.
In order to deal with both the influx and escape of beings from the Known World to other Planes powerful Banishment spells were constructed in order to give those proficient in magic to expel Extra Planar creatures from the Known World.
- Year 31 - The Nuanced Betrayal of Larry Charmin, Best Friend & Purveyor of Fine Goods - While in discussion over many mugs of ale as to how to leverage his growing businesses of parchment, potions, and the like, Larry Charmin and his best friend Jimini Krixmas arrive at an empass. How do you combine all these services into one service which in turn drives more demand for those services? Arriving at the conclusion that what the Known World is lacking is a way for people to share what they enjoy (and in effect market for the brands and goods they discuss) is a platform. Enter: FaceTome™. Jimini offers to invest all the gold from his expedition with Larry and in exchange, Larry will provide Jimini with a platform for his music alongside Larry’s exquisite FaceTome™ parchment pads and burgeoning potions business. The two agree and Krixmas offers a toast and a shared drink from a mysterious firearm shaped flagon of mead. They toast “to being single, seeing double, and sleeping triple” and as Larry drinks deep from the vessel his usual lustful look of smugness and greed appears to galvanize with an extra twinkle in his eyes.
Year 32 - The Ballad of the Mug Gun - Jiminy Krixmas, after investing his 10,000 gold from defeating the Baroness, releases exclusively on Larry Charmin’s “The Ballad of the Mug Gun” weaving a lyrical yarn to the long lost bardic weapon rumored to give it’s bearer the ability to steal the soulsongs of those it shoots. The subsequent verses tell the tale of its forging through elven magiks in the Feywild by a jilted lover and how he intended to use the Mug Gun to travel the World dueling the most powerful bards so that he could ascend to musical godhood in order to write the most spectacular love ballad and win back the heart of his one true love.
- Year 33 - The Advent of FaceTome - Larry Charmin creates FaceTome, with the financial backing of Jimini Krixmas in addition to his marketing genius.  The strange pseudo-science allows people with one of Charmin's enchanted tomes to communicate with anyone else in the possession of one across the entirety of the Known World.
- Year 35 - Valthenom, a Dragonborn alchemist and biologist, begins to experiment with different ways to fill the biological hole left in the ecosystem with the loss of the bird populace.  He creates 30 new breeds of Drakes, which she dedicates to her god Caellius, the deity of Greed, Dragons, and their kin.  She effectively saves the ecosystem of the world and in the process becomes the patron saint of Agriculture.
Year 40 - The Charmin Fortune Shall Endure - The Charmin Fortune is founded and the city of Charmonia becomes a reality.  This city quickly becomes the center of commerce Raduenz.
Year 83 - The Mount Rushmore of the Second Barony Wars - Larry Charmin uses his vast wealth and power to have statues of the Heroes Of The 2nd Barony Wars constructed.  This leads to an influx of travelers reviving Sarsasonne as a city, which causes the masses to embrace Larry as their '1st Son'.  The message of the Monument is clear and often spoken by the populace; "Anyone can be a Hero as long as you...Bolieve..."
- The Get of Yeenoghu finally re-emerge into the Known World like a plague.  In response Oxaclic closes the open portals to the Abyss, including the massive stationary hurricane known as the Maw.

Year 100 - The Hordes Of Kurnusk 'Break' Civilization 
- The Goddess Alora convinces the God of War, Fenric Mistfang, to marshal forces to stop the Orcish God of Slaughter, Kurnusk, from inspiring his 'Hordes' to decimate the Known World.  Alora uses the argument that if Kurnusk's 'Horde' is allowed to fullfill his will then they won't just leave the future barren of knowledge, but of war itself.
- Year 110 - Into Hiding - Thieves, Rogues, Intellectuals, and other dissidents form a secret conclave to capitalize on the chaos of Kurnusk's invasion.  This Satin Society begins to insinuate itself across the continent engaging in shadow politics and intrigue to capitalize on the political destabilization due to the Orc Chosen's rampage.
- Fenric agrees to ally himself with the Goddess of Knowledge, Alora, but in exchange she had to bear him a son.  Olaf Fenricson, the Godling of Espionage is born from this union.
- Year 200 - The Building Of The Silver Mountain - The Lich Whipple, a dastardly descendant of the Burlingtons, has the 'Silver Mountain' constructed out of the metal that he can harvest from the crashed satellite.  Whipple discovers that a massive amount of wealth can be accumulated in the luring of adventurers to their doom.  The city of Timbuckcharmin springs up at the base of the Silver Mountain to handle the exchange and influx of goods as party after party of stalwart 'Heroes' attempt to traverse the depths of the metal monstrosity to slay Whipple and claim his 'Treasure Of The Ancients'.

Year 235 - The Industrial De-Evolution
- A land grab is made by the Dwarves of the North which in turn drives the Kobolds from the Mountains and into the arms of 'The Chosen', the followers of Tharump.
- Svetlana Winterbourne, a Paladin of Oxaclic, starts a crusade harrying across Toland's Swamp.  She is repudiated by the Church of Oxaclic, and Oxaclic himself.  She becomes an Anti-Paladin swearing herself to Tharump.  She founds Winterbourne Keep on the edge of the Twilight Kingdoms.
- The indigent Kobold tribes become the slaves of 'The Chosen'.
- Karlot the Undying outlaws the worship of Alora in his archipelago kingdom and with the Maw no longer to slow his forces he launches a full scale naval war against the continent of Raduenz.
- Alora convinces Kithri, the minor Goddess of the Sea & Adventurers, to inspire her followers from around the Known World, and from Raduenz especially, to join forces and drive Karlot's forces back to his isles.

Year 250 - The War Of The Chosen Vs. The Dwarves
- 'The Chosen' begin to openly persecute the worship of the Dwarven minor God of Libation & Consumption, Destinky.
- The Sorceror Vork has his corpse discovered in his Tower of High Magic.  Beside his body is the Tome Of Unseemly Truths.  A massive volume on his musings, spells, and the history he watched unfold.
The Turning (Year 300) - Gred Tourgard, Dwarven General & devote follower of Georgee the Dwarven God of light, fate, & devotion discovers The Arcaneum.  This discovery begins to slowly change the tide of the war against 'The Chosen'.
- Year 309 - An Elven Lord named Lodi Reinier sets in motion 'The Great Betrayal' by impregnating a Drow Priestess during an attempt at forging a lasting peace.  He demanded possession of the child once the negotiations broke down, when she refused he started to put a genocidal plan in place.  Only 5 people in the entire Elven Homelands know this fact while this information is constantly spread throughout Drow culture, especially with 'The Light Bringers', as an example of the duplicitous nature of their 'Strange Cousins From The West'.
- The Great Betrayal (Year 310) - The Elves of teh surface declare absolute war on the Drow, first in the Underdark, then upon 'The Light Thieves', the Drow who have dwelt on the surface since the sun was blotted out.  This war is prosecuted in secret and becomes known as 'The Shadow War'.
- Year 320 - The Debt Paid - A mysterious stranger armed with a large ornate shield enters into the Kobold slave pens of the Chosen and frees them.  He delivers them to Deakin at the outskirts of the Silver Mountain.  For freeing his people Deakin enchants the mysterious strangers shield.
- The Godling of Kobolds, Deakin, leads the Kobolds out of bondage and back into the Mountain, their Promised Land.  Plagues follow in their wake.
- Year 325 - The Brotherhood Of The Mountain - The lost clan of the Dwarves known as the Wargrinders, led by Torkin Wargrinder, are found deep in the bowels of the Mountain.  They emerge with the wrath of 300 years of solitude and begin to turn the tide against the forces of Tharump's Chosen.
- Rari, Priest of Georgee, implores the Goddes Alora to grant the Dwarves the knowledge to finally win the war.  She gives to them the knowledge of Black Powder.
- The End Of The War (Year 350) - A year's worth of Dwarven victories culminates in Avatars of Georgee, Alora, & Destinky arriving at the Battle of the Bastion of Thorns and destroys the the army of Yong The Forsaken, religious leader of Tharump.  This effectively ends the conflict.

Year 300 - Alora's Enlightenment
- The massive repository for all knowledge forever more as Alora's Arcaneum is opened.
- Year 309 - Zarra and her 'Family' resist the overtures of the Drow to ally with them survive the opening salvos of The Shadow War.  She answers these offers by returning the heads of the envoys.  She leaves her former race to '...Evolve or Perish...'
Year 312 - The Establishment of Farglin Sound - After a long absence from the nightclubs and performance halls of the Known World, Jimini Krixmas re-emerges founding the island retreat of Farglin Sound named for his step-father with the intention of founding a safe haven far away from the bloodshed and discontent that has painted much of the world red. He invites all of the musically inclined to join him at Honeysuckle Manor, named for his former bandmate and manager Methuselah Honeysuckle of the Fancy Nancies.
- Year 317 - Anders Renvic weilds the legendary ax Grunblobutte to slay the legendary Black Kraken.  The blood of the Black Kraken coagulates after its death into the continent of Akano.
- The bard Olivia Bloodhawk, a devout follower of the Masquerade, begins a long tour of the Masquerade's holy brothels.  Her performances causes lascivious, spontaneous outbursts that spill into the streets of cities and villages everywhere she performs.  This causes a massive spike in conversions to the worship, both publicly and privately, of The Red Lady.
Year 320 - The Courtship of Olivia Bloodhawk - Jimini Krixmas, bard and lover extraordinaire is right at home with the rise of the Masquerade and the widespread worship of the Red Lady. In his travels to recruit new acts and popular bards to Farglin Sound he encounters the enchanting bardess Olivia Bloodhawk. They sing a duet “The Ballad of Georgee & Fie” in the Sarsasonne public house Humberto’s and then retire to the As Smoothe As Sat Inn to consummate their harmonious one-night union making sweet music all night long. In the morning, for the first time in over half a millennium, Jimini finds himself not leaving a single jingle bell on the bedside chest of drawers with his trademark “thanks for the song” note. He invites Olivia Bloodhawk back to his bard island refuge with the promise of an unprecedented nine month engagement on the main stage at Honeysuckle Manor and she accepts, feeling their song is not yet over to which Krixmas croons “We’ve only just beguuuuuuuuun…”
- Year 360 - The Massive Erection of the Song Bong On the Island of Farglin Sound - A temple is commissioned and built to honor the Godling Aldus carrying the power of songs to the heavenly plane and acting as a conduit from Aldus to the bard citizens of the musical island paradise. The monument is revealed and celebrated with a performance by the descendants of the Fancy Nancies and long-time rival Sebastian Nowell finally burying their storied musical feud through the beauty of song.
- Year 383 - The Twelve Days of Krixmas - Headlined by The Cure and featuring a blessing by the Godling Aldus this festival on the island of Farglin Sound brings all the bards of the Known World together to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the erection of Mount Rushmore of the Second Barony Wars by God of Merchants and Commerce, Larry Charmin in the year 83. On the Eve of the Twelfth Day, Jimini Krixmas with the aid of the Song Bong monument as an amplifier for the Mug Gun steals the combined powers of the assembled bards and The Cure which had fed the Godling Aldus while creepily singing “I Sing the Songs that Make the Whole World Sing”. He ascends to Godhood becoming the God of Song, Suggestion, and Debauchery seated next to his best friend, Larry Charmin at last.
- Year 384 - The Song of the Sleeping Son - A year after his ascension to Godhood, Jimini Krixmas is spotted on the earthly plane singing solemnly as he passes through the thoroughfares of Farglin Sound. His sole recognized son, born of his relationship with the bardess Olivia Bloodhawk suspended in mid-air next to the God in a deep slumber as unto death. At the base of the Song Bong, the two disappear into the giant erect obelisk and to the best knowledge of those present fail to re-emerge.
- The Goddess Alora establishes a Council Of Wyrms to promote knowledge across The Known World and to defend The Arcaneum.
- In secret The Council Of Wyrms begins formulating plans to "End All War".  The God of War, Fenric Mistfang becomes aware of this conspiracy, he is displeased to say the least.

Year 310 - The Rise Of The Masquerade/The Sexual Revolution
- Brothels spread in both construction and use across the Known World.
- King Adoril Tividar of the Tividar Dynasty becomes dominated by a member of the Masquerade.  He then starts a campaign putting all Dwarven children to death.  Tividar blames this new policy in his lands on a prophetic vision from the God Tharump.
- Worship in the Godlings Destinky, Aldus, & Babu Bali increases exponentially causing them to ascend to minor Godhood.
- The new minor Gods, Aldus & Destinky, create an elixir and a holy band both known as 'The Cure'.  This is known to eliminate STD's and even improves 'performance'.  It is soon discovered though that the improvements are not permanent, and ongoing treatments must be taken to prevent relapse.
- The Priest of Alora, Phineuas Longwood, starts a reformation movement in the Church of Alora by casting the Masquerade in the light of 'Plague Mongers'.  This leads to a religious schism within Alora's followers.
- Year 398 - The Loss - In what is still a mystery Half-Elves across the Known World disappear.  In a ten year period 75% of their population are 'lost'.

Year 400 - Rise Of The Elves
- Valia and The Red Lady, duel Goddesses of Chaos, Deception, & Domination, finally merge into one Goddess, this drives The Red Lady mad.
- Year 413 - Naria Destinky, and Eldarin offspring of the Goddess Alora and the Minor God Destinky, begins to bring the Elven tribes together in an attempt to create a 'Homeland'.
Year 417 - The Way Of Blood & Thunder - In Braughiem a Human Barbarian arrives at the gates near death.  Even in his weakened state he manages to survive the dangers of the denizens.  He is taken in by local Hobgoblin Clerics of Braug, in a show of appreciation for their 'hospitality' he shows them the 'Way Of The Berserker'.
- Year 425 - The Godling Evita creates an Elven Homelands she dubs Argn Tinna.  This response to the chaos spread by the Masquerade leads to this state within the Elven Homelands to be a lawful Paladin state.
- Year 437 - The Leaning Tower of High Sorcery is built in new Elven Homelands.  Sinibar Cumberbatch is named the Headmaster.  The origins of its construction and the reason for it are unknown, but rumored to be sinister.
- Year 450 - The Concupiscent Knights Of The Red Lady further spread the worship of their mistress through their own unique way.

Year 490 - Discovery Of The Treasure Of The Ancients
- Half of the legendary Treasure of the Ancients turns out to cursed.  Its discovery unleashes a great deal of ancient Evil back into the world.
- The Cask Of Unending Ale becomes a holy relic of Destinky.  It is renamed The Ale Of Resounding.  Drinking enough from it can allow one to directly commute with Destinky.
- Year 510 - The Lyre of Lost Souls is played at the foot of the Broken Khan Tor raising an Undead army of over 5,000 strong.  This plague of Undead march across the Highlands leaving devastation in their wake.  However they are driven to ruin by Budgie Rutland using the Grundlebut in his gnarled hands and the Clans of the Blood Tartans at his side.  He casts the Lyre of Lost Souls into the Underdark, after grinding the last skeleton to dust.
- Year 515 - The Drahjar unearth the remains of 'The Others' satellite and usurp the former lands known as the 5 Baronies.  The form The Tellos Republic, a fascist state built on the backs of science and the accumulation of the 'Technology of the Ancients'.
- Year 565 - The Mother Of Monsters is destroyed by the hero Kumo Fu-To.  In the process the Jade Isles becomes whole again creating The Jade Dominion.  This land of city states falls under the watchful eye of Her Most Honorable Celestial Sovereign, who just happens to be a Gold Dragon.

Year 500 - God Fall
- Georgee, Alora, Oxaclic, and a group of minor Gods work together to cast Tharump down to the Known World itself.  He falls literally into the Underdark and he then takes it as his domain, allowing him to remain a major Deity.
- In the Fall of Tharump the very surface of The Known World, and especially the continent of Raduenz, is drastically altered.
- Shortly after his fall, Tharump's Basilica Of Pain follows his descent into the Underdark.

Year 550 - Owlbear Infestation Of The Underdark
- Davrakas Kadlin, a Tiefling Warlock, experiments with beasts of the world in the Underdark.  History will show that is excellent at creating new strains of magical beasts, but is NOT good at containing his creations.  In his experiments in the Year 550 he uses a bad bootleg copy of The Tome Of Unseemly Truths, this would prove to be a disastrous mistake.
- And especially enterprising group of Dwarven miners find a way to capture and convert these mutating Owlbears into a massive labor force in their mining.
- Year 560 - The driven Dwarves of Bright Vale use their bound Owlbears to construct the city of Hammerfall Keep.

Year 575 - The Dwarves Of Bright Vale Dig To Deep
- Year 580 - The Dwarven miners of Bright Vale stumble across an underground paradise that is the domain of a godling named Convincing John.  With his vast powers of persuasion he convinces each group of miners who come into his home "to give up their dig and dance their cares away".  The remainder of the Dwarves who avoid the lands of Convincing John refer to their lost brethren as 'Fraggles'.
- Year 582 - Convincing John gets the ear of the Jarl Of Bright Vale, Kadlin Wyvernjack, to continue his Owlbears to dig deeper.  He wants them to find something he refers to as 'The Rock', he claims it is his personal nirvana and will bring them all bliss.
- This rapid descent into the Underdark in the name of prophet allows Tharump to re-ascend.  the Bright Vale is destroyed and becomes the Night Veil.
- Year 585 - The plates of the World shift with Re-Ascension of Tharump creating the Ba'dur Mountain Range.  Here it is rumored a large Halfling family lays sequestered in 'Lost' in the destroyed Dwarven Holds.

Year 600 - Dragon Uprising
- Olaf Fenricson assassinates Toma Pholt, the Eladrin head librarian of The Arcaneum.  He blames this act on the Dragons that make up the Council Of Wyrms.
- The conspiring Dragons and their allies begin to scour the continent for gold, magical items, and forbidden knowledge creating massive hoards.  In their wake they leave desolation.
- The Arcaneum is moved to The Vale Of Knowledge in the newly created Elven Homelands in an effort to save it from the rogue Dragons.
- Olaf Fenricson is captured and is held in the bowels of The Arcaneum after being captured by his own mother, the Goddess Alora.
- Year 715 - The Sacking Of Charmonia - The Dragons Korfi, Genter the Unforgiving, and Runkelinkus the Splendid assualt the city for 9 months before finally breaking the defenses and looting the Charmin Fortune.
- Year 735 - Caraga Orcslayer and his mystical ax, Grumblebutt, destroys the Citadel Discordia on the edge of the Twilight Kingdoms.  In the process he slays 53 high ranking Priests of Tharump.
- The Dragons dangerously close to rediscovering the location of The Arcaneum.  The adventurer Felina communes with the Godling of Wind, Shabon.  He teaches her the Secrets Of The Wind.  This technique allows her to ground the Dragons from flight, so that they can be collared.
- Year 740 - A large flight of Dragons convenes in the Canyon of Darkness.  Not all the members of this Conclave are accounted for at the end of the Dragon Uprising.
- Year 797 - The Dripping Horn, a cult of Tieflings help to spirit 5 of the most dangerous members of the Council of Wyrms to the Abyss to avoid Caellius' wrath.  The price paid for this exodus is said to be significant.
- The End Of The Dragon Uprising (Year 800) - Alora develops magical collars to transform the Dragon conspirators.  This collar traps them in human and demi-human form.  This action severs her relationship with Dragons and Dragon-kin, and ends the 1st Council Of Wyrms.
- Coda To The End Of The Dragon Uprising (Year 800) - In the Arcaneum's Vault Of Forbidden Knowledge and again in The Tome Of Unseemlie Truths information becomes available that it was the god Caellius that secretly allied with the goddess Alora to collar his 'wayward children' to their 'unrestrained greed'.

Year 800 - The Reclamation
-Year - 800 - A massive rush to claim/re-claim the hoarded gold of the 1st Council of Wyrms occurs as Jacques the Avaricious founds the 1st Bank of Caellius in the remains of Charmonia where he bgins 'giving' away maps to the Lost Hoards.  This re-establishes the city of Charmonia to the center of commerce in Raduenz.
- Year 825 - The Ruby Rive is 'discovered'.  It is thus named due to its torrents running blood red.  It is rumored that this is from the blood of Dragons slain in their dens during the end of the Dragon Uprising.
- Year 840 - The Gnomish Armada returns to the continent.  Their massive Steam-powered Fleet attaches itself to the continent, thus creating The Gnomelands.
- Year 840 - The Whispering Mountains around Charmonia becomes home to the Feelina Temple.  Soon after its founding children in the surrounding area being to mysteriously disappear.  The Feelina Temple becomes a shunned place, as the local say that if you walk through the mountains passes you can hear the echo of the cries of lost children.
Year 860 - The Whispered Rumored Return of the Mug Gun & Its Mysterious Slinger - A tiefling bard arises on the music scene claiming to be the heir to the storied Mug Gun artifact and direct blood descendant of Jimini Krixmas, God of Song, Debauchery, and Suggestion. He has an ashen complexion, majestic horns, and a beard as white as the driven snow. Little is known aside about this stranger beyond these claims but as his story begins to spread, so does his reputation as a master bard.
- Year 875 - The large population of Halflings living on the fringe of Charmonia reveal themselves in what the Church Of Caellius calls the 'Night Of Tiny Steps'.
- Year 876 - The crime rate in Charmonia declines vastly.  The crime that does take place however is much more organized and frighteningly efficient. 

Year 900 - The Age Of Peace
- The Schism Of Chaste in the Church of Alora finally ends.  This re-unites the followers of the Goddess of Knowledge.
- Year 907 - The bustling mercantile town of Burlingtown is founded.  Behind their golden walls they do not pay homage to Larry Charmin.  In fact they burn his image in effigy.  They are known for their Dragonscale coasts and their very cheap exchange rates in their 'Barking Markets'.  It is said that anything is for trade or sale in Burlingtown.
- Year 910 - The Hoard of Gurahur, a Red Dragon, is discovered by the Satin Cloaks.  In said cache they find gold uncountable, numerous jewels, and a Ruby Of Coveting.  This item is blessed by Caellius himself.  The gem glows with a fiery light when near another Dragon's hoard.
- Year 921 - The Night Of The Broken Tusks - The Half-Orc Harung Tuk, a charismatic neo-fascist, incites a night long attempt at genocide in teh city of Long Tide.  In the wake of this bloody insurrection Tuk and his followers take the city and create a bastion for Half-Orcs.
- Year 925 - The Bonepart Shield is discovered by the Elf, Hakan The Unflinching.  This artifact begins speaking to young Hakan inspiring him to protect those "...beneath him..."
- Year 940 - The Sword of 1,000 Cuts is laid on the doorstep of Doxen Charmin with a note in Supernal saying, "Avenge Me!"  This drives Doxen to attack the 1st Bank Of Caellius.  He mercilessly destroys the clergy within, but takes only a magical sheath.  He then disappears and has not been seen since.
- Year 942 - The Mines Of Lillihamner is rediscovered and out of the depths spill the Bile Blood Tribe of Trolls leaving only death in their wake.

Year 950 - The Renaissance Of The Dwarves
- Year 950 - Ryun Oathsworn leads the Torn Scab Brigade across the Scoarched Expanse through Burlingtown.  After purchasing naval craft they sack the town, and the Dragonborn forces then sail to the continent of Akano.  There they found the Oathsworn Dominion where one rises and falls on merit, skill, & blood.
- Year 955 - Across the Known World high profile individuals have been murdered by having their throats torn out.  The mutilations look consistent with Owlbear attacks, & yet no Owlbears have been seen above ground in years.
- Year 985 - The Dragonborn lash out and begin a slow, concentrated effort to reclaim their 'Birthright'; the Wealth of the 1st Council Of Wyrms.  Clans form brigades and launch devastating raids to recover the Dragon caches.  Caellius smiles from his Golden Throne.
- Year 999 - A huge Silver Ring, a metallic halo, appears in the sky.  When the suns comes up over Charmonia it seems to focus the light a little brighter, giving Charmonia a 'Holy Glow'.

Year 1,000 (The End) - The New Age

Well I think that is it, ENJOY!

Painted Fire Vs. Age Of Consent

I finally DIPped another round of minis so here is your 'Photo Blog'...
First up is aobut half of a group who are are linked by their Yellow, Black, and dark Blue color palate.  I have a knight who needs some eyes, and then the DIP as well as some bowmen, crossbowmen, and I think a sword weilder to add to this group.  The duel weilder is a Hobgoblin who is the Man-At-Arms for the Knight.  I've started doing more small groups of minis who because of how they are painted are basically squads.
Here is the Hobgobling up close.  So a LOT of these minis have minimalistic to no eyes.  this was done because A) I can't paint F'Ning eyes & B) I thought the DIP would color in the area beneath their brow helms.  I was wrong.  This mini has a Wargames Factory Orc head on a Warhammer body.  I like this miniature a lot, and now being accutely aware of the missing eyes makes me sad.
Next up is one of the Spearmen in this contingent.  I only posted a picture of one of the two since they are the exact same.  The DIP did a good job of getting into the furrows of the face and giving them both a grizzled looking visage.  The minis themselves are from the old board game Lionheart which I pillaged for miniatures.

This is a Lord Of The Rings plastic mini, and for whatever reason these guys are a bit small compared to the heroic 28mm scale, however I sort of like that fact.  To me the minis should have some of that personality of different sizes.  I feel like he works well in this group looks wise, but again the eyes thing bothers me.
Here is a Battle Masters halberdier, who is honestly just a GREAT miniature from a GREAT game.  He is loaded with interesting curves and spots for the DIP to really give him some personality.  He really turned out wonderfully in my opinion.
This is the Bones fountain from the first Kickstarter.  Honestly, I think this mini really turned out wonderfully.  I did a few coats of drybrushing, a techinique that I'm attempting to use more and more.  I hit it at the end with a muted gold that gives it a look like it has been so worn down that only the last layer of paint remains.
Here is a 'meh' shot of looking at the water 'effect' I attempted.  I let the darkness of the primer set as the center of the pool, then moved outward in ever lightening circles of blue into an off white.  I wish I would have shrunk the dark down a bit, but overall I'm pleased with the results.

This is the Bones Fire Giant.  The eyes pop insanely with the flash of the camera.  This might be one of the best things I've ever painted.  The dry brusing layers really come out, the bronze, black, and red look great together, and lets be honest it is a GREAT miniature to paint.  I still have two more Fire Giants to paint, I just hope I can give them at least as good a paint job as I did here.

I didn't start this mini, actually The Jakester did.  He gave it the green skin, and I just ran with it.  I really wanted this one to look great since he started it, so I spent a lot of time working on it, and honestly it was the first mini that I really started using the color up dry brushing that Woody, THE Karl, and the Geneimal had been suggesting.  Honestly, the picture doesn't do this miniature justice, and Tre Manor's sculpt is stunning.
So I got my hands on some redonkulously small miniatures awhile back and just decided to use them as Halflings.  I also have this Collus Shipping Guild in 2nd Group that needed foot soldiers.  I was having a hard time picking a color scheme so I just used the Chelish Marine color scheme from Pathfinder's Skull & Shackles set.  It is a simple white, black, bronze, and red.  I have a nice contingent of these done, and only a few DIPped so far.
This is a repurposed Mage Knight miniature, who I decided to give a swanky Tom Selleck moustache.  Since I use black powder in my campaigns the crazy gun works perfectly.  There is a nice 'Storm Trooper' vibe that it also has.  The one thing I don't care for is the way the DIP makes all the whites look overly dirty, but I guess it works for a contingent of ship boarders.
Here is another of the Collus Shipping Guild's Halfings.  I really like this miniature with its armored face guard, its nasty looking crossbow, and the buckler on the arm.
This is the last of this batches Halflings, and the weakest of the sculpts.  It isn't bad, and has a nice Conquistador feel to it. 
I'm not sure what Russian company makes some of these miniatures I got my hands on, but the Ogres are really rock solid.  The face isn't that good on this one, but the rest of him is very nice.  I don't think my paint job is that bad, I wish the face had a bit more lines and crevasses in it for the DIP, but its decent looking, and adds some muscle to my Collus Shipping Guild boarding party.
Here is this group assembled.  I think they look even better as a group than they do as single entities.  I can't wait to get eyes on the other 10 to 12 minis in this group and get them DIPped, then I think they'll look fantastic.
This a Dungeon Crawl Miniatures crow, that I painted as a Magpie which is one of my favorite birds.  I think the paint job is super simple, but very effective.
Here is another of those Russian Ogres.  I tried to do some different things with the colors of the outfit, and I think it works.  I like that the helm seems to hang over his eyes in an almost cartoonish manner.  I think this miniature will see a lot of table time.

I didn't paint this miniature, Julie 'The Meatloaf' did and I think she did a bang up job.  The armor wear and tear she did looks really good.  This is another Russian miniature.
This is an Alkemy Orc, and his paint job is spot on to fit in with the Pathfinder Orcs that Wizkids is doing.  Let me just say that matching pre-paint colors is NOT easy.  My only real complaint about the Alkemy miniatures is sometimes their faces are a bit subtle for my clumsy hands, but overall it is solid looking, and is a great looking Barbarian.  Oh and has a rockin' butt crack I didn't show here.
This is a Heroquest Orc, and unfortunately the lighting change I attempted to make really sapped the chance for me to capture any of the actual dry brushing I did on the face.  I was really happy how these Orcs have been turning out.
Here is my other Heroquest Orc, and again same lighting issue.  I'm going to use these guys in 2nd Group's Pirate goings on, so I went a little bright on the clothing color choices.
PUGWAMPI's!  These are the Reaper Bones Kobolds, but since popular RPG's have turned Kobolds from tiny Dogmen to tiny Lizardmen I'm using these decidely dog faced guys as Pugwampis.  I think they turned out decently, and now I have a slew of them.

I don't play Descent, but I like to get some of their plastic minaitures to paint, and this Ettin turned out brilliantly.  To me it was oneof the flatest prior to the DIP, but once I applied it the miniature just popped!  I like the armored heads, the club, the stooped posture, and the general pose.  Great miniature with a solid paint job.
This is the Reaper Bones Stone Golem, and I feel like he is a great example of how when I take my time and use the techiniques that others have shared with me I can do some decent work.  The stone work looks cool, the other color choices look like they were painted on the statue, and they work well.  I'm very happy with this miniature.

I didn't paint this just, I just finally DIPped him.  I don't remember where I picked him up actually.  He's a Warhammer Fantasy Chaos guy, and he's really a solid looking miniature.
I painted this miniature to accompany the one above.  I think I painted this miniature about 4 years ago and he only got the DIP because I noticed some paint chipping.  He's an ok looking miniature, but maybe a bit too monochromatic to me.

This was another miniature who needed some touch up work after breaking, so I had touch up the paint and reDIP. 
This was one of the first miniatures Cassandra ever painted.  I finally got around to DIPping it.  This was her first 4E character, Vannar.  I still think it is a rock solid paint job, and the DIP didn nothing to change that.
This one is from the 90's D&D Board Game, and maybe is one of more solid, well rounded paint jobs I've done.  Hell I even got some good looking eyes in there.  I free handed the lines on the toga as well.  I just wish his proportions weren't quite so cartoony.
I think this is a Wargames Factory miniature.  I just think it has a nice look to it, and works well as a Druid.  The lines on the paints help break up the color a bit. 
I don't know where I picked this miniature up, but all I did was DIP it.
Edgar painted this to sort of look like yours truly.  He has a bit o' the crazy eyes going on, but I sort of like it overall. 
This is another mini that I picked up form somewhere, that all I did was DIP.  I really like this miniature a lot.  It has a dynamic pose for a Mage. 
Cassandra and I painted this mini together for someone in our very first 4E D&D group.  I finally got around to DIPping him.  He's a Reaper miniature so the sculpt is solid.  He's a nice looking roguish caster.  The DIP really made the back of his cloak pop.
This is the first miniatures I EVER painted.  It is a cobbled together Warhammer miniature.  I was very proud of how this turned out then I used a spray sealer on it, and it sort of made the miniature look like he was covered in a film of dust.  So I had sort of hoped that the DIP might help mute that.  It sort of did.  I like this miniature quite a bit, and hope to use him soon.
Julie The Meatloaf painted this Beastman.  He looked pretty decent, but then he got the DIP and ALL the lines on the miniature burst to life and it really gave the miniature a breath of fresh air and personality.
THE Karl painted this Dwarf, I think originally to be Georgee for 1st Group D&D, however it just never got DIPped to now.  I Love the way this turned out.  THE Karl is a rockstar painter, and even a job he did in one night has a lot of flair and personality to it.
I believe Edgar painted this Warhammer Dwarf, and like THE Karl he is able to squeeze a lot of life and vibrancy into a small amount of quick work.  It is a nice, solid looking miniature.
I picked up this villagers off Ebay, honestly I don't know what company they were put out by.  They were sort of partially painted so I just came in and finished them.  They are some really great miniatures, and will fill out the ranks of my townsfolks well.
I had to do a lot of work to get this one finished, which was funny since the person I bought it from had already flocked the base.  I really like this miniature, because while he's armed he looks terrified.
The one miniature in this group that had no flocked base was the one that I had to do the least work on, in fact I just did minor touch ups on this one.  The eyes are hella creepy.
Here is a group shot of these not too friendly villagers. 
You can't see it here that well, but the face of this miniature is really non-existant.  For whatever reason the sculpt of the face was terrible.  So I decided to capitalize on that and have painted the face like a mask.  I used a LOT of dry brushing here, and you can sort of tell in the picture.  Overall I don't feel like the picture does this miniature justice, as it is one of my favorite things I've painted, not despite the strange face/mask, but because of it.
Here are some large plastic Ants and then some Dungeon Crawl Miniatures ants.  I painted them black, dry brushed them with a burgundy.  I think they turned out pretty well.  My only complaint with the Dungeon Crawl stuff is it takes them a LONG time to stop being tacky after painting and DIPping.

Reaper Bones Scorpions, that were really an easy and fun paint.  I tried to ggo with something a bit weird paint wise.  Also you can really see the dry brusing on the one onf the right's carapace.
Here are two ticks or beetles.  I went with some purples and blues as well as a sickly green on the mandibles.  I think they turned out pretty good!
Super simple Reaper Bones Beetle swarms.  All I did was hit them with a metallic blue, and then do another clear glittery brush over the top of that.
Here is a whole bunch of Rats.  Almost all of them are Reaper Bones, with the exception of one Heroquest Rat. 
Here is said Heroquest Rat.  I like the Bones Rats a lot, but they have zero personality compared to the Heroquest Rat. 
Reaper Bones Rat swarms.  I don't have much to say here, except these really were not that much fun to paint, there were too many tangled spots in which I had to try and paint tails.
I started this miniature, but THE Karl did the finishing work on this Skaven.  The dark colors and light don't really allow you to see much with this pictute.
Here is the other Skaven that THE Karl finished for me.  I wish the camera and the lights did them both more favors.

PUGWAMPI's!  Again I think these guys turned out really well.  The colors, the dry brushing, and the detail work really have given me a pile of these guys I'm proud to put on the board.

PUGWAMPI's with spears!  It was hard to get a good picture of these guys due to the pose.

Last but not least are MORE PUGWAMPI's! 

As you can see, there was a lot minis there, and the thing is I think that was only about half of what I had 'done'.  Cassandra has said she is going to get on the eyes of what is left and I should have another large group to DIP soon.  I am getting progressively better as a painter, but I still have an awful long way to go.