Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Duck Soup Vs. 9

So it’ll be a short shot today, but there are just to many good things staring at me at the top of the horizon I felt it absolutely necessary to share them.


- So I paid my $10.00 last night and purchased Torchlight. It is SUPER fun. It’s simple mindless dungeon crawling and leveling wrapped in a pretty package. I really like the comic visual style, the level design so far, the throwback game style, and the idea of having a companion animal is really fun. So if you too like things like Champions of Norath or Diablo then go to www.torchlightgame.com give them $10.00, make a character, pick a pet, and get to slayin’!
- Last night Cassandra and I partook of Godfather’s Pizza with Dave & Liz, The Dark One then proceeded to hook a brotha’ up with a crap ton of books to read. Mainly the Brian Lumley books about the Cthulhu Mythos that I had a HIGH interest in. So I started last night with “The Burrowers Beneath” & thus far I love it. It’s short, fun, and captures that maniacal glee that I get when I read a good Lovecraftian tale. Oh & Dave is a Communist for wanting pizza with no cheese. No cheese? That’s just gross.
- Not one, not two, BUT THREE potential Movie-A-Thons have reared their heads;
o Cassandra wants a “When Reptiles Attack”, which would spotlight some really awful SyFy movies, Q, maybe Lake Placid, & of course Snakes On A Plane. I mean c’mon its Sam Jackson killin’ snakes and yellin’.
o Dave is all about Sybil Danning, including Reform School Girls & Gator Bait. Now I don’t know much about Ms. Danning or her work, but I’m willing to learn, and if the description of Gator Bait is any indication it’ll be 70’s exploitation GOLD!
o And Mighty Mike wants to hit up some crazy old school T.V. movies including Trilogy Of Terror & my personal favorite Gargoyles. How could you go wrong with adaptations of Richard Matheson? You can’t, unless you use CGI vampires, I’m lookin’ at you Will Smith. Oh and Gargoyles is just friggin’ awesome, that movie freaked me out when I was a kid.
I’m torn. I dig them all, so that’s what I’m going with. Cassandra was first so she gets ‘dibs’ for Feb., but I’m hoping the other two will schedule a night, either host or convince us to host, and we’ll be able to do all three post haste!
- NFL playoffs are just around the corner! Now even though both my Superbowl picks aren’t doing great right now, Vikings & Patriots, I still have high hopes that we’ll see this one happen. And as for Brett Farve Vs. Childress, c’mon. Did you watch the game last night? Childress shouldn’t be allowed to call plays for a junior league team let alone an NFL team. Let Farve call the plays at the line. As for Jarred Allen & Adrian Peterson, boys if you want to win you have to show up.
- New Year’s Eve is this Thursday and we always spend it with M&C. It’s always a good time, the food is always insanely good, and the company is even better. We’ve been brainstorming some food ideas and I think we’re going with a deconstructed buffalo chicken sandwich & some sliders! I think it’ll be spectacular.

How about a tiny helping of


- I’m chomping at the bit to see the finale of David Tennant’s Doctor Who run. CHOMPING!
- I loves me some Thanksgiving Casserole.
- There are SO many minis to paint, but I feel if I can get a tad bit of help, I can get a lot of them knocked out quickly.
- In the same realm I’m looking forward to building two CaveWorks boards. As soon as I can get to Sam’s Club and get some ink I’m going to get started on that, oh and some SiegeWorks trenches.
- Dave, I can’t wait to hear the new vocals for WAVES OF MERCURY!
- I’ve begun to go back through The Venture Brothers season 3, thank you Char, Ant, & chillin’s, to listen to Doc Hammer & Jackson Public’s commentary. Listening to them makes me want to work at Astro Base Go even if it is a shitty place.
- Garth Ennis hates superheroes, & that’s ok.
- My shoulders all the way down to my wrists are KILLIN’ me right now. My elbows are a achin’! I’m not even going to touch my back, ‘cause it feels like someone is enjoying hitting me over and over with a bag full of rusty doorknobs.
- There isn’t much better than Godfather’s Pizza buffet, especially when you have a coupon, and they are making your requests.
- Some people in the world should not be allowed to drive. In fact they should be pulled over forcable removed from their vehicles and beat within an inch of their lives in public to remind the rest of the mouth breathers that driving is a privilege NOT a right. So get off your cell phone, pay F’N attention, and drive. Because I have no interest in dying or being horribly mangled because you’re a slack jawed troglodyte.

Oh well, work isn’t going to slack itself…



  1. So is there any truth to the rumor that during the Monday game against the Bears Favre let Childress call the first half his way and he took over calling at the line in the second half? If so, that's hilarious. I still think the Vikings have one of the best owners in the league, but giving Childress an extension early this year was a huge mistake.

    What brings on the Garth Ennis mention? Have you been reading The Boys or did you pick up his superb WWII book Battlefields? He can quit superhero comics altogether for all I care as long as he keeps pumping out Battlefields.

  2. HOLY CRAP! Your alive!
    I agree on Childress, he's a good manager, but he's a mediocre at best coach. Let the guy your paying like 12 million a year do what it is he does. There is a reason Childress didn't call the plays when he was Offensive Coordinator in Philly.
    I don't mind his war stuff or a MAX version of the Punisher, just keep him away from Superheroes. The Boys is a one note joke that's been done to death. I tried it for 22 issues and loathed it. I just think overall he's overrated. The mention came from some internet trolls espousing how he could "write rings" around guys like Johns, Morrison, Brubaker, etc when it comes to "capes". That is just a falsehood.
    Good to have you back.

  3. Yeah, sorry. Big changes were/are afoot in the casea de Croteau, the biggest which was a new casa. I'm pretty much moved to Ashland now and should be closing on my old house next week. My internet time in the morning was drastically cut back due to the move and jobs with crappy Holiday hours (retail AND shipping. Sheesh).

    If that's how some people view Ennis, then yes he is over-rated. I don't like to say that though because he's one of my favorite writers. Incidentally, he's one of my favorites when he's NOT writing super-heroes. He writes a great war comic and some really fun crime stories, especially if you lump Punisher in that genre. Anyway, what I meant to say is, agreed.

  4. Back to Ashland & a new house! Jinkies! That's pretty cool. Oh and I'm mildly convinced that work as a whole can just have the definition "teh suxors" added to it in the dictionary regardless of how you earn your living...

    As for Ennis, I completely agree, keep him away from capes and he's gold.