Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dodgeball Vs. Major League

My life is now revolving around phrases like “Haunted Vagina”, thank you Chris Sims, “Trucker’s Spanking Résumé’s”. That’s how you know it’s “Quality”. Last night Cassandra and I hit up the Godfather’s with Dave and Liz and of course hijinx ensued. I used to like the idea, in previous relationships; of having ‘couple’ friends, just the idea, because invariable when we hung out with said couples it was a mess. Usually it’s because it was just so damned incompatible. Different dynamics, different interests, and being at different places in our respective relationships. Now that I have a happy, stable, and healthy relationship I have been amazed at how we have begun to cultivate our own ‘couple’ friends. Of course there is Mary & Christina, who are simply B.A., and whose company I find to be not only refreshing but overwhelmingly entertaining. But as time has gone along we’ve gotten to know Dave’s wife Liz, and now she hangs out. I will say that my initial impression of Liz was a mighty “meh”, she was Dave’s wife, BUT now that I’ve gotten the chance to hang out with her, get to know her a bit she is AWE-some; smart, witty, funny, and a perfect counterpoint to Dave’s manic energy. In addition Mike’s new wife Charity “Michaels”, Joe ‘Evangilista’ and his wife, Dan’s wife Steph, the significant others of my In-laws, etc, there just seems to be a movement towards knowing, hanging out with, and conversing with other people who are traveling down a similar life path. It doesn’t mean that I don’t still hang out with my single friends, or that I’ll stop, it just means that I’ve noticed that these relationships have brought a maturity, well as mature as I’m going to get, to me as well as helping to make me feel like I belong to some secret organization of married friends. It’s just a nice feeling to have.

Which is nice since I’m having a bit of a professional crisis, not a Crisis On Infinite Earths mind you, but a crisis nonetheless. I love my job, LOVE IT; it’s fun, I’m good at it (REALLY good at it), I enjoy not just my coworkers, but also the actual company. SO when it comes down to the brass fiscal tacks of it and they just aren’t cutting it over some type of moral dilemma it makes me feel as if I’m some sort of evil money-grubbing fiend. I’m most certainly not. The fact is, like anyone who has ‘adult’ expenses I ‘gotsa get paid!’ The longer this whole fiasco sits on the back burner the more agitated I become over it. I’m looking elsewhere, but only in a very half-assed manner in the vague and dwindling hope that current work will swoop in and ‘rescue’ me. It would be different if I didn’t respect the leadership around here, if I dislike them, or even if I felt like they didn’t give a crap, but the reality is I feel like they are decent leaders and they do give a crap. It’s like being stuck between Scylla & Charybdis.

That’s a mythology reference; go read a book you mooks…

Oh I don’t know how about some


- I just finished The Transition Of Titus Crow (*** ½ out of 5 Tentacles). For a Cthulhu Mythos tale I felt it really lacked some punch. It was good, but again it comes off as if it’s Doctor Who Vs. the Mythos. You KNOW no matter how bad the situation gets that The Doctor is going to figure something miraculous out. He’s The Doctor! And Titus Crow is a very similar character. This whimsical take works very, VERY well in a fun sci-fi world, but in a world of horror it kind of feels like a bit of a copout. I’m hoping it’ll get a bit better with the next book.
- I’m seriously contemplating doing a weekly photoblog as my pal Heidi is doing. There are things I’d like to photograph. I think I’d choose weird stuff though, no real surprise there. I’m definitely leaning towards it more every day.
- I have mastered the idea/skill that if I quote The League I can get Dave to literally laugh so hard he almost dies. Seriously.
- On Monday night Cassandra and I sat down and watched I Sell The Dead (**** out of 5 Bodies). It was a solidly entertaining little flick. It had Ron Pearlman in it, who is always awesome, as well as that Hobbit from Lost. The gist was the tale of two grave robbers who find that not everything in the ground is truly “dead”, and the money one can make from being a ‘ghoul’. It sort of had a more reserved Evil Dead 2 (***** out of 5 Stars) or Army Of Darkness (***** out of 5 Stars) vibe to it, and that is a good thing, a VERY GOOD THING! It was so entertaining that even Cassandra thoroughly enjoyed it.
- I very desperately want to take a nap right now.
- Traffic sucked BIG time this morning with a big ole’ wreck on 100. I’m hoping against hope that it won’t be that way when we head for home.
- While I still haven’t taken the time to sit down in a dark room and properly digest WAVES OF MERCURY properly, I have had the opportunity to listen to The Venture Brothers: The Music Of J.G. Thirwell (***** out of 5 Sgt. Hatred’s). If you like the dynamic music of the television program then you will LOVE this album. It’s as if 1970’s James Bond music made sweet sweet lovin’ to some slow moving techno at bar close. It’s perfect music for your imagination.
- I have found that I really enjoy saying “Haunted Vagina” or “Hey, your Vagina is HAUNTED!” It’s just fun and it makes me smile.
- I’d love to have some roasted chicken OR Cornish game hen and chipoltle sweet potato mash right now, with a side of corn on the cob. Don’t ask me why, it’s just what I want.
- Because I’ve become a BBC T.V. snob I got my hands on the entire first season of the show Demons (*** out of 5 Bullets). It was six episodes and it never really found its sea legs like a Spaced or No Heroics. It’s a nice premise, but comes off sort of like Primeval. Which isn’t horrible, I like Primeval, it has dinosaurs in it. Demons, alas, has no dinosaurs. If they do another season I’ll give it a go, but thus far I found that I was just sort of luke warm on it.

Hmmm, maybe now I’ll have time to complete my “Trucker’s Spanking Résumé”….

“The out of town guys wanted me to give you the number of the local woman’s shelter, because Andre’ IS WHOOPIN’ YOUR ASS!”


  1. Weekly? Oh no, I'm shooting for daily postings. It'll be filled with my adorable toddler, but I'm looking forward to the end of the year and having each picture printed for an awesome 2010 photo album.

    I Sell the Dead? Sounds like something I'd want to see, especially since you referenced next to ED2 & AoD!

  2. I'm thinking since you have more artistic skill and talent in your pinky fingernail then I have in my entire body, I don't want to aim to high, so weekly would work for me.

    I think you'd enjoy I Sell The Dead, it's a fun little flick, oh and it has Zombies in it.

  3. Are we the "Fantasy League of Extraorinary Couples?"