Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paper Lion Vs. A Boy & His Dog

I needed last night, desperately. Tuesday Night Board Game Group was a B-L-O-O-D-B-A-T-H-! Dave and I dominated poor Steve & Jeff. It’s especially sweet since this has somewhat redeemed my losing streak to Steve in Battlemasters. Anywho, Steve had tracked down some old skirmish game(s) rules and we tweaked them into what is a sublimely wonderful game. It plays fast, strategic, fun, and best of all it’s completely unpredictable. I found myself cheering not only Dave & I’s battle prowess, but also the success of my hated Tuesday nemeses. Suffice to say if we can continue to tweak this further, add more troop options, some additional objectives, a campaign system, then THIS will be the be all end all of Tuesday nights!

It’s always nice when you have a day, an hour, hell fifteen minutes that just take all the pressure off your shoulders and allow you some perspective as well as a moment of bliss. Just like watching Epic Beard Man beating the hell out of that guy on the bus. For those that don’t know go to YOUTube and seek out Epic Beard Man, and for the record the Mortal Kombat version is my favorite.

Yesterday’s drive home was filled with R-A-G-E-! I couldn’t believe just how frustrated Cassandra and I were with just people in general. I’ve come to a conclusion; if I am ever to have wealth beyond avarice, then I’m building a compound with a moat and leaving the rest of the world behind. It’s not that I hate all people, just about 70% of them. Let’s get this straight as well, I don’t like crowds, for those that read this often, you know that I hate that feeling like I’m drowning in a sea of humanity, but what I’ve realized lately is that I feel like I’m being swallowed by the shallow end of the gene pool that is ‘Merica. I have rarely seen SO many examples in a short period of time of just why I hate other people. H-A-T-E-! I want to believe in the better graces of mankind & womankind, but then I spend two minutes in a Cub Foods and I start actively rooting for Swine Flu. Humans have become so self-absorbed and disinterested in just doing the ‘right thing’ that they have become almost unbearable to be around. Normally I would just chock this up to me being a sufferer of the J.B. inspired “Bitter Old Man Syndrome”, but it’s not just me. I’m not alone in the fact that my disdain for humanity has reached a fever pitch. So to those of you out there who recognize that humanity is circling the drain I salute you. Build your compounds stock up on supplies, and just pray that the slack-jawed troglodytes wipe each other out first.

I finally finished the first third of the Orgy of George, Brain Droppings (***** out of 5). It was amazing. For those that haven’t read any of George Carlin’s books, your missing out. It is essential just like his stand up; he takes a subject and dissects it to a miniscule point of ridiculousness. He was a man who understood the English language and how we have essentially destroyed it. He was an angry curmudgeon, a genius, and one of my idols. He could speak about the world in a way that I identify with.

Ah, well how ‘bout some


- ESPN is a company that I have NO respect for, from their policies to their reporting. The way they’re doing Kornheiser right now over being himself is embarrassing. Not to mention the fact that they continue to employ Ed “I just make stuff up” Werder. Shame on you “Sport’s Leader”.
- I really want to watch the movie Troy. I haven’t seen it, and I’m intrigued.
- Last night I was exposed to some Primordial and Tiamat by Dave & Jeff. I really enjoyed Primordial, it was just heavy enough, but epic in its guitar work. It was great background music to Dave and I crushing our enemies.
- Gawds I hate Baseball.
- had a HUGE deal and I was able to grab the ENTIRE Farscape Series (***** out of 5) for a song and a dance. For those who don’t remember or didn’t know about this show, it’s excellent. It was on the Sci-Fi Channel, back before it changed it’s name to Sy-Fy, and was done by Jim Henson’s company. It’s a huge space opera, with a twist, well actually multiple twists. I’m really looking forward to starting it from episode 1 and getting all the way through the mind-bending finale that is The Peacekeeper Wars. Oh and at the same time I picked up JLA: Crisis On Earth 2 & Planet Hulk, so suffice to say as soon as this package arrives I’ll be geeking out continuously.
- I’ve come to the conclusion that even Bendis can’t ruin The Avengers for me.
- I’m looking forward to the sojourn to “The Cloud” this weekend, and not because it’ll be the crap shoot of getting Taxes done, but because we’ll get to see the assembled might of the In-Laws. I haven’t really got to hang out with Char, Anthony “Who are you again?” J., & family in some time. Oh and I just KNOW the food will be stellar.
- Holy crap does Culver’s have some good chicken tenders, who knew?
- On a side note of metal, I’m convinced of the following;
o The music of Merciful Fate is incredible, but when King Diamond begins to sing high it makes every one of their songs begin to sound like a Spinal Tap level parody.
o The Lord Weird Slough Feg is like an American version of Iron Maiden, and that makes me happy.
- Sometimes you just have to cut folks loose. If they were more interested in you or your life then they’d make the effort. I have to keep this in mind.
- I still really, REALLY want to see Solomon Kane.
- NFL Combine is this weekend! So I can watch dudes run the 40 and bench press 225 for rep all weekend. To most of you that sounds lame or even possibly a little homoerotic, to me it’s all I can do avoid crying over football season being over.
- Who wins in a fight & why; LEGO Batman Vs. LEGO Indiana Jones?
- I’m calling it now KU will make the Final Four, then the championship game, and I’m predicting Bill Self will win his second National Title in three years. RAWK CHALK JAYHAWK, KU!

I wish I could play board games at work, * sigh *….

“I’m praying for mayhem, I’m praying for tidal waves…”


  1. nice tool line there at the end there. (Delivered with a classic MN accent) Troy was kinda "meh" there were some cool parts to it... maybe I need to watch it again... I just saw the trailer for Clash of the Titans tonight, I think that looks sweeeet.

  2. Your welcome, Work Joe brought it up in a conversation, and I ran with it. Although done in a hard MN inflection would make it WAY better!

    So it's "meh", BUT is it worth watching? I think I'm going to give it a shot, I'm apprehensive, but hopeful.

    Clash Of The Titans looks like THE BALLZ!

    I can't wait to hang out this weekend.

  3. Lego Batman vs. Lego Indiana Jones

    Maybe it's just me, but the answer seems pretty simple; Lego Batman all the way! He has the tools, the vehicles and the fight training where as Indiana Jones just has a whip. Batman can kick your ass and Indiana Jones can swing across a crevass.

    Now, if it was Lego Batman vs. Lego Darth Vadar that would be much closer.

  4. Why?

    LEGO Batman, that's why...

    LEGO Batman FTW!

    Even against LEGO Vader...

  5. I personally think that a battle between Lego Batman and Lego Vader would be much closer than you think. Batman has the tools, but Vader has "The Force." Gadgets vs. mental powers.... that's tough.

    I haven't decided who would win, but if you put those two in an octagon I would pay to see that match!

    Hey! That's a blog idea! Superhero or supervillian underground street fighting. Who would win? The first rule of fight club...

  6. Again, I simply have to state both the obvious & the most true statement in the history of word(s);

    Batman, THAT'S WHY!

    First rule of fight club, is Batman ALWAYS WINS!