Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stroker Ace Vs. Any Which Way You Can

I know I say it at least once a week, but Batman The Brave & The Bold, now in it’s second season, is just F-U-N. It’s like sitting down in front of a T.V. circa six years old only this T.V. is loaded with Silver Age Comics goodness. I mean last Friday I got to watch Batman team-up with the JSA and fight time travelling Nazi Per Degaton, voiced by the amazing Clancy Brown. Is it a kiddy show? Yes. Is it one of those shows Cartoon Network constantly bones over on time slots? Yup. The real question is, is it AWESOME! Oh yes, YES IT IS! So whether you just love Batman, like me, or you have kids who should love Batman, take the time to track this gem down, turn off your hypercritical fanboy brain and ENJOY!

This public service message was just brought to you by The Council For “Batman, That’s Why!”

I don’t really have anything of importance so here is your weekly government recommended allotment of


- We were in “The Cloud” this weekend, & it was tremendous. The food was good as the M.i.L. made some type of Hawaiian style pulled pork and then on Sunday we partook of Pizza Ranch and I devoured fried chicken with impudence. I was able to play LEGO’s with the kids, and got to hang out with Anthony “Did you know your got Phished?” J. Overall it was a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.
- Tonight Dave and I will continue our reign of terror on Steve and Jeff, THIS I SWEAR!
- Thank the heavens the Olympics are over…
- Apparently my massive Amazon order came last night, I just didn’t find out until this morning, which is crazy annoying since I desperately want to watch the stuff I ordered, & it isn’t going to happen tonight.
- Dave hooked a honkey up by having Half Priced Books hold a copy of “R.E.H.’s Kull The Exile, The Complete Kull”. I’ve already started to dig into it, and it’s meaty.
- The Electric Six are unstoppable. Not even the Sinister Six could slow them down, although it is a battle I’d like to see.
- I’m thinking that the BUZZ turnout this weekend maybe small, and I’m o.k. with that.
- DCU Online just released some new screen stills of Power Girl, a favorite of mine, whuppin’ butt! I seriously cannot wait for this game. It will be the final factor that forces me to buy a PS3.
- With the weird things going on post NFL combine, it is looking like it’s a possibility that the Chiefs could, and I stress could, have a shot of “A Boy Named” Ndamukong Suh. The reality is there is a better chance it’ll be Oklahoma State’s Russell Okung, which I wouldn’t complain about, but I do feel Suh is going to be a game changer. It would also wash away the bad taste over the last two LSU defensive linemen we’ve drafted who’ve done nothing to this point; I’m looking at you Glenn Dorsey & Tyson Jackson. On a side note, with as many good backs as are being released right now, I’d love to see the Chiefs go after a Thomas Jones to split time in the backfield with Jamaal Charles who showed flashes of being a force last season.

Believe it or not that’s all I got…

“I think we’re going to need a bigger boat…”


  1. I'll be there, as will Liz!

    We were crushed on Tuesday, but we're still one ahead!

  2. And it was glorious!

    I know, and I'm still sad over it.