Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What’s New Pussycat? Vs. Fire & Ice

So Frank Frazetta died. It’s sad. He was a terrific artist who really, in my humble opinion, captured the essence of some of the genres I happen to enjoy. To me his renderings of Conan are THE versions that I see in my brain when I’m reading Howard’s stories. I came to appreciate his work later in life, mainly due to my love of four-color super hero funny books overriding my brain’s ability to enjoy anything else, but as I stretched in my appreciation of things he was right there. The world will be a poorer place without his work.

Speaking of artists, I have to say if your not following the blog of Stephen Gilpin at;
Then you’re simply foolish. Stephen and I grew up together, literally blocks from each other. We shared an affinity for comics, G.I. Joe, sliding down flights of stairs, Anthrax’s “Attack Of The Killer B’s” album, and LEGOs. Even then I always figured he’d be ‘BIG’ with his art, as he always has tremendously imaginative and able to put those things to paper with ease. I know that a few of you who follow this are also artists in your own right, do yourselves a favor and check out his stuff it’s tremendous, AND if your on “teh Facebook(s)” follow him at Billy The Squid, Ltd. It’s worth while.

While I’m pimping blogs, let me also pimp the blog of another fantastic creative mind deep from the bowels of Iola, KS in Justin Cline. I’ve known Justin since grade school as well and traded comics with him growing up. He was also a very good artist, somewhere I still have a picture of Iron Man he drew for me in like 4th grade that was PERFECT! He’s working on his first novel, and has a pretty damn funny blog as well at;
It’s just further proof that small town America can produce the most inventive, imaginative people.

I mainly blogged to voice my feelings on Frazetta and to make sure that people knew about Stephen & Justin’s work, but I guess since you’re here you can have some


- I don’t find Meghan Fox attractive, she has the Innsmouth Look.
- Speaking of Meghan “Deep Ones” Fox, I can’t help but want to see Jonah Hex. I know it doesn’t look good, and I heard it’s pretty mediocre, but damn if I’m not intrigued.
- Last night I devoured Mac N’ Cheese with spicy sausage in it while grinding out dungeons with Torchlight, which is such a simple fun game by the way, and it was incredible. By the time I looked to see what time it was it was past ten. What a way to spend an evening.
- Cassandra began her putting together of Cave Works last night and so far it looks spectacular!
- If, and I stress IF, I do get tomorrow off I need to buckle down and get some painting done. I’ve made some distinct additions to our Known World campaign setting, and I’d like to have some figures painted to reflect this new region.
- Hugo Weaving is the Red Skull in the new Captain America movie that’s being worked on and I must say I’m liking the choice. Weaving is pretty good in most things he does, and I’d have to disagree with some of my compatriots in the fact that I think he’s very charismatic. I have high hopes for a period piece Captain America movie, I only hope that it lives up to the movie that’s been playing in my head since I was 8.
- EMERGENCY MOVIE-A-THON on 5/28/10 @ 6:30pm, I have NO idea what’s on the docket, but you KNOW it’ll be good.

And with that I have to go get manikins ready to be resuscitated….

“I’m an idea’s man Michael remember F*&k Mountain?”

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