Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wild Things Vs. Where The Wild Things Are

* This image comes courtesy of Chris’ Invincible Super Blog, one of the single greatest things on the Internets!

I think I’m on a roll. Last night at Board Game Night I somehow won our game of GW’s Apocalypse (*** out of 5) by not trying to win. I’m not much of a ‘hex & chits’ gamer, but it was a solid game and I did learn a simple lesson while playing; I am HORRIBLE at randomly choosing numbers. Unfortunately a lot of this game relies on one’s ability to do just that. Incredibly though my hyper aggressive “acceptable losses” style put me in a position at the end to hold of Steve, Dave, & Terry to grasp victory out of the jaws of both incompetence and defeat. So the winning streak continues.

Today I was in a meeting, which happens often, and found myself strongly voicing my opinion on a subject and amazingly enough others agreed with the principle I was attempting to get across. Now granted they were a little less impassioned than I was over this particular loggerhead, but they were pushing a similar idea. I’m not sure that I’m as good at my work as I’d like to be. In fact I know I’m not. I’m good, but I really think I could be great. I’m a good communicator, but when I feel passion for something it can blind me. I also feel I’m a very good leader, but again a great leader needs to instinctively know when to stop, what battles to choose, and have an ‘exit strategy’. My weakness lies in the fact that I don’t always have these. I work too much, and unfortunately to well, on the fly. I’ve identified these as deficit areas, now I need to refine them.

You do know that this whole blog is here only so I can show off the above image…


- I checked out the Brooklyn Center burning ordinances and it looks like we are ALL GO on the fire pit, which is put together.
- The mail delivered two board games to me along with an assortment of minis, which are ALL pimp. I really need to get off my kiester this week and get back to painting.
- I loves me some red grapes.

Wow, I can’t believe I have nothing more to say. Is it time to go home yet?

“Can't you see what you have wrought here?
Bloody battles will be fought here

May the mountains rise against you
May the forests block your path
May your axes chip and shatter
And know it is my wrath
I would mount your head on bloody spears
Outside your palace gates
And watch as crows peck out your eyes
And your cities are laid to waste

Can't you see what you have wrought here?
A curse on you and all your kin
Bloody battles will be fought here
Await your doom at empire's end

May the rivers rush to drown you
May the earth swallow your hosts
May the winter's wolves surround you
And rip the live from your throat”

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