Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Best Of The Best Vs Timecop

* Oh Minis, I've MISSED YOU!

I’m completely buzzed up on caffeine right now. Seriously. I don’t drink coffee very often, heck I don’t drink caffeine very often, but when I do partake it’s a massive Caribou dose to get me through a long day when I haven’t slept well the night before. Today is one of those days. Oh, and I’m FEELIN’ IT!

I’m zoned out, my heart is racing, and yet I’m tired. My brain isn’t working any better, I’m definitely not sharper I’m just faster. It sucks because the reality is I just want to go home and go to bed.

I don’t have a whole heck of a lot going on. I’m still working on the campaign dungeon crawler game; it’s slow going work. I’m adding in some of the 4th Edition Rituals, and I think I’m going to add in Lair Cards. The Lair Cards, there will be three per Adventure Module, will be chosen at the beginning of the game, and added in to the back half of the Adventure/Dungeon Deck. This will insure that the game goes on at least for a little while. The Lair deck will be there to ensure that the ‘Big Boss’ isn’t given away to ANYONE prior to playing that session. As an example let’s say we’re playing an Adventure Module entitled Return To Gruumsh’s Teeth. The Adventure Module’s main task is for the Adventuring Party to go into the Gruumsh’s Teeth Mountains and defeat the malevolent Mistress Of The Mountain. SO in order to make this random & more of a surprise, the three Lair Cards to draw from this Adventure Module would be;
- The Dragon’s Lair – This room is 4 Large Dungeon Tiles, contains 3 Sections of Elevated Terrain, 8 stalagmites, in the back left corner is the Dragon’s Horde which occupies a 4 x 4 square, and the front left of the 4 tiles a section of Deep Water that costs five movement per square to move through accompanied by a Athletics DC 10 check to swim in. This is the Lair of Xenaba, The Mistress Of The Mountain. She is a Huge Red Dragon; see Adventure Module for Combat Statistics, Tactics & Encounter details.
- The Mistress’s Tomb – This room is 4 Large Dungeon Tiles, contains 2 3D Tombs, 1 3D Torture Rack, 1 Elevated Terrain with one stairwell up, upon the Elevated Terrain is a 3D Alter, and the room has 8 columns. This is the lair of Sultana of the Night, also known as The Queen Of Crows & The Mistress Of The Mountain. She is a Medium Female Vampire; see Adventure Module for Combat Statistics, Tactics & Encounter details.
- The Spider’s Web – This Room is 4 Large Dungeon Tiles, it also has 4 4x4 squares at each corner. The entire room is covered in Spider Webs making the entire room Hindering Terrain; every square of movement costs two movement/speed. The room contains two restraining cages, two fire pits, and an alter to Lloth. This is the lair of Nhilril Oussana, Chosen Of Lloth & The Mistress Of The Mountain. She is a Medium Female Drow Priestess of Lloth in exile; see Adventure Module for Combat Statistics, Tactics & Encounter details.
That’s the rough take on it anyway. I think it’s a solid system thus far & I’m really eager to play test what I’ve got to make the necessary revisions.

Well since I’m in a fugue state how about some


- I really hope we win the lottery tonight.
- One of our neighbors gave us a Cherry Tomato plant on Monday. It was already planted so I gleefully took it. I’m hoping it yields some tasty goodness and fast.
- Today’s weather makes me long for chili of some type or another.
- I’m leafing through Paizo’s very good Pathfinder Module, Carrion Hill currently. I’m going to pillage it for goodies. If I wasn’t so enamored with 4th Edition D&D, and actually liked the 3.5 Edition I’d be playing the HELL out of Pathfinder. Paizo is a fantastic company and puts out amazing products.
- Last Night On Earth tomorrow night, I for one hope I get to play as the Zombies.
- Monday afternoon Cassandra and I went to war with the Buckthorn infestation in the back corner of the backyard. After a hard fought battle we proved victorious. Now we just need our plant expert, Christina, to come in and check our work, and identify those two trees. If they two prove to be Buckthorn THEY WILL BE DESTROYED!
- Is it weird to not fundamentally feel the loss of a loved one? We had a death in the family over the weekend, someone I knew, and it just hasn’t hit me in some urgent way. I feel bad, but not sad. It’s a strange thing.
- I'm thinking of using Vecna in some way shape or form in my campaign world SOON!

- Cassandra and I had a “disagreement”. It’s resolved now, but I’m amazed how little we have those and how much it hurts when we do.
- Even though I want one, I just can’t justify to myself purchasing one of the Enormous limited print run miniatures of Orcus. It looks fantastic, but I just can’t think of when I’d even use it.
- I should be banned from drinking coffee.
- Season finale of Justified is sitting on the DVR just waiting for us to watch it. I’m not sure I’m that eager to see it, NOT because it won’t be good, but just because I hate to see the show end.

Well back at it I suppose…

Y equals X over 5
5 to the power of ‘I’
’I’ is the square root of 3
3 is the number for me
I said

X by the tangent of N
N minus pi over 10
That equals negative 9
Negative 9 is so fine

You've got a brain
And nobody really needs another love song
Love song

N is the product of V
V and the cosine of 3
Cube that and add 44
And not an integer more

V equals 1 through the sum
The sum of 101
And 83 over 5
What is the value of Y?

You've got a brain
And nobody really needs another love song
Love song

You've got a brain
Yeah I heard you've got it”

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