Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shark Attack 3: Megalodon Vs. Dinocroc

* This is why I love(s) me some Jeff Parker...
It’ll be short today, as I don’t have a ton to yak about, but I figured I was on a bloggin’ roll so why not. Last night I finished Jim Butcher’s 1st Dresden Files book Stormfront (**** out of 5). I loved it, simple as that. From the noir style crime story, to the supernatural just on the fringe of the ‘real’ world, to the slam bang ending. I really dug it. The book had enough crime, fantasy, and comic book sensibility to grab my attention by the scruff of the neck and shake it till it gave up its proverbial lunch money. I started the second book during my morning constitutional and I’m already a fourth through it. Good stuff.

If I had to restart my D&D campaign, or invent another I think I’d like to do one of the following;
- Dark Sun – Just a straight up Dark Sun campaign using the campaign elements. I’d concentrate on the hard environment, the gladiatorial combat, cannibal Halflings, and the Dragon Kings. Of all the things I’d like to run this one is the most DM ready out of the box. I’m intrigued by this, just like I am/was the Chaos Scar sandbox setting.
- Post Cataclysm – I have a secret love. It’s Thundarr The Barbarian. If you were a child of the 80’s and spent your Saturday Mornings in front of a T.V. watching cartoons then “DEMON DOGS” you KNOW WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ‘BOUT! Thundarr was a setting where the earth had literally been ripped in half, there were remnants of technology, but magic now ruled the day. It’s very Jack Kirby like, and if you know what I’m talkin’ about then you know how incredible that is. I have the whole series on DVD and it’s wonderful.
- Birthright – I really loved the old TSR Birthright setting. The Players got to be ‘big shots’ right out of the gate; there was political intrigue, countries to rule, wars to wage, and adventuring to be had. I’d most likely do some tweaking of things, but overall I’d keep the vibe of the original.
There are always other ideas floating out there. I’m really digging Amethyst: Foundations as a setting, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of running a D&D campaign based on the old D&D Cartoon, and I’ve never played Eberron so all three are very appealing. Either way I don’t see this campaign ending anytime soon, and nor do I see me abandoning the world that we, the players and I, have built.

How ‘bout it? You know.


- SO Marvel is cancelling Atlas, aka the old Agents Of Atlas, book. It’s like they want to hurt me.
- On the flip side of that sad news Paul Cornell, who is already taking over Action Comics & making Lex Luthor the star, is also writing a Knight & Squire mini-series for DC. For those that don’t know Knight & Squire are the British Batman & Robin. They’ve been around for like 60 years as characters and have little to no history. Grant Morrison has used them quiet a bit in the last five years, and is beginning to flesh out DC’s Britain. If Cornell can do what he did on the MARVELOUS Captain Britain & MI:13 this book will be a CAN’T MISS!

- I received an e-mail this week where there was a sentence in it stating, “Batman: A Death In The Family changed my LIFE!” There is something in that statement that brings joy to my soul.
- My guts are aching. Aching for a giant Fuddrucker’s hamburger OR a massive amount of wings from Al Baker’s.
- What do you think? Are costumes just Kirby enough, or modern abominations?

I told you it was going to be short…

“The spheres in motion wrapped around collapsing stars
Immortal hands and eyes are framed in fearful scars
The mystery of living, breathing, dying hard

My name and occupation tattooed on my face
The stars my destiny, deep space my dwelling place
Delirious and rotting, where's my saving grace

The stars burn bright
In the forest of night
But what mortal hands and eyes will I see there?

I'm locked behind bars
On the gateway to Mars
But when all the stars expire will I still be here?

I'll set the villages and colonies aflame
The bards of history had best forget my name
Deliriously plotting, Nomad is my fame”


  1. Knight & Squire looks good...and I don't like superhero comics!

    The THOR costumes look kinda silly in real life...and there needs to be a more majestic actor to play Odin...yes, on paper it sounds good, but he's just not mighty enough.

    bt...I have a new blog...bitch.

  2. I can't wait for Zombie State!

  3. I KNOW! But Paul Cornell will do that to a brutha'.

    As for the costumes, if they are going to go Kirby Crazy then give all three of those characters thier massive head gear, I WANT IT KIRBY!

    I'll go check that blog SON!

    Neither can mon frare'.