Friday, August 20, 2010

You Know I Learned Something Today...

* = Happy B-Day HPL!



Listen, if you don’t read Chris Sims blog & his articles on Comics Alliance then you aren’t worth snail poo. SO when I saw they had assembled the insanity of Greatest Comics That Never Happened this week I swooned. Yup, swooned…


This video has sent me into a spiral of awesome ideas for the Marvel SAGA campaign. I know I’m in the minority among my friends regarding Clutch as a band, but damn if I don’t dig the metal funk!


DAMN you slow boat from China. I now have to wait even longer for this game. Every little piece of information that trickles out just makes me crazy with anticipation. I know I’ve built this game up into something virtually unattainable as far as level of awesome, but I think it’s going to deliver.


I know I’ve espoused before the virtues of Mr. Cline and his ability to draw me Iron Man circa 1983 or so. He’s built successfully upon that inkling of greatness and now is in the business of entertaining the masses. Check out his very entertaining blog, and buy his damn book!


- Sometimes I think I’m going mad.
- Last night at Thursday Night Board Game Group I was able to completely destroy Dave & Jeff at some Chaos In The Old World. I think I’ve finally figured the game out a bit. You really do have to conform your strategy to the Chaos Gawd your playing for that game. I was Nurgel last night, meaning it was my job to spread corruption and pestilence across The Old World. It also meant that I had to watch the machinations of Jeff’s Tzeentch & the unbridled war machine of Dave’ Khorne. The only real ‘battle’ I got into was with Khorne and I smoked him, which was pretty satisfying for me as it allowed me speed up my march to victory. I really do love this game, even though I’m terrible at it.
- Mighty Mike has shown through deed and word just why I admire him so much and am happy to call him friend.
- Vikings Vs. 49ers Sunday evening. I know Dave is so excited about the return of his personal lord and savior The Baby Cheezus that he is actually going to watch the first half of the game prior to our normal True Blood viewing Sunday night. I’m not sure if I’m excited for his virginal forays into sports or frightened.
- I think I might try and get some painting done this weekend.
- It’s sad, but I’m not that excited now about the Lords Of Madness D&D Minis set. It’s the Very Rare thing. It’s driving up the price of singles so insanely high that I just can’t justify spending the money. Not to mention I have SO many minis that need painting that it’s redunkulous. Don’t get me wrong the Very Rare Huges, especially the two Dragons, look spectacular, and I NEED me a Yeenoghu that’s a MUST. But otherwise I’m just looking at with a sense of frustration. I want to want it more desperately, I want to spend money on it, but I just bring myself to do it.

I have ceased to care…

“Every day I wake up we drink a lot of coffee and watch the CNN
Every day I wake up to a bowl of clover honey and let the locusts fly in.
Lobsterbacks attack the town again
Wrap all my things in aluminum
Beams of darkness streak across the sky
Pink rays from the ancient satellite
Every time I look out my window same three dogs looking back at me.
Every time I open my windows cranes fly in to terrorize me.
The power of the Holy Ghost
The power of the Holy Ghost

Shadow of the New Praetorian
Tipping cows in fields Elysian
Saturnalia for all you have
The seven habits of the highly infected calve

Swan diving off the tongues of crippled giants
International Business Machine
Choking on bits of barley bread crumbs
Oh this burning beard I have come undone.
It’s just as I’ve feared. I have, I have come undone.

Bugger dumb the last of academe.
Okkam’s razor makes the cutting clean.
Shaven like a banker, lilac vegetal.
Break the glass ceiling and golden parachute on down.
The power of the Holy Ghost comes to town.

Shadow of the New Praetorian
Tipping cows in fields Elysian
Saturnalia for all you have”

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