Friday, May 6, 2011

High Learning Vs.School Daze

It’s short today so bear with me…


So I found this due to a little thread over at World Works games dot com. It’s a fantastic web comic that really is NOTHING like what you expect. It’s crude, heartwarming, gory, action packed, and more than anything very, VERY smart. I highly recommend that everyone out there give it a go.


My nerd boner for this film is through the roof.


I think I broke my chest. I got in a fight with a tree suffice to say it won the first round, but in the end I won the war. I will admit though that I’m walking away much worse for wear. I have a bruise on my chest that is hard to look it, it’s super gross, and it feels like I took a rubber bullet in the heart. I’m a hurting unit.


I have/had ZERO expectations for this movie, but this trailer makes me want to now. Sure it won’t be true to the source material; sure it most likely won’t be ‘good’. However I need a decent 80’s style Sword & Sorcery flick, hopefully this will scratch that itch.

GAH! I feel like I’m dyin’ ova’ here…


- I love you Laughing Cow Cheese.
- No real progress made on the minis front this week. Maybe I’ll get something done tonight and tomorrow, but I’m doubting it.
- We finished Season 2 of Justified (***** out of 5) last night. I have to say nothing I thought would happen happened. Every death, every betrayal, every resolution was beyond what I had surmised. Another perfect season of a damn near perfect show.
- I’d punch a baby right now for some fried chicken.
- CASSANDRA, GO TO BED ON TIME! There. Now it’s out in the open so whenever you’re up and you have “things to do” this will remind you; GO TO BED!

I want to go home now.

“Like Jimmy Carter,
like electric underwear.
Like any idea that never had a chance to go anywhere,
this is who you are:

A paid celebrity
who drives off a bridge in a car,
your beautiful body filling up with water.

Like Harry Truman dropping bombs out of the air,
like any self-respecting multi-billionaire,
this is who you are:

Five dancing teenage boys
who sing their way into our hearts.
Backstreet's back, alright.

And there's a toxic cloud hanging over;
there's white noise on the screen.
And there's a man in a hotel room
assaulting a maid who just came to clean up the mess.

Backstreet's back, alright.

Like Ronald Reagan falling asleep forever more,
dreaming of horses and
dreaming of nuclear war.
This is where we are tonight,
everybody under survelliance from a satellite.
You can be the first one on your block to die.

And there's a plague of locusts upon us
and there's a nightmare in the swarm.”

* = This could be an interesting meeting in a dark alley...

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