Friday, June 24, 2011

Flight Of The Navigator Vs. Bad Santa

* = I just thought it was pretty.

When you don’t blog in a week, it’s amazing how the few, & I’d wager the ‘proud’, who read this blog come out of the wood work to make a request for me to get off my dead ass and blog. So here I am answering the clarion call.

Last weekend was the lovely La-La’s wedding to The Lee. It was a glorious affair, however in the process though I got really, really run-down. Late last week I started to sort of feel crappy, then a two nights in a tiny bed, getting very little good sleep, and finally spending a lot, and I mean a LOT, of quality time in the bathroom Sunday night had me hitting the wall. For the record I don’t sleep well. My parents didn’t and don’t sleep well. Every night I get roughly four hours of solid sleep, the rest is a mess. I toss and turn, I can’t stay asleep, and I get up a lot. I had been using Tylenol PM to get a solid 6 to 8 hours, but now I’m using Advil PM & that is giving me a bit of a morning hangover. Suffice to say Monday I didn’t feel well for multiple reasons, but the biggest was I didn’t sleep, at all really. I was just pissed at the world, so I stayed home and tried to sleep, which again was unsuccessful. So I stayed home Tuesday as well. I finally crashed. I slept into the afternoon, and it was beautiful. I felt like I finally got some charge back in my batteries.

Upon returning back to the place I spend my weekdays at I was BURIED in a backlog of stuff. I finally got caught up this morning. FINALLY! I don’t mind being busy, in fact I quiet enjoy it, but I’ve been so busy the last two days I haven’t been eating, and I’ve been staying later than I had initially agreed with my lovely wife. So in closing, I’m sorry Ant & Dave that I haven’t blogged the last seven days. I know I have an obligation to my ‘Bro-Lo El Cundado’s’. While the blog is a place where I just let my stream of consciousness have voice to keep myself somewhat sane, it’s also a place where two of the folks in my life who I consider as close as my ‘real’ brother get a chance to peer behind the curtain of the Great & Secret Show that is my brain and nerd out. So while I can’t promise I’ll never have spans like this again, I will say that I’ll do my best.

Now onto the show…

My sojourn into the Old School Doctor Who

has continued, here is what I’ve finished thus far;
- Marco Polo (*** ½ out of 5) – You have to understand when the first started Doctor Who there was a mandate to do some historical factual episodes, sort of making it a ‘learning show’. This was a perfect example of the mandate. The thing is this serial was like seven episodes long, and unfortunately all those episodes were lost so I only got to watch color stills & listen to dialogue for each episode, otherwise I might have scored it a tad higher. The costumes and sets were VERY impressive, the story was a tad long, but the acting was solid. I have to say Marco Polo as a character was DAMN unlikable for 5 of the 7 episodes, while the antagonist Tegana was AWE-some. He was smart, dangerous, and charismatic. I loved The Doctor’s interactions with Kublai Khan as well.

- The Keys Of Marinus (**** out of 5) – So while Marco Polo was good, but a tad tedious I thought this serial was fantastic. The Doctor, Susan, Ian, & Barbara end up on another world where they are ‘enlisted’ in finding the missing pieces to a ‘Peace Machine’. There are some interesting twists and turns, including our first glimpse into The Doctor’s love of Sherlock Holmes, some sweet lawyer work, and some fun social commentary. Not to mention a stronghold on a beach made of glass surrounded by a lake of acid. HOW COOL IS THAT!?

- The Aztecs (***** out of 5) – It just gets better and better. Here the crew finds themselves in 15th century Mexico in the tomb of Yetaxa. The fun starts when Barbara is found and thought to be the re-incarnation of Yetaxa. Theirs is intrigue, action, and the moral quandary of whether or not you can change history. Barbara, with her passion for history, romanticizes the Aztecs, but when confronted with the reality of their lifestyle she takes it upon herself to ‘fix’ them. It’s the first time this subject is explored in the series, but not the last. Really this serial was fantastic and I will be watching it again.

When I haven’t been glued to old episodes of Doctor Who I’ve been doing more ‘research’ for our Wrestling RPG sessions. With the addition of at least ‘Mighty’ Mike, we now have three players, myself included. With this particular RPG, you don’t really have a Game Master, we all run the game, and even better than that we all have multiple characters. So in order to start to put together ideas I watched ALL the WWE Elimination Chamber matches, some Ring Of Honor stuff, more old school All Japan, some more recent New Japan, and finally I re-watched my Road Warriors documentary. First off, those Elimination Chamber matches are fantastic. The setting of that monstrosity with the pods and all the steel chains is really cool. The matches themselves are decent, but are full of HUGE ‘spots’. I have to admit I’ve always dug CM Punk, but his two E.C. matches were great, especially the one where he eliminates the first guy before the next one is ‘released’ and gets on the mic to ‘preach’ at the Undertaker. It’s some real top-notch heel work. When it comes to my continued forays into the 1990’s & 2000’s of All Japan I have to again state that Mitsuhara Misawa & Kenta Kobashi were just amazing. As for New Japan, the main event stuff is outstanding, especially anything with Hirooki Goto

, Prince Devitt

, or Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura is just fantastic. I haven’t had much exposure to Ring Of Honor, but had read it was a solid mix between old school ECW & the stiff Japanese style. While I had seen some of their old mainstays on TNA, like Abyss or Samoa Joe, I was unfamiliar with a lot of their talent. I have to say it’s a decent watch, for nothing else then the INSANE variations of holds and finishers. The stuff I watched was their ‘bloodiest’ matches, and they were damn gory, and really lacked some of the ‘fun’ of the old ECW stuff but were ok. I have to add as well I don’t think it can be stated enough just how incredible Joey Styles was as the announcer for ECW, he MADE some of those matches. Last but not least I finally finished re-watching the Road Warriors documentary. When you see those two guys in the 80’s and just how HUGE and stiff they were it’s a wonder anyone wanted to do a program with them. When they would hit the Doomsday Device on some poor schlub and literally flip him inside out from about seven feet up it makes you feel bad for the guy. Overall this stuff is helping me focus together a pretty good vision of the characters I want to make for the Wrestling RPG. And it doesn’t help that I’m sort of a closet-wrestling fan.

After that stunning admission how about some…


- The Sport’s Abyss is SO bad right now I watched some of the NBA Draft last night.
- My brother and his family are not coming to visit now. Money is tight so sacrifices must be made. The thing is as nervous as I am about the visit I was sort of excited about hanging out with my brother.
- Even though I am now going to have pay $18 per bag of clips for Terraclips I’m still going to dish out that cash in August. I mean c’mon this is just gorgeous to behold!

- Anyone out there know how to get rid of mushrooms in your yard?
- D&D in mid July is starting to creep closer I need to get a bit more painting done. Maybe I can get Cassandra to help me hammer out some Goblins this weekend.
- My copies of Thieves Of Cadawallon & Conquest Of Nerath arrive today. I might even get to play them tonight.

I guess I should get back to business…


This television has a poison on its breath
This counter culture of both wicked lives and death
It makes my eyes bleed every time I turn around
How will they all feel when I bring them to the ground? And I said

I walk for miles inside this pit of danger
A place where no one follows me; I walk alone

I'm sick of all these people talking out their heads
I never understood a damn thing that they said
From words to actions never knowing what they're about
I guess I'll have to chew them up and spit them out and I said

I walk for miles inside this pit of danger
I've swallowed down a thousand years of anger
The weight of the world is falling on my shoulders
A place where no one follows me; I walk alone


I walk alone!

Oh yeah!


I walk for miles inside this pit of danger
I've swallowed down a thousand years of anger
The weight of the world is falling on my shoulders
A place where no one follows me; I walk alone

I walk alone!


* = Who are you rooting for?

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