Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Harry & The Hendersons Vs. Ricochet

* = This is what I looked like yesterday after they drove off...

I did it REJOICE! I successfully survived the visiting of my mother and sister without having a full-blown nervous breakdown. In fact, to the 0 people who read this, I’ll let you in on a secret. I had a good time. GASP! SHUDDER! No, it’s true. My sister was in what I used to think was ‘rare’ form, and was a riot. My mom was personable, and seemed to be truly enjoying herself. We talked, or as my sister says we ‘bonded’. I was so nervous Friday & Saturday that I over-talked, because as any of you who read this know, I hate silence. So I was battling verbal diarrhea this weekend. Sunday I took my sister and wife’s advice and just asked questions. My mom, who is a notoriously good listener, then got to talk about herself for a while. So besides the extended shopping trips, the weekend was a fantastic success here are the Top Ten Highlights!

1) I watched Old School Doctor Who with my mom.
2) Watching my sister argue numbers with our waiter at El Loro.
3) My mom loving Flight Of The Conchords.
4) Fondue, lots and lots of delicious Fondue.
5) Sean’s phone call of pity.
6) My sister’s obsession with Nancy Grace & bizarre South African Rap.
7) My mom sarcastically describing how magnanimous my sister is.
8) My sister forcing my mom to watch Eastbound & Down.
9) Bead Monkey.
10) Jewelry Construction.

Even though I was massively pre-occupied by this visit I still had time to continue my journey through the past. In the end, thank gawd for Old School Doctor Who;

- Planet Of Giants (*** out of 5)
This was the kick-off to Season 2. I have to say it’s pretty much your standard ‘people shrunk’ story, with the exception of it’s heavy ‘save the planet’ message. I do have to say that I love the fact that Barbara & Ian finally get home only to be shrunk down to the size of insects. Oh and the sets are amazing. I watched this three part serial with my mom, who enjoyed it as well, and we were both thoroughly amazed at the sets. They certainly were able to squeeze every single ounce of ‘cool’ out of their budget.

- The Dalek Invasion Of Earth (**** ½ out of 5)

THESE are the DALEKS I was waiting for. These are the arrogant, empire crushing, fascist, insane enemies that are a constant thorn in The Doctor’s side. I liked that in the end the Daleks didn’t give a crap about Earth or it’s inhabitants, it was all about harnessing energy for further universe dominating campaigns. I thought the ending was a bit of a cop out, but again I don’t think they could have afforded an epic showdown with Dalek invaders, that is what we have current ‘Nu’ Who for. As much as ‘The Daleks’ episode in Season 1 was just an appetizer for future Dalek feasts, I’m reasonably sure that this episode is merely a first course to future Old School Doctor Who Vs. the Dalek confrontations. Oh and we lose Susan.

I have to say that it was MUCH sadder than I thought it would be, with The Doctor actually changing, personality wise, significantly. He went from the crotchety old man to a doting, concerned, and in the end, loving Grandfather. Watching him let Susan go for her happiness was very sad and yet heartwarming. It only leaves me to wonder, what ever happened to Susan in her life with David in the future?

- The Rescue (*** ½ out of 5)

And now we meet Vicki, The Doctor’s replacement for the granddaughter he just left somewhat happily stranded in the time stream last episode. Vicki is one of two survivors on another planet being stalked by a nasty beasty. The first episode was kind of a classic ‘Slow Who’ with the second part being full of revelations and we begin to see Hartnell shaping ‘his’ version of The Doctor into something most of will recognize. He’s smart, witty, adventurous, and most importantly caring.

- The Romans (**** out of 5)

I was all set to really dislike this four-part serial, but I was gleefully proven wrong. This one was the most enjoyable of the ‘Historical’ episodes thus far. We get The Doctor manipulating Caesar Nero & his court, Ian as a slave gladiator, and Barbara involved in court intrigue. It was simultaneously dark and yet humorous. We finally got The Doctor as the smartest person in the room as he out smarted every enemy, avoided every plot, and even engaged in some fisticuffs. On a side note, if you watch this episode you start to realize just how much Frank Oz ripped off Hartnell’s speech pattern, not the language though, when he voiced Yoda in the Star Wars series.

I’m tired, I’m sure you’re tired so how ‘bout we finish with some…


- I picked up two new dice when I took my sister & mom to The Source, just to show them some ‘Geek Culture’. One is to randomly make dungeons, which is awesome, and the other is a hit location dice. Both will be seeing serious use soon.
- Dave needs a Backiotomy.
- Apparently among my sister’s peeps I’m now known as ‘The Ginger Giant’.

Much like most of the words that fall out of my sister’s mouth I’m not sure whether I should be flattered or insulted.
- EMERGENCY MOVIE-A-THON this Saturday night. The three flicks are up for vote.
- Thank you Cassandra. Thank you for being a kick ass friend and helping to prop me up during this weekend. Even more importantly thank you for being a kick ass wife and knocking out an unbelievable Fondue for us to eat. You are incredible.
- I’m exhausted.

And with that I’m done for today…

“Look, try and use your intelligence, man, even if you are a politician.”

* = I am thoroughly in love with this cover.


  1. What?! "The rough sex" did not make it onto your list of highlights? Interesting.

  2. That and the fact I watched Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World with my Mom, and she LOVED IT! Yup, two serious omissions, but that's why I have you, to keep me in line.