Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind Vs. Rounders

* = You KNOW what time it is...

It’s that dreaded time of year again, time to test yourself against the rest of Nerd-manity. Once again the entirety of the Interwebs will see you for the Nerd Frauds you are and laugh at your impotence. It is time for…


As per the original it’s like a hundred questions, each question is worth 2 points, so you can score 1 of 2 if you get a partial answer. On the questions that require it make sure to explain your answer, or as I like to put it ‘show your work’. You can use the Internet(s) if you need to, but really you’re only cheating yourself. So without further ado, sharpen your mental Number 2 pencil, take one more gander at that crib sheet, and LET’S GET READY TO NERD!

1) Randy Savage Has NOT gone by which of the following Monikers?
a. Bonesaw Magraw
b. The Macho Man
c. Leapin’ Lenny Pofo
d. The Macho King

2) Who is the ‘Greatest Of All Green Lanterns’? Show Your Work.

3) Who created the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents?
a. Steranko
b. Jack Kirby
c. Joe Simon
d. Wally Wood

4) Karl Kolchak is….?
a. A private investigator
b. A wizard
c. A reporter
d. A F.B.I. agent

5) Who are the ‘Big 7’ in the Justice League?

6) John Carter is Warlord of…..?
a. Mars
b. Venus
c. Saturn
d. Pluto

7) Who did Dr. Girlfriend ‘No. 2’ for prior to the Mighty Monarch?
a. Truckulese
b. Baron Underbiet
c. Scarantula
d. Phantom Limb

8) Who are the founding five Avengers?

9) Who is Bigby & why does he have a ‘Crushing Hand’? Show Your Work.

10) Aunt May almost married what Spider-Man adversary?
a. Electro
b. Venom
c. Doc Ock
d. J. Jonah Jamison

11) You can only feed Gremlins after midnight? True or False

12) On the Satellite Of Love name at least two other robots on the ship besides Crow & Tom Servo.

13) The Doctor is the Last Survivor of the Time War? True or False

14) Which of these characters doe not suffer from a mental health issue?
a. Colossus
b. The Hulk
c. Moon Knight
d. Rick Grimes

15) Which author created the character of Randolph Carter?
a. Clark Ashton Smith
b. Robert E. Howard
c. H.P. Lovecraft
d. Edgar Rice Burroughs

16) Who has Godzilla NOT fought?
a. Mothra
b. Charles Barkley
c. Mecha-Godzilla
d. Gamera

17) What is an Otyugh? Show Your Work.

18) In James Robinson’s mini-series ‘The Golden Age’ whose brain is put in the body of Daniel Dunbar?
a. Adolph Hitler
b. The Ultra Humanite
c. Rex Tyler
d. Howard Hughes

19) EDITION WARS! When it comes to D&D, what Edition do you favor & why? Show Your Work.

20) Who is the better fictional wizard & why? Show Your Work.
a. Harry Potter
b. Zatanna
c. Doctor Strange
d. Elminster

21) Name once character, from Marvel or DC, which has actually remained dead?

22) Which of these characters has NOT been the JSA Chairperson?
a. Hawkman
b. Wildcat
c. Mister Terrific
d. Green Lantern

23) Who in the Warhammer Fantasy setting is the ‘Blood God’?
a. Nurgle
b. Khorne
c. Slaneesh
d. Tzeentch

24) Transformers 2; Bad Movie or Worst Movie Ever? Show Your Work.

25) In the DCU Tracy 13 dates which teen hero?
a. Blue Beetle
b. Red Robin
c. Suberboy
d. Kid Flash

26) Which famous D&D wizard does NOT have a spell named after him or her?
a. Tasha
b. Mordenkainen
c. Leomund
d. Khelben Blackstaff

27) Vincent Price in The Witchfinder’s General; Merely Terrifying or Nightmare Inducing? Show Your Work.

28) Who was NOT one of Ramona’s ‘Evil-Ex’s’?
a. Gideon Graves
b. Lucas Lee
c. Envy Adams
d. Todd Ingram

29) Better D&D setting; Ravenloft or Darksun, and why? Show Your Work.

30) Snake Pliskin has escaped from 3 cities, what are they?
a. Chicago, New York, Washington D.C.
b. Los Angeles, New York, Dallas
c. Cleveland, New York, Los Angeles
d. New York, Fargo, San Diego

31) Why must I be a Powerslave? Show Your Work.

32) What was the name of Orion’s War Dog in Grant Morrison’s JLA run?
a. Fury
b. Sturmer
c. Thunder
d. Ragnor

33) Who would you rather share a prison cell with; Eric Bana in ‘Chopper’ or Tom Hardy in ‘Bronson’, & why? Show Your Work.

34) Who is NOT connected to the Speed Force?
a. Quicksilver
b. Kid Flash
c. Max Mercury
d. Johnny Quick

35) Who is the only man to have faced Doc Savage twice?
a. John Sunlight
b. Shiwan Khan
c. The Living Pharaoh
d. Major Rayner Fleming

36) Where is Skartaris?

37) Best Old School D&D Module & why? Show Your Work.
a. Village Of Homlet
b. Temple Of Elemental Evil
c. Expedition To The Barrier Peaks
d. Vault Of The Drow

38) Who is smarter?
a. Amodaues Cho
b. Doctor Leonard Samson
c. Tony Stark
d. Victor Von Doom

39) More ‘played out’; Zombies or Vampires & why? Show Your Work.

40) Who is the foul mouthed, ultra-violent paladin in the fantastic Web-comic The Guilded Age?
a. Sturm
b. Wulfgar
c. Tarin
d. Frigg

41) Why are Terraclips FRIGGIN’ AMAZING? Show Your Work.

42) Who directed the cult classic film, Plan 9 From Outer Space?
a. Roger Corman
b. Ed Wood
c. Burt I. Gordon
d. David Cronenburg

43) Who has not possessed the Black Diamonds and manifested into the dreaded Eclipso?
a. Bruce Gordon
b. Prince Ra-man
c. Jean Loring
d. Alex Montez

44) Why is George Lucas determined to ruin our collective childhoods? Show Your Work

45) Which band is NOT a 1970’s Retro-band?
a. Asteroid
b. The Sword
c. Graveyard
d. Opeth

46) What is NOT best in life?
a. To see them driven before you.
b. To hear the lamentations of their women.
c. To bask in the glory of Crom.
d. To crush your enemies.

47) Is John Roger’s IDW D&D comic the best licesened D&D comic ever? Show Your Work.

48) How many minis do I own? Show Your Work.
a. Not Enough
b. Just Right
c. To Many
d. None Of The Above

49) On Arakis what is the life?
a. The Water
b. The Blood
c. The Spice
d. The Sand Worms

50) Someone please just tell me what the F’ the Television show Lost was about so I don’t have to watch it? Show Your Work.

51) Just who is the mysterious ‘Smooth Operator’ often mentioned in songs by The Fairly Secret Army?
a. Sir Michael Pendragon
b. Mike Harmon
c. Christian Vander
d. The ‘Smoother Operator’ is not a man he is an idea, & you can’t kill an Idea.

52) Who is the ‘Swedish Murder Machine’?
a. Brock Samson
b. String Fellow Hawk
c. Ivan Drago
d. John Rambo

53) Have you read Anno Dracula, and if so what did you think? Show Your Work.

54) G.I. Joe is…?
a. Showing up wherever there is trouble.
b. Always staying till the fight has come to completion.
c. A Real American Hero.
d. All of the above.

55) Better cartoon, 2002’s Masters Of The Universe or the orginal 1983 He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe, & why? Show Your Work.

56) Who is the ‘Strongest There IS!’ when it comes to writers for the Hulk, & why? Show Your Work.
a. Bill Mantlo
b. Peter David
c. Greg Pak
d. Other (Please Identify Your Choice)

57) Which character was created by Manly Wade Wellman?
a. Elric
b. Silver John
c. The Gray Mouser
d. Northwest Smith

58) What is the name of Lion-O’s sword?
a. The Sword Of Truths
b. Bareal’s Blade
c. The Sword Of Omens
d. The Black Blade

59) What is J’onn J’onzz favorite Earth food?

60) In the Kree Empire Ronan holds the title of what office?
a. King Elect
b. General
c. Accuser
d. Enemy

61) River Song is held in what prison?
a. Butcher Bay
b. Stormcage
c. Arkham Asylum
d. The Rock

62) Harry Dresden, dead or alive?

63) If you found yourself in the city of Gloomwrought what plane would you have stumbled into?
a. The Shadowfell
b. The Astral Sea
c. The Abyss
d. The Feywild

64) How much do YOU Love Rom, Space Knight? Show Your Work?

65) In Pre-Brubaker X-Men continuity who was the first of Xavier’s students to die?
a. Nightcrawler
b. Polaris
c. Banshee
d. Thunderbird

66) Who is NOT powered by Ionic energy?
a. Atlas
b. Moonstone
c. Count Neferia
d. Wonder Man

67) Virtual Pro Wrestling II for N64 is the single greatest wrestling game ever? True or False.

68) Who is not a Demon Prince of the Abyss?
a. Demogorgon
b. Dispater
c. Orcus
d. Grazz’t

69) Where is the Silver Surfer originally from?
a. Oa
b. Kree-La
c. Mogo
d. Zenn-La

70) What is the best of the X-Men film franchise, & why? Show Your Work.

71) What are the names of Dr. Mrs. Girlfriend’s Murderous Moppets?
a. Steve & Gary
b. Tim-Tom & Kevin
c. Dean & Hank
d. None Of The Above

72) Who are the three founding members of the Legion Of Superheroes?
a. Stone Boy, Infectious Lass, & Mon’El
b. Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, & Lightening Lad
c. Lightening Lass, Ultra Boy, & Timberwolf
d. Superboy, Braniac 5, & Matter-Eater Lad

73) Why is Tom Brady so ‘Dreamy’? Show Your Work.

74) Frankenstien works for the organization known as S.H.A.D.E., what does the acronym stand for?
a. Sublte Humanoid Agression Defense Entity
b. Super Human Advanced Defense Executive
c. Sub Human Advanced Destruction Electronics
d. Supreme Headquarters for Advanced Defense Espionage

75) Jefferson Twilight only hunts…?
a. Wizards
b. Blaculas
c. Venture-stiens
d. Diamond Dogs

76) With the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who being next year are we do for another ‘Multi-Doctor Event’, if so what versions of the Doctor would you like to see be a part of it, & WHO should be the ‘villian’? Show Your Work.

77) What is the name of Luke Cage & Jessica Jone’s daughter?
a. Danielle
b. Misty
c. Carolyn
d. Janet

78) In the DCnU who is the first foe the fully formed Justice League faced?
a. Starro
b. Kanjar-Ro
c. Doctor Destiny
d. Darksied

79) Hellboy, dead or alive?

80) Which of the following is not a Lich?
a. Vecna
b. Osterneth
c. Kas
d. Acererak

81) Bigby Wolf ended up marring…?
a. Cinderella
b. Snow White
c. Sleeping Beauty
d. Ariel

82) Better Cartoon band; Shallow Gravy or Dethklock, & why? Show Your Work.

83) EDITION WARS! Who is your ‘Dungeon Mastering Yoda’, and why? Show Your Work.
a. Mike Mearls
b. The ‘Chatty DM’
c. James Raggi
d. Zak Sabbath
e. James Maliszewski
f. Jeff Rients
g. Other (Please Identify Who It Is)

84) Who is a member of the Forever People?
a. Devilance The Pursuer
b. Himon
c. Vykin
d. Sonny Sumo

85) Who wins in the following battle & why; Fafhred & the Gray Mouser Vs. Felix & Gotrek? Show Your Work.

86) Who has NOT been romantically linked to Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen?
a. Holga, The Viking Robot
b. Lori Lamaris
c. Lucy Lane
d. Light Lass

87) Who weilds the ‘Enchanted Ebony Blade’?
a. Elric
b. Jason Blood
c. Conan
d. Dane Whitman

88) Wouldn’t the HBO series True Blood by much, MUCH more entertaining if it was just Eric Northman in World War II hunting evil Nazi Werewolves? Why or why not? Show Your Work.

89) Who was a re-occurring ‘Big Bad’ of He-Man?
a. Hordak
b. Flogg
c. King Hiss
d. All Of The Above

90) Who of the following has proven to be ‘Unworthy’ to weild Thor’s enchanted hammer Mjolnir?
a. Captain America
b. The Thing
c. The Destroyer
d. Spider-Man

91) Who is your favorite Doctor Who companion, and why? Show Your Work.

92) What are you more afraid of?
a. Brian Bendis writing an on-going DC comic.
b. D&D’s inevitable ‘5th’ Edition.
c. The end of The Venture Brothers.
d. Flying Black Ants.

93) EDITION WARS! What ‘version’ of D&D are you currently playing & why? Show Your Work.
a. Pathfinder
b. 4E
c. A retroclone (Please Identify)
d. An earlier edition (Please Identify)
e. I don’t play D&D, and I’m not sure why I’m even reading this blog.

94) Who is the best ‘lame’ Spider-Man villain,a nd why? Show Your Work.
a. The Fabulous Frog-Man
b. The White Rabbit
c. The Gibbon
d. The Walrus

95) In your ‘Comic Creators Dojo’ who stands as the pinnacle of creative power & why? Show Your Work.

96) Which acquired comic line intergration has DC botched the worst? Show Your Work.
a. Milestone Media
b. The Red Circle Characters
c. The Fawcett Characters
d. Wildstorm
e. The Charlton Characters

97) What is ‘Rusty’s Law’?

98) The film ‘The Cottage’ rules you? True or False.

99) Why does Games Workshop continue to raise their prices to ridiculous levels?
a. They hate fun.
b. They actively want Mantic to become the new ‘800lbs. Gorilla’ in the market.
c. They are run by money hungry penny pinchers who have no interest in the hobby industry.
d. I really don’t care as long as they just make a KICK-ASS and cheap update of Warhammer Quest!

100) You’ve just finished this EPIC Geek Cred Quiz, how do you think you did?
a. HA! I laugh at your paltry attempt to test me.
b. I did alright, I know my comics.
c. Who wrote this schlok?
d. I thought this was a porn site.

As always the final scores are tallied scientifically, which means I just arbitrarily decide based upon not only the facts but my opinions. Rest assured if you give a good reason than you not only might get full points, BUT you also might get Extra Credit. Probalby not, but I’m just throwing it out there. Send all comments, concerns, complaints, & death threats to the comments section of this very blog so I can tell you to F’ yourself. I’ll start compiling scores as they come in, but just like last time here’s the ‘breakdown’;

175 – 200 + = You are one smart S.O.B. I’d fear you in a battle of Star Wars Trivial Persuit.
174 = You are Special. Not short bus special, but Special nonetheless.
173 – 133 = You are above the ‘Common Geek’. Bask in your superiority; push an old person down a flight of stairs, take candy from babies, and shine up that pocket protector. YOU are one of US!
132 – 89 = Respectable. You are showing that you haven’t lived under a rock your whole life. Even though rocks are cool and comfortable. Dammit, now I want to sleep under a rock.
88 = Average. Yup, that’s right you are the poster child for Merica.
87 – 25 = You are now approaching short bus special.
24 – 0 = Why are you even reading this blog, it must be like your trying to understand Swahili when you don’t speak it.

My fingers are tired of typing, so I’m OUT!

* = Member since 1982!


  1. Dark Dave - 129/200!

    132 – 89 = Respectable. You are showing that you haven’t lived under a rock your whole life. Even though rocks are cool and comfortable. Dammit, now I want to sleep under a rock.

  2. Battlin' Bob - 137/200

    173 – 133 = You are above the ‘Common Geek’. Bask in your superiority; push an old person down a flight of stairs, take candy from babies, and shine up that pocket protector. YOU are one of US!