Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hobo With A Shotgun Vs. Akira

* = After a week plus I'm still laughing at this...

Since we’re in a New Year, or as my wife is referring to it ‘The Year Of Takin’ It Back’, I figured it would be appropriate to do a resolutions list. However unlike most resolutions list I KNOW that I won’t stick to these. By and large I adamantly hate resolutions merely for the fact that the beginning of a new year shouldn’t bring you some miraculous desire to change. You should change because you want to. Not to mention that a lot of times people’s reach exceeds their grasps when it comes to what they want to change. So I’m going to aim small & low, STEEL THYSELVES!


- Finish Domains Of Dread: Lamordia for the D&D Adventure System – There is really no excuse why I haven’t just done this. I now have the Photoshop chops to knock it out, I feel good about my skills and the feedback of the folks on the Board Game Geek to edit the monsters, villains, and traps. I just need to get to it. It would be great to have it done, to play it, but most importantly to put it out there for others to play and enjoy.

- Write some more songs for Dave – This year I wrote a few songs for different Dave projects. It should surprise no one that he turned the rough slabs into fine art, that’s just what he does. That being said I haven’t tried to follow-up on that. I think that the song I wrote about my Dad was cathartic but at the same time to hear it just really brought a lot of things home. I don’t know if I really have any talent to write, hell you read this crap so you know what I’m talking about. Let alone enough talent to write for someone that talented. I’ve got a few ideas floating around in my head, but currently I’m a bit skittish, maybe in the next few months I’ll put myself back out there.

- Dust every Wednesday – I was in a good groove there for a while, but then the holidays & clutter came. They took over the house and I lost some motivation. It only takes me like 45 minutes to get it done, and really it helps out considerably, so I just need to do it. Tomorrow will be a good jumping off point.

- Paint Miniatures – This just needs to be done. I’ve got a lot of them to do, and I really haven’t gotten going on it yet this winter. I would really like to be able to get back to knocking out ten a week. I don’t think that’s overly difficult. Maybe once the Christmas clutter is gone I’ll set up the table and get to it.

- Do a comic project with Pat – This is more in the ether due to Pat’s schedule than mine, I mean c’mon I don’t really do anything, that dude is busy as HELL. So if it comes to fruition it’ll be because he has time for it. I really think he and I have similar ideas and enjoy the same type of things comic wise so it makes sense to collaborate. Not to mention the guy is a SICK artist, to me it’s just a surprise he’d want to do something with me. I expect him to be super famous at any time.

- Knock out a kid – Now before everyone gets excited and thinks I’m now literally going to walk around a drop a baby with a devastating left hook, I just want to point out I mean successfully impregnate my wife. It seems like this year will be the year that we stop just ‘practicing’ & finally take the plunge into parenthood.

- Finish the F’Ning Basement – It looks like we’ll have the cash. I think we have the ‘man-power’. Now all we need to do is pick the time and get it done. This would seriously make things a lot easier and set us up for future plans.

Ok, those are the big ones, & sure they aren’t ground breaking, but I think that they are achievable, and important. Well at least to me. I do have other goals, but they are more minor, in fact one could just call them…


- Be a less stringent DM for the ‘Old School’ group – I really want to make sure I give this group the things they are looking for in an adventure and more importantly in the time they put in when we meet. It shouldn’t be to hard, I just will need to dial back the control a bit and get back to just ad libbing during play.
- Get Cassandra’s car sold – I have no real control over this, but man it would make life WAY easier fiscally if this got done.
- Shit or get off the pot when it comes to playing in Zack’s group - Late last year Zack and Bob offered for me to join their group and with the holidays and the rush I declined waiting till the New Year to re-assess. I’m still not completely sure if I want to, but I need to decide ASAP. Zack & Bob both have been fantastic players in my ‘Regular’ group and I owe it to them to at least be decisive. To be honest I’m very intrigued by the idea of playing, and especially with Bob as a player and Zack as the DM. However I’m reticent to drive to Minneapolis on Monday nights, in the weather, when I’m tired. Let’s face it, I’m lazy, and when work is over it’s really hard to get me to want to do anything, even roll the D20’s.
- Make Thursday Nights ‘Board Game Night’ with Cassandra – This week it’s Trollhalla. I get to pick the game for next week. Even if we only get in one actual game played I think it’s a good idea. It’ll keep me upstairs more often and possibly curb her DS Harry Potter addiction.
- Get Marvel SAGA back on an every 6 to 8 week track - I just need to make sure I’m putting it out there that I would like to play. I’m not going to badger or cajole this year. Either they make it or they don’t. Out of all the games that I run this is by far the easiest to run, and the most off the cuff. I’m hoping that I can keep some of the momentum we had in the last session and keep it moving forward.
- Drop some weight – See every other year and every other person’s list for reasons.
- When the weather gets back to ‘normal’ get the ‘Regular’ D&D Group back on the schedule – With Hides being far away we are held hostage a bit by weather. I know Ant will travel no matter what; he’s like the Honey Badger that way. However I need to be sensitive to the fact that Hides & Ant are parents, sometimes in my excitement I forget that D&D isn’t as much a priority for some as it is for me. All that being said once winter finally hits and subsides I look forward to getting back together with the ‘Regular’ Group and get to rollin’.
- Win the BUZZ Trivia Challenge Title – First off we have to get a Tournament on the schedule ASAP. It’s a travesty that Ant has held the belt hostage in ‘The Cloud’ as long as he has. Secondly, I just need to win. I’m really tired of being the Ultimate Bridesmaid, but never the Trivia Bride. But to be THE Bride, you have to BEAT THE Bride, and with only a few exceptions Ant is THE Bride. I’m thinking March will be the month; hopefully it’ll be MY month.
- Get the Office organized – We have the cash, we have the plan, now we just need to set up time with Big Papa Dave, my Father-In-Law, get the supplies, & knock it out. Once we get the Uber-Gaming Shelf done it’ll give us some room and an idea on how we want to proceed with the other crap in the room.
- Play all the new games I have – This refers to board games, card games, console games, & PC games. Holy crap, there just enough hours in the day.
- Try and get a every two week D&D Adventure System Campaign Group together – Currently it seems that no one has time, interest, or really cares. That being said it’s a game one can play alone, and perhaps if I show just what a good time can be had others will want to get a piece of this good time. That sounded really awkward.
- Find a receiver for those Sony speakers – When my Dad died I got his old Sony surround sound. The problem was the receiver/DVD player wasn’t working properly. I tried to fix it, big shock there I failed epically. So I have these tits speakers, but no receiver. So I really should try to figure that out and utilize them, or just sell them.
- Get a wall bracket to hang the Basement Television – We tried to hang it last year and the bracket didn’t work. I think it’s going to run us about a hundo, but it would really give us a tad more room to work with.
- Try and get Movie-A-Thons to be every other month – I think if we have a Movie-A-Thon every other month we all won’t be as fried. Every other month gives people time to prepare, gives us time to figure out what we’re watching, perhaps in nicer weather set up some time to grill, etc. I just think it gives a nice buffer of time.
- BINGO in 2012, it needs to happen twice – We are amassing a lot of BINGO prizes. I really want to do one in late spring and one in mid-fall. It’s really pretty easy to set-up, but it might be more difficult to count on attendance.
- Slow my cursing role – I curse to much, I need to slow it down, especially when I’m frustrated.
- Keep blogging – Even when no one reads, even when haters hate, even when I don’t have time or interest, just keep going. Keep stretching the brain and hoping that in each of these piles of crap I lay there is at least one nugget of gold.

I am F’ing long winded. Sheesh.

“Shame on the night

For places I've been, and what I've seen
For giving me the strangest dreams
But you never let me know just what they mean
And oooohhh.... so Shame on the Night... Alright

And shame on You

You've stolen the day, snatched away
But I saw the sky and I never wanna die
Now you know the reason why I say
Oooohhh... Shame on the Night

You don't care what you've done
So I think I better run
Shame on the sun

For the lights you've sold
I've lost my home
On the Magic Flame, but now I know your name
Oh Lord just go away and tell again
Ooooooohhh.... Oh! Shame on the night!

You dont care what you've done
So I know I better run.......

Shame on the Night

For places Ive been, and what I've seen
For giving me the strangest dreams
You never never never know just what they mean
And ooooohh... Shame on the night

You dont care what youve done
Here I go, Ive got to run.......

Shame on the night
Shame shame on you
Shame on my dreams
Shame on the sun and You
Shame on the night
Well I lost my home on the Magic Flame, but now I know your name
Shame on the night
Shame on you..... Shame on ALL of you
Shame on the night”

* = W.W.R.J.D.D.?


  1. I would totally read a comic by you and Pat!

    Does Pat have a website? If I like his stuff, maybe he would let me use something for cd covers?


  2. I may have Thursdays open again.

    Once all the shit gets settled and caught up, I'll stop working the booze shop.

    I needs some lyrics for those two last songs on TFSA3

  3. "I miss your touch, I miss your scent...How 'bout once all this is over you and I get an apartment together and just see what happens?"

    Just let me know what's up & when. As for lyrics what sort of lyrics should they be El Davido?

  4. HOLY CRAP you commented twice it's as if your trying to get a handy jibber from me. Pat is pretty bomb ass. Ant, does your Broheim have a website, and if so can you post it here as I'm trying to Pimp Him OUT!
    What would happen if you and Ant had a battle over the Honey Badger title? What sort of battle would it be? Where would said battle take place? What besides the nickname does the winner get? I'm intrigued.

  5. What else does the winner get?


  6. buzz trivia: correction: with only AN exception the belt has been mine. I'm not just A bride, Ben. I'm THE Fucking Bride, like from Kill Bill. And I WILL FUCK SHIT UP to keep the title!!!!!!!!!1 Also, Honey Badger don't give a shit.

  7. Ant,
    Really, I thought it was two times.

  8. My resolution is to send you the stuff I have been promising for two hundred years. Most of it is in an envelope but I only think about at 1:30 am. Soon!!

  9. If you get it out to me Duke that's great, if you don't it doesn't matter I loved getting those flicks out to Simon.

  10. Wow, "impregnate" sounds so dirty.