Friday, February 3, 2012

American Psycho Vs. The Waterboy

* = Yes Ron, yes you have, and that's what makes you magical.

Two blogs in one day? YUP! It's mainly because more Paizo/Wizkids Rise Of The Runelord previews came out and I didn't have the heart to make addendums to the Ron Swanson, work anger, Halfling Dio 'masterpiece' posted earlier. So without further ado, I give you Rise Of The Runelords Preview #3;

It's a Ghoul, hooray. Well I don't hate it. In fact it's got a lot of character with the spooky long tongue and the licked clean skull in the off hand. However I'm not a huge fan of the pose which is sort of a meandering half-crouch that just seem lazy. It won't surpass the two of the DDM Ghouls, but it certainly is better than DDM's last effort. To me this falls into the same catagory as the last set's Mummy, Zombie, & Skeleton as minis that were done better by other folks. I guess it is a common so I can't bitch to much.

Denizen Of Leng is up next. WHA! DENIZEN OF LENG! This is just awesome. One of the things Pathfinder does that really gets me going, in a good way, is the overt use of Lovecraftian beasties. There aren't Chaos Beasts instead we just get the good ole Shoggoth. With the Denizen Of Leng we get our first Lovecraft Pathfinder piece. It's a common minature as well, meaning I'll be grabbing at least a handful of these bad boys. As for the sculpt I like it. The devil will be in the details though. Will you be able to see the inhuman-ness of it in the paint job with there being so little actual 'skin' showing? I have REALLY high hopes for this mini.

The third mini in this week's preview is the Wraith. At first I was underwhelmed as it looked like an old Dreamblade mini. Now before one of the tens of fans of that game come forward and hate, let me state that Dreamblade had some amazing minis. It also had some of the worst minis. It was very uneven. But I digress, I sort of like the abstract nature of this as opposed to just another clear or white painted mini, but in the same breath this picture give you NO idea if there is any detail work present or if it's just a glob of plastic and paint. I have to say that right now this one isn't really doing much for me.

This is the 'dreaded' Scanderig. From what I read this is only a 'first draft' mini much like the wingless Chimera was in the previews of the last set, and we know how that turned out. Apparently the finished mini will have an open stomach container complete with transluscent red plastic flames. I'm not overly familiar with this monster, but it looks to be some sort of oven golem. I do know I don't like it. I think it looks to cartoony, and have no real interest in it.

It's funny the two more 'rare' minis in this preview do nothing for me, while the commons seem to be pretty sweet, especially the Denizen Of Leng. I'm still going to be getting my 'wants' off the secondary market, and it's beginning to look like I'll be getting them on the 'cheap'.

* = Batman gets me...

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