Friday, February 24, 2012

Flashdance Vs. In It To Win It

* = Yes David, I know. It's a perfect re-make for you...

The basement chair will not grow around my ass. No matter how much time I spend on my computer chair in my basement, especially post-Dance Movie-A-Thon, it is virtually impossible for the wood of the chair to fuse to my copious, and fine might I add behind. I'm not overly sure why I engage in this endeavor of stream of consciousness writing, I think it serves as a cathartic way of dealing with all the B.S. that most of us just swallow down on a daily basis.

You know the displeasure of being cut off on the commute, the idea of cow towing to someone who you KNOW couldn't find their way out of a paper bag with both hands and a road map, or maybe it's just that sense of being alone even when all together. It's a weird thing, but I find that after ingesting copious amounts of 'spirits' and watching three horrendously wonderful dance movies in a room full of people you find yourself lucky enough to call friends, and one you are fortunate enough to call 'wife' you get a little nostalgic.

I'm not even sure what to be nostalgic about. Maybe the 'Streets'? You know where I used to dwell and 'make shit hot'? However I'm not sure I ever made anything hot. It's even funnier to know that while I watched my over tired wife turn 'gang signs' into the 'metal sign' in my office while she laughs manically. There is nothing wrong with that. It's full filling. It makes life worthwhile.

However it's just not enough. It's weird to say this, or write it because you know me actually saying this to someone requires way more BALLZ then I actually possess, which is saying a lot, as many of you who have bared witness to the might of scrotum know. I think I long for offspring.

I know, it's weird to say that after setting through Flashdance, but I think I'm ready for a little 'us'. Really ready. Seriously. You know something of me and Cassandra, that will invariably have all the shitty traits I exhibit on a daily basis as well as all my love of all things Nerdy. It'll be beautiful, smart, organized, and talented like my lovely Wife, but it'll be driven, introspective, and fundamentally 'other' like myself. It's a perfect combination. For some reason I look forward to the idea of having a little one that I can show all the wonders that lurk behind the Great & Secret Show's curtain.

I mean who else am I going to play games with, watch Old School Doctor Who with, or pass on my obsessive love about Jack Kirby with? I mean sure I can do this with Dave, Mike, Ant, or Cassandra, but it just isn't the same.

It's been a little over a year since my father died. I think I'm finally ready to assume the mantle as "The Fazer" and get onto the 'bidniz' of making business. Oh and for those asking, I WILL be wearing Business Socks...

See that wasn't that difficult.


- Having heard The Fairly Secret Army's "Freebird" song, I must say I am thoroughly blown away. Dave, if your reading, it's a masterpiece. Even though I didn't show it, I was moved by it. Moved, my friend.
- My wrist hurts, and it isn't even from 'self-exploration', so I'm disappointed.
- While pounding down 'The Lee' in copious amounts I had to transition to Brandy & Cranberry pop. It was was surprisingly good, not amazing, but very 'tatty'.
- Nothing beats a Butter Burger...NOTHING.
- If you haven't taken the time to seek out Graveyard's 'Hising Blues' I do truly feel sorry for you, because you are F'N LAME.
- It sounds like the March Movie-A-Thon will be Rappers Turned Actors. The line-up is sounding EPIC!
- I know I am the only one, but I love 'Meat Sauce Robot'. Others may not see the inherent humor, but that's because they lack a soul.
- Dave, you should do more 'country' songs. OH and a F'Ning dirty Soul song. I'm talkin' dance move dirty.
- We're diggn' on not having to shovel. DIG IT!

I'm fundamentally convinced that deep thoughts and copious amounts of alcohol DO MIX!

"A sword of fire and an axe of cold
Vision of the Sibyl has foretold
Armies gather on the battle-plain
All will fall and earth will die in flame

Here on the battle-plain
We will die in flame

In falcon's feathers soaring overhead
Choosing warriors among the dead
Twilight written in the runes of crones
Freya weeps upon her golden throne

Upon her golden throne
We wait for her alone
Call us unto you hall
Take us into your thrall

The battle rages, but they fight in vain
When all is done it must begin again"

* = Good night sweet Swanson, GOOD NIGHT!


  1. I do country for you Ben!

    ...and the Russians!

  2. Watched "The Dead" tonight. Pretty good!

    I think the Russians loving Waves of Mercury, has brought on talk of doing another one!

    Greg is obsessed with reading the posts, and I got on the site and used google translator to add replies.

  3. I think you should. Not just for the Russians, but because it kicks ass.