Friday, March 9, 2012

What About Bob Vs. Where The Buffalo Roam

* = Don't run from the Rickman...

Well it’s Friday, I’ve been insanely busy so it’s been a short week here in blog-land. I’ve been thinking a lot about the next D&D session coming at the end of the month trying to figure out a logical place to take things. And while I’m thinking I have a solid idea of what is going to happen at the Erathis Monastery the trip there is still a bit convoluted. I know I want to use Kenkus, maybe Myconoids, possibly introduce some Drow, and bring back the Drahjar. However how to get to that point is a little up in the air. Not to mention there are so many other options out there that I’ve either not used yet or never used; Hook Horrors, Umber Hulks, & my favorite the Pig-Faced Orcs. The fact is I’ve got to get on the ball and get this refined as soon as possible because the end of the month is rapidly approaching. As for at the Monastery here are some teasers;

- Succubi Refugees!
- Secret Notes Written In Blood On The Flayed Skin Of An Imprisoned Vampire (Thank You Cassandra!).
- An Ordered Society Under The Monastery, Can ‘Evil’ Be Fair & Organized?
- Souls For Trade Or Rent.
- Possession Of A Body Is 9/10’s Of The Law.
- Duergar Trade Routes To The Emerald Sea.
- The Enemy Of Absolute Order Is Madness?
- Is A Slave A Slave If They Love Their Master?
- Drow Houses At War With The Sanguine Courts.

The other night I finished the other Ravenloft book I’d picked up for a buck, Christie Golden’s ‘Dance Of The Dead’ (*** ½ out of 5).
I wanted to like this book a lot, as it had a ton of really cool ideas. The riverboat is full of magic including captive Loah, a magical musical, & everyone has a secret. The Captain is both evil and yet somewhat portrayed as remorseful, and the main protagonist is interesting while being flawed. It had all the makings of something really special, but it just meanders along. The conflict is really slow and somewhat frustrating, the ‘love story’ is decent but never really develops beyond the superficial for me, and when the ‘Big Bad’ Anton Misroi FINALLY arrives you find out he isn’t even really the ‘Big Bad’ in the story. I really wanted Whitemane & the self-proclaimed Lord Of The Dead, the Domain Lord of Sourange to have it out. Instead we get a highly sexualized encounter between a ‘master’ & ‘student’ that never reaches a true payoff beyond a nasty little ‘gotcha’ moment at the end of the book. I mean c'mon you've got Zombie potential galore in this book and it really only hits on it at the end and only for a tiny bit. Really this book felt like the first of a trilogy. It’s almost like it’s a set-up for the next book, which will bring these two into direct confrontation. However to my knowledge these books don’t exist, so you’re left with just this tale with it’s open ending. Again it’s not terrible, it’s entertaining, but it just should have been so much more.

I also finished reading Kevin Andrew Murphy’s ‘The Perfumer’s Apprentice’ (**** out of 5) off the Paizo website.

I’m really enjoying the Pathfinder book, Death's Heretic, I received in the mail as well. There is something about a fully fleshed out fantasy world that you aren’t that familiar with being laid out in front of you. For those that have some time and enjoy the short story go to Paizo dot com and read the Pathfinder Tales Web Fiction. This particular tale has to do with a young man and his recently raised from the dead younger brother as they move to a new city and try to solve a murder. They end up getting FAR more than they bargained for. On a side note you get some pretty great art with each chapter as well. I can’t state this enough Erik Mona and Paizo do things up right. I mean their production values are high, they put their items out frequently, and the quality is outrageous. I really wish WotC had continued to let the good folks at Paizo continue with Dungeon & Dragon. I can only imagine what we would have gotten out of two hobby magazines monthly that could have grown 4E, helped Pathfinder, and possibly re-printed older edition material. Anyway back on my original point, this is a great little short story for the fantasy lovers out there. In fact, this tale re-affirmed my fear of giant spiders, especially one’s that are smart.

It’s another Friday full of Rise Of The Runelords minis previews!

First up is Tsuto Kaijitsu, an NPC half-elven ranger. I’m not big on the head placement here, as it looks awkward from the way the picture was taken. However, I like the pose, it’s natural and yet has an air of menace to it. I have to admit it’s been awhile since I’ve read the module ‘Burnt Offerings’ so these minis all are just barely on the edge of my consciousness. This mini’s also a Rare, so I’m finding my interest in it waning. It would be a great Villain mini though if you needed a battle worthy local noble.

Next up is Nualia who is a Aasimar, a human of half deity parentage, with a demon arm. She’s obviously a bad guy. Again, I’m more familiar with this character from artwork she’s appeared in rather than from her role in ‘Burnt Offerings’. I love the look of this mini. It’s another Rare, as all ‘named’ characters appear to be, but I could see getting her and building a 4E version of this Pathfinder villain. I like finger beckoning of ‘Come and get some’ in the pose. I’ll need a better picture to check out the face, but thus far I dig this mini.

This was followed up with Lyrie Akenja, another NPC are you sensing a theme this week? This time we get a mage with a cute little cat familiar at her feet. I like the colors of the robe transitioning from white to bright colors at the bottom. The crisscross top is a little weird, but it works for a mage I guess. As another Rare I think this one is just going to be a pass for me.

Last this week is Orik Vancaskerin, who looks like a human fighter to me. Now let me first point out that I LOVE that shield! The big metal face just stands out as something really cool. I could do without the bow strapped in front, because it just doesn’t look that great, but I get it. If you’re creating a mini that could be used as a PC mini then you really want to give it all the possible options to fit a player’s choices. It’s a decent looking mini, but again as a Rare it didn’t blow me away enough to put it on my ‘Must Have’ list.

This is already WAY longer than I intended, so let’s wrap up the week with some…


- The car is still not sold. I’m hoping it gets done soon, but man is it an irritating process.
- Tomorrow is Dark Dave’s Game Day. Barring some type of issue I plan on being there and I can’t wait to play some Small World, or some Zombie State, or some City Of Thieves. There is a part of me that hopes it’s just a few of us and that it’s a relaxing day. The fact is even if it’s a huge turn out I know it’ll be fun, since we’ll most likely then bust out Werewolves Of Miller’s Hollow.
- I haven’t painted much this week. I’m hoping to do some tonight.
- Sunday is La-La’s birthday party out our place. It’ll be interesting to have almost all of, I miss you Ant, the family at our place for something. My mom-in-law is making her amazing homemade pizza. I just hope we’re good hosts.
- I can’t WAIT to see John Carter next week!
- Sunday we find out what the brackets will look like. I’m eager to see how KU fares.
- I finished my D&D Adventure System Encounter Deck this week. I’m over half way through my Pathfinder Monster Deck & my Dragon’s Tears Monster Deck. I figure tomorrow morning and Sunday morning if I can knock out three monsters per set I’ll be making some serious progress.
- It’s sad but I want to grill again.

With that I’m OUT!

“Oh, I seen him walkin'
On down that road
He got a broken push cart
With a heavy load
Oh, Lord have mercy
Upon my wicked soul
Ah, he looked right at me
With his eyes of coal

It's the hoodoo operator
Hoodoo operator
Hoodoo operator
Hoodoo operator

Ah, he'll sell you liquids
To cure that whooping cough
And fine liniments
At a poor man's cost
Ah, but when your time is up boy
And you feel that chill
He will come softly knocking
To collect his bill

It's the hoodoo operator
Hoodoo operator
Hoodoo operator
Hoodoo operator

Oh, I seen him walkin'
On down that road
He got a broken white man
With a heavy load
Oh, Lord have mercy
Upon my foolish soul
It is so cold and dark
Behind these eyes of coal

It's the hoodoo operator
Hoodoo operator
Hoodoo operator
Hoodoo operator


* = I would eat this right now. Seriously.

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