Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Innkeepers Vs. DANGER! Death Ray!

* = I do love baby...Carrots...

So due to crushing boredom and a nasty case of ‘piss & vinegar’ I decided to blog again today. It’ll be primarily unfocused drivel, but what else is new, so how about we cut it up into bite-sized chunks and feed you a heaping, hot bowl of…


- Damn you Vince McMahon, DAMN YOU for drawing me back in just a smidge. Last night I flipped over to RAW a few times and was genuinely intrigued. Wrestling is this weird thing for me, when it’s good I love it, when it’s bad I’m embarrassed by proxy, and let me specify more often than not it’s bad. I can’t help but enjoy it though. This most likely explains my love of Wrestling Video Games.

- Which brings us directly to; FAKE SPORTS NEW WRESTLING EDITION! It’ll be short, but I just have to say that Dave FINALLY beat the Undertaker. Sure he had to jump him before the match with a chair shot after running through the crowd, which was awesome by the by, but a win is a win. I’m now hoping that this sets up a long, fun feud.

- Man the Hulk looks AMAZING in the Avengers trailers.

- Thank You Cassandra, you know what for.

- Yesterday my Reaper ‘Bones’ arrived in the mail. For those that don’t know what these bad boys are here’s the brief rundown. They are plastic minis, that you don’t have to prime, that seem to be molded off of really intricate Metal molds. They are perfect for mods, for fleshing out your ranks, and finding that perfect ‘Big Bad’. Oh and they are INSANLEY cheap. I mean like I picked up a crap ton (17 I think) of minis for like $15.00. I’ll need to be really gentle on the brushing though because these bad boys are LOADED with details. Now if I can only find some sweet Gnoll hands to mix up the weapon options on the three I picked up.

- I miss Joe Croteau blogging; in fact I just miss the guy in general.

- There was an adventure in DDI Dungeon this month that is going to fit perfectly into my long term, i.e. Paragon Tier, plans. If you are in my current group skip down to the next bullet point or become ‘Be-Spoiled’. So yeah SPOILERS time! So I have had plans for a while to use my AT-43 Therians miniatures in my current D&D games as sort of a marauding alien race who pillage the PC’s world for slaves or food or both.
They would be Techno-Organics who use dead flesh as material to build around, maybe like a set of nano-bacterial colonies interacting with one another, but needing organic material to manifest effectively. This new adventure has to do with Mind Flayers on the Moon, an Invasion Of The Body Snatchers type of plot, and some interstellar travel, all of these things I LOVE. My plan is to run a variation on the Mind Flayer thing, perhaps with the Drow being along for the ride. This will tie into my over-reaching Heroic Tier plot of the Drahjar attempting to gain access to a Creation Forge to form a Warforged Army. Anywho, the Mind Flayer threat, while serious is simply the appetizer. The PC’s will discover one of these ‘Others’ (A Therian model) being dissected. Someone or something will set off its homing beacon for the rest of its Battle Group. In the meantime the PC’s should be able to smash the Illithid, those are Mind Flayers for those that don’t know, plot. At the same time the Drow will of course betray the PC’s and get access to a Mega-Weapon in an attempt to block out the Sun(s), my world has two. This will allow me to steal liberally a bit from Pathfinder’s EXCELLENT Second Darkness Adventure Path. By the time the PC’s hit EPIC Tier I want there to be true planetary stakes with ‘The Others’ invading. All of weaves seamlessly into Zack’s plan for his character, as well as my subtle machinations. In the meantime the next session takes them into the Monastery of Erathis. Now this Monastery is now a City built into the Mountain occupied by Devils, Duergar, and those who have a ‘New’ interpretation of Erathis’ message. In fact I’m debating having this all happen because Erathis is having an affair with Asmodeus, effectively cheating on Pelor. I like the idea of the D&D Pantheons being a bit less removed and more like the Greek/Roman Gods. So the idea of Gods in the Astral Planes having random whims and other assorted debaucheries fits more in line with my interests. The opening levels of the Monastery are littered with traps and some occasional enemies, I’m thinking three short, quick nasty encounters, with the ‘Baddies’ teleporting out every time they hit Bloodied. It’s testing to see if the PC’s are worthy of entering the ‘Womb Of Erathis’. Once they pass I’m going to have them each have to confront The Judge, a Marut. He’ll basically have to warn Dave about drinking blood without invitation, Mike is Drow and therefor a child of chaos, Zack’s character is riddled with Chaos, & Joe’s Genasi Price IS CHAOS incarnate. The rest of the PC’s are generally pretty neutral. I really want them to understand that even though they may walk past a massive Pit Fiend there are LAWS and RULES there. Outward violence will not be tolerated, lying is not tolerated, and theft is not tolerated. All that being said, there are ways around rules and laws, and the Powers-That-Be inside the ‘Womb’ love nothing more than a crafty ‘worthy’ mortal who finds ways to manipulate but stay within the ‘Law’. Joe is looking for his lost love, and she is there. She’s on trial for her tryst with him, since he is a walking embodiment of Chaos, they only allow him in as a Character Witness. This will also put Bob in an interesting spot as he and Zack are her brothers. I’ll have to intersperse the politicking and trial with some combat so I’m going to give the PC’s a chance to make some cash ‘Pit Fighting’, adventuring into the ‘Lower Tombs’, and dealing with some attempts on their lives. It’s nice to have a plan, but I’m finding it’s better to simply have this broad overview and work from there.

- Would you have sex with this woman?
See she’s a comedian or something online and she wants desperately to sleep with the last pick of the NFL Draft, Mr. Irrelevant. It’s one of the strangest things I’ve heard about in some time. I will give her credit if you watch the video she has a hell of a sultry voice.

- Nothing beats Beer Cheese Soup. Nothing.

- I’m convinced the by and large Humans are just awful. Today at the destination that effectively pays my bills I listened to someone run another person down over the phone in a real nasty way. She was talking in extensive details about this person’s alleged sexual habits in the work place, and this isn’t someone who works where I work instead this was a co-worker on the phone with a spouse. Apparently this person was fired, my co-worker’s response was something to the effect of ‘you get what’s coming to you, and if you act like a whore expect to be treated like one’. Wow! From what I could unfortunately hear, my co-worker doesn’t know this other person and is basing her entire opinion on second hand information. All I could think of was that this is the type of things scantily clad gals going out must hear after getting raped. I dress like a schlubby guy who would be better off working at a Comic Store, does that mean that a guy in a suit should spit on me, or ask me if I’ve ever “touched a boob without paying for it”, or just generally be a prick? I think the answer is no, in fact it’s FUCK NO, shit like that will get you choked. Appearance means nothing. The people I’m forced to deal with 40 hours a week don’t know me. I don’t dress, act, speak, or think like I do when I’m earning my paycheck. That ‘persona’ is for work use only. Once I’m out I get to be me. ‘Me’ could never work there. EVER. Some people can’t separate those very well. I’ve worked with plenty of men and women who are great people who couldn’t and still can’t figure that out. It doesn’t make them whores, or slackers, or idiots, or whatever. It just makes them humans. I think what really made me irritated, beyond that fact she was loudly ranting and raving about this out in the open break room knowing I was there, is that this person is a ‘Bible Thumper’ of the highest magnitude. What happened to “Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged”? People = Shit.

And with that I’m done…

“I See That Lantern Trimmed Low Burning In Our Home.

And Though I Feel Like Crying, I Swear Tonight, I'll Cry No More.

How Many Times Have I Prayed

That I Would Get Lost Along The Way?

Dream With The Feathers Of Angels Stuffed Beneath Your Head.

The Regulator's Swinging Pendulum.

Come With Me And Walk The Longest Mile.

Is His Wallet Leather? Is His Wallet Fat?

For Not A Year Later It's Got You Lying On Your Back.

You Should Have Closed Your Windows And Got Another Dog.

You Should Have Chained Up All The Doors And Switched Up All The Locks.

And How Many Times Have I Prayed

The Angels Would Speed Me Away.

Dream With The Feathers Of Angels Stuffed Beneath Your Head.

The Regulator's Swinging Pendulum.

Come With Me And Walk The Longest Mile.

* = Black Metal loves Fanta?

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