Friday, May 18, 2012

Lady Hawk Vs. The Lost World

* = Indeed it is Rick, INDEED IT IS!

I took some time off from the blog. I know some folks read this; I’m looking at you Hides, Ant, Dark Dave, & my lovely wife Cassandra. Sometimes in get in these funks where I just lose interest in things. Currently I’ve lost some interest in this. There’s nothing really wrong with me or it, I just don’t feel like I have a lot to write about.

I do have to point out these two ass hats though.

First off is King Banaian a state rep out of St. Cloud. This is the guy who compared the Viking stadium to the Olympic stadium in China. He also stated that Vikings games keep kids from playing outside. He’s a self-righteous smug fellow. What really hit me hard was the idea that the stadium was ‘to expensive’. This man is an Economics professor and yet has little to NO grasp of inflation. If the State would have handled this issue any time in the last 13 years it would have been cheaper, and yet they put it off. The Vikings bring in more money than the Twins and yet the State had no problems helping out the local Pollads erect Target Field. I get it, I get it, you don’t like being ‘bullied’ by the NFL, well then you should have taken care of this when Jessie was in office or when T-Paw was running the show. Instead you sat on your hands, and I mean both parties and now we don’t have a choice. I just find it funny that a guy like King Banaian is going to make non-sensical asinine arguments in an attempt to delay what was and is the inevitable. Maybe he’s just a principled conservative, either that or a huge douche I’ll let you decide
This last week also allowed for some INSANE douchbaggery from another Republican , shock I know, legislator at the state level when Mary Kiffmeyer, of Big Lake, said that John Kriesel, a fellow Republican, had no courage. For those that don’t know Kriesel is a veteran who lost BOTH of his legs in Iraq is a fiscal conservative who has bucked his party constantly while in office. He’s a guy who doesn’t tow the party line and is VERY vocal about his distaste for the way politics work as well as a lot of social conservative doctrine. The guy seems like he’s too good to be true since he’s not an incredible asshole, liar, has principles, and doesn’t shy away from controversy. Not to mention he’s been kick ass on the POWERTRIP morning show. The guy is leaving to spend more time with his young kids, I’m sure some of his leaving also has to do with the ‘hate’ he’s getting in his own caucus and his frustration with the lack of tact, leadership, and humanity found in our politicians. Kiffmeyer didn’t agree with Kriesel’s staunch feelings on the Vikings Stadium. Kriesel called her on her lying to the public, and did so in a very nice way. She then called him a coward. This is where we are in this country, when you don’t agree with someone in ‘Merica you just call them a coward, or not a patriot, or that they hate the troops, or that they aren’t like you and me. You try and make them ‘other’. Isn’t this what Jesus would do?

It was another week so we had another Rise Of The Runelords miniature preview.

First up is the female Kobold Champion, it’s a Common I think. I have a crap ton of Kobolds. In fact I just picked up a smattering of Reaper’s Bones, i.e. unpainted, Kobolds on the cheap. There is no such thing as having too many Kobolds. The thing is I haven’t really had the opportunity to run a Kobold-centric adventure. I like the look of this mini, and especially the fact it’s a Lady Kobold. If there is something that WotC and many other companies drop the ball on routinely is that we don’t get enough Female miniatures, especially Monsters. I can’t count the number of times I’ve needed Lady Orcs, or Lady Hobgoblins, or any other number of sentient baddies, BESIDES DROW! Monsters need lovin’ too, more than that the Monsters of our campaign worlds need equal opportunity in slaying. Hell, if I had my way I’d add in other Monstrous non-combatants, but I don’t run a mini company. Anywho, this mini is a common; it fills a niche, and is of the ilk of one of my favorite beasties. It is therefore a MUST BUY! KOBOLD CHAMPIONS COME OUT & PLAYA!
The other mini preview this week was of the tiny & vicious Redcap. I’m not sure what I think of this one. It’s awfully small, I’m not blown away by the paint, and the pose leaves something to be desired. On the plus side it fills a Fey Monster need area, it’s a common, and it most likely will be cheap. The thing is I’m already painting up a lot of Warhammer Goblins, the bigger ones, to be Spriggans, D&D Redcaps, for my home game. I do like the ‘Killer Lawn Gnome’ vibe though. I’m really torn on this mini. I’ll most likely just wait and see what the cost ends up being and if any reviews give me a better idea about the paint quality. Overall it was more miss than hit this week. There aren’t very many minis in this set left to preview, and the release isn’t up until August. I’m curious what they are going to do in the interim.

If I’m bored with my own blog, than I can’t imagine how you guys are feeling. Let’s wrap this fiasco up with some…


- I miss you to Ant.

- I’m addicted to Adventure Time on Cartoon Network.
I’m not afraid to admit it. There is an insanity, charm, warmth, and bizarreness in the show that is right up my alley. It grows on you. Those 11 minute episodes are perfectly timed for our attention deficit culture, there is usually a strange lesson of some type, and I really enjoy the extended cast. The show has this Kamandi, Last Boy On Earth feel, mixed with a LOT of references to D&D, add in a dash 13 year old boy wish fulfillment, catchy music, and some intangible quality that makes it endearing and you have a winner! It’s a strange little show that I’m enjoying in a way I’m having a hard time explaining. - I’m not sure if it’s my back or my hips but either way it’s excruciating.

- At least one Thursday a month we drive by a park on the way home in Crystal. There is a group of people there LARPing with foam weapons. It is one of the most glorious things I get to see on a drive. It’s right up there with the awesome Beaver that used to frequent the road side on Highway 13 in Burnsvile. I miss that Beaver. Insert Joke Here.

- I’m wondering if I could get anyone to play BrikWars?

- This time next week we’ll down in Kansas. I’m excited, a little nervous, and have more than a few trepidations. I think the drive down, unless I can get my back and hips to work correctly, is going to be brutal. I’m hoping that we can sleep somewhere in which I’m not feeling like 10 lbs. of crap stuffed in a 5 lbs. bag. I hope Luke loves his LEGO’s. It’s coming up fast and I just hope I’m prepared.

- Speaking of LEGO’s, they are AWESOME! Deny it if you can.

- While D&D has been cancelled this month due to scheduling conflicts and time constraints, we are going to fitting in a Movie-A-Thon tomorrow night. It’s apparently an Earth-A-Thon. Thus far I only know we are watching The Day The Earth Stood Still. At this point I don’t care what we watch I’m just going to enjoy the ‘ride’.

- Fuck you dandelions.

- We just spent a mint on car upgrades and repairs. It will take me 10 months to pay it all off. It’s strange how when an expenditure is this large, but this necessary it doesn’t bother me. I want to be irritated or frustrated considering I just paid off the last set of repairs, BUT I understand that this has to be done, and will be a HUGE benefit. Maybe this just means I’m growing more mature.

- I need a haircut this weekend something fierce.

- Sometimes you hope against hope that people will not revert to the lowest common denominator. That being said watching President Barry and Mittens start the Mudslinging-A-Thon by accusing each other of ‘Character Assassination’. Let me explain it to both of you fuckwits, you BOTH do this crap. This is the modern politician’s playbook, thank you Karl Rove. Both of you will do anything to win, because as you’ve both explained to all of us sheep, “This is the most important election in the history of this country.” I expect this from most Republicans, because they operate with that ‘punch first as hard as you can and just keep punching’. For a group that loves to tell us how Christian they are, they sure don’t act like it with all the lying and hate they use. For the Democrats they usually are too weak and whiney to pull this crap. However in this new divided ‘Merica they’ve decided to grab ‘good Ole Karl’s playbook’ of bullshit and utilize it to its fullest. Let’s get this straight; Obama has not delivered on what he said he was going to do. Did he have insane obstacles, yes, but it’s no excuse. He aimed to high and he missed. If you are going to run against him you hit him on the economy. Mittens you talk constantly about your skills as a ‘Job Creator’, and yet your record at Bain Capital is sort of shady. You rarely talk about your time as a Governor of Massachusetts because you weren’t very good at it, oh and you were super Liberal, I know a dirty word, for a Republican. Obama should attack him on this and his foreign policy experience. I don’t care if the guy is a Mormon, I don’t really care if he put a dog on the roof of his car, and although it’s fucked up I don’t care about his High School bullying. I’ll vote for the guy I trust more. Barry’s got some work to do in that department, but not as much as the political cipher that is Mittens. That would be my advice to Mitt Romney; be yourself. We don’t know who you are except as caricature or as the poster child for the 1%. If you aren’t those things then SHOW IT. If you aren’t then you better hope the economy spirals downward, because otherwise I don’t think you have a shot. Not even in ‘Merica where we love racism, classism, lying, cheating, hatin’, greed, discrimination, etc., just like Jesus wanted.

- Can you name 5 things more douchey to have on your vehicle than a spoiler on a big truck? I dare you.

- I think I’m going to get rid of my Horrorclix and my Monsterpocalypse stuff. I was looking at just giving them away, for the most part, to friends who had kids who might use them. I’ve gotten SO little response and interest that I’m contemplating E-Bay. I’m curious, Dave would you help me sell these online?

I think that’s all I got.

“Painted blue across my eyes

And tie the linen on

And I'm on my way

Looking for the paradigm

So I can pass it off

Is it on my side

Is it to the sky

Looking to the sky and down

Searching for a ground

With my good eye closed

If I took you for a ride

Would you take it wrong

Or would you make it right

Looking for a pedestal

That I can put you on

And be on my way

Is it to the sky

Looking to the sky and down

Searching for a ground

With my good eye closed

Stop you're trying to bruise my mind

I can do it on my own

Stop you're trying to kill my time

It's been my death since I was born

I don't remember half the time

If I'm hiding or I'm lost

But I'm on my way”

* = Your casual social judgements in the midsts of the End Of The World will be missed...


  1. Worse than a truck with a spoiler? Oh, idiotic and stupid truck and car accessories drive me insane. Let me list a few:

    1: truck balls (
    2: 'stacks': dual exhaust pipes that stick out behind the cab
    3: stickers of that calvin and hobbes little guy peeing on something, especially the ones of the kid peeing on a sports team logo.
    4: steering wheel knobs, those things you clamp onto your steering wheel so you can turn one handed like a race car driver
    5: and my favorite- super fancy giant shiny rims on a crappy ass mini van (I've seen a few of these over in Duluth recently).

  2. Hides,
    BUT are they worse than a Spoiler? I can't deny that they are annoying & Douchey as all Hell, but WORSE? Oh and the other one I love is the guys who put camo wheel-well guards on thier truck that's a primary color. Dude, what are you 'hiding' from? If your hiding from your inner douche, "YOU AM FAIL!"
    By the by congrats on Q.'s health stuff getting resolved.

    1. Yes, I would enthusiastically argue that the truck balls are much worse than some spoiler in regards to douche-baggery.

      As for Q, we're happy we're getting this insurance stuff taken care of so we can worry about the more important things, like playing Star Wars and eating popsicles.

    2. Hides,
      Hmmm, after much thought and consideration I give in. Your right, I would like to say the Truck Spoiler is a close second!
      Is there anything in life more important than those two things? If so I'm unaware of it.

  3. truck balls est muy douchiest. spoilers are stupid, too, but the truck-nutz are the WORST!

    1. It appears that I am being out-voted. SO BE IT! Truck Balls &/or Nuts are the DOUCHIEST! So it is written SO it is done.
      By the by, Bro-Lo El Cunado how you been?

  4. More douchey?

    Um, I don't know, how about working for a company for 4 years without a raise and then having some douche complain about me doing something I didn't do and getting removed from my job?

    That is "more douchey!"

    1. Indeed it is, but it's not a part of this particular topic. That is a level of douchey unto it's own.