Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Skulls Vs. Jackass 3D

* = As hard as Reality hits, I think the 'hit' I want to lay on this guy would be infinitely harder...

I’m not usually a purveyor of positivity. Some folks would go so far as to say I’m a pessimist, and while I’m not a bag of sunshine, rainbows, and puppy dogs, I prefer to think of myself as a realist. The reality is life is hard, it’s long, and in the end no one ‘wins’. I once explained life to my father as a dirty fight in a back alley, it’s filthy, unfair, and you’ll never win, hell you won’t even survive. It’s not about that, it’s about giving a good accounting of yourself. If you understand the ‘rules’ of the ‘game’ then you can play it that much better.

I fully expect for people to let me down, to disappoint. Just as I understand that I will do the same invariably to someone else. The one thing we never fail to do as humans is fail. So when I have a pal struggling because of the failings of those around him I have two options; A) Be a dick, tell him to get over it, and to expect this from here on forth OR B) Remind him that for all these obstacles WE find a way.

For all the things I loathe about humanity, there are so many things to love. Seeing the smile of someone you truly care about, hearing the unfettered and uncontrollable laughter of a child, the smelling of fresh baked cookies, hearing that song that will live ‘rent free’ in your brain, seeing inspiring art, having an intelligent conversation, to hear a dirty joke, sharing a secret with someone you trust, etc. all of these are just small examples. The ‘human experience’ is amazingly difficult, but it is truly amazing.

Sure there are huge douche obstacles in the way. The folks who employee us but treat us like disposable indentured servants, the people who think they are our betters just because they might be famous, have money, or think themselves more attractive, politicians who move us like pawns across the board to serve themselves, folks in glass towers feeding us mindlessness as opiate to the masses, etc. these people are counting on us to wilt, to forget, and to ignore the wonder, majesty, and beauty around us.

They want you to be miserable. They feed off it. They profit off of it. These faceless entities want you to wallow in mediocrity, to wrap sadness like a shawl around you, and to have you saunter like sheep to the slaughter. They want conformity, they want subservience, but more than anything they want you to be something consumable. ‘YOU ARE NOT A NUMBER YOU ARE A FREE MAN!’ We who think, who feel, who love, who lose, who know, and who want to be more than ‘this’, we are free. Free to imagine and be better.

I used to tell someone I loved very much that every day was another day to get it right. Every day is another day to put your pants, or shorts since pants are for suckers, on one leg at a time, take a look at yourself in the mirror, and find a better way than yesterday. Opportunity and hope spring eternal find them and seize them.

The other thing to remember is we aren’t alone. My dad used to tell me that as humans we are “all alone together”. I’ve beaten my brain up over and over to try and figure what that means, and I think it means something different to everyone who has ever spoken or heard it. While I can never truly understand the depths of another person, no matter my love for him or her, I can understand the ‘human experience’. I can be a ‘righteous dude’, and be there for my friends, my family, and even for those that I owe no allegiance, real or imagined. I can just be a good person. I can choose to do that, and do it not for me, but do it for those I know. So when you feel alone, realize that if we are friends, you aren’t. I have very little in material wealth in this world, but what I do have I would gladly sacrifice or give for my friends and family. The things I have in abundance, like time, or patience, or an ear to bend they are always there for you.

I think it is imperative that rather than dwell on things we can’t change or to rage against those who have wronged us, we concentrate on what’s in front of us. Never forget that the ‘best revenge is living well’. Someone breaks your heart, you go out and find someone to love who loves you the same way. Someone takes away your livelihood then you go out and find something to do to make money that you enjoy. If you are hurt by the people who you used to call ‘friends’, then you go out and find better Friends. Don’t settle, don’t rely on things to happen to you, and don’t wait. Go forth with your Army at your back & MAKE things happen. The world and everything else in it is laid bare before you for the taking, you just have to be willing to do so.

Just remember that this too shall pass, we are ‘Buddies’ no matter what, and whatever you need we’ll get it done.

Alright enough of this sappy stuff, I should wrap this up with some…


- A pile of cheap LEGOs came in the mail yesterday. So while I did laundry and listened to the Nerdist Podcast, which is AMAZING, I was also putting together crazy-insane LEGO’s. It has taken every iota of my inner strength to not just put out the LEGO table top and just build non-stop. I think between Adventure Time, going on hiatus for D&D Adventure System Monster Card creation, reading through the BrikWars rulebook, having no D&D this month, and just being a GIGANTIC NERD I’m looking for an outlet. Perhaps I can convince Luke to play LEGOs with me when we visit.

- That’s right; I did laundry yesterday, and didn’t ruin anything. SUCCESS!

- Happy Dirty 30 to my P.L.P.’s, Ant. Here’s to at least 30 more.

- Dave, will you make me three ‘Mix Tape’ CD’s, that Cassandra would enjoy as well, for traveling down to Kansas?

- I think I found a person to paint some of my miniatures. We are sort of haggling over price, but it would be a monthly thing and hopefully put a dent in the MASS of primed and unpainted miniatures that I currently have. So expect me to pimp her work if it happens.

- When we get back from our southern expedition I’ll need to mow, weed eat, and GRILL!

Well I think I’ve wasted enough of everyone’s time today…

“You've searching for your mind don't know where to start

Can't find the key to fit the lock on your heart

You think you know but you are never quite sure

Your soul is ill but you will not find cure

Your world was made for you by someone above

But you choose evil ways instead of love

You made me master of the world where you exist

The soul I took from you was not even missed

Lord of this world

Evil Possessor

Lord of this world

He's your confessor now!

You think you're innocent you've nothing to fear

You don't know me, you say, but isn't it clear?

You turn to me in all your worldly greed and pride

But will you turn to me when it's your turn to die?”

* = If it's good enough for Carlin, it's good enough for anyone...


  1. Hey, nice post, my fav is "Don’t settle, don’t rely on things to happen to you, and don’t wait. Go forth with your Army at your back & MAKE things happen."

    But onto more serious business...Where do you get CHEAP legos?

    1. Hides,
      Thanks. It's surprising how positive I can be when the need or mood suits.
      As for LEGO's I hit up LEGO.com and grab 'buy them by the brick' AND I buy these Korean knock-off LEGO's called Enlighten Blocks. They are SUPER CHEAP, they are completely compatible, and usually you get free shipping. Otherwise I just scour Ebay for deals. LEGO's are awesome, but they ain't cheap. Enlighten solves that for me a bit.

  2. Thanks for the b-day shout-out! Have a safe trip to Kansass, we should try to meet up for super fun time when you get back.

    1. Ant,
      You keep having those B-days and I'll shoutin' out! Low blow on the "Kansass". Low. True, but low. I'm down for Super Fun Time. Perhaps you and the 'chillins' can come down for a weekend where they get to raise hell, we BBQ, discuss Home Improvement plans where I convince you to help me, and we drink beverages...Frosty beverages.