Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Mighty Wind Vs. It Lives By Night

* = Indeed they are! Wouldn't it be great to get a 'Tales To Astonish' movie with Stark & Banner being forced to deal with M.O.D.O.K. & A.I.M.? YOU KNOW IT WOULD!

It’s strange to be this tired and it’s only Tuesday. I’m friggin’ exhausted. The worst part is I have a training to do in St. Cloud on Friday. It’s not that I don’t enjoy getting out of my office and hitting the outlying offices to get folks up to par, it’s just I don’t enjoy the drive all that much. In fact life would be SO much easier if I never had to leave my home. I’d like to say that it’s just the lack of sleep talking, but the reality is people = shit & people behind the wheel of a car = shit heads. You can’t argue with that, it’s simple Math(s).

Saturday night we had a pretty fun bonfire in our driveway. There was a nice turn out, everyone laughed pretty hard, and we burned a LOT of my tree trimmings. On an embarrassing side note I got in a fight with Sailor Jerry that night and lost. The thing was I didn’t even know we were in a fight. Any time I’m mixing Rum with Coke or Pepsi, of any flavor, it’s a bit dangerous. Since I don’t really drink much pop when I do it’s like giving sugar to a four year old, I get spazzy. It snuck up on me quickly, quietly, and with a HUGE flourish. This isn’t one of those blogs though where I say, “And I’ll never drink again”. This is a blog where I say, “Holy Shit, FEAR the Sailor, FEAR IT!” I just need to be aware of how much and how quickly I’m packing it away. Also I need to mix all my own drinks, that way I can gauge how much of a bottle I’ve consumed. There is nothing wrong with relying on the kindness of others, but Saturday being a case in point I literally had no earthly idea how much of that bottle I’d drank and it came back to bite me in the ass hard.

The worst part is it’s Tuesday and I STILL feel run down. I’m not sure it’s the residual effects of my bender or just the lack of sleep, but I’m having problems even focusing on writing this. I think when I get home tonight I’m just going to go to sleep. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Either that or I’m going to climb under my desk and pass out. Either way…

Another Friday has come and gone and we’ve been blessed with another Rise Of The Runelords preview! So we only received one preview this week, but as you can see it’s snazzy as hell! It’s the Wendigo! I believe this one is a Rare. All I can say is I love it. It like the slouched posture, the way the figure is rising out of a frosty wind, the baleful eyes, and the gore caked hands. It has an otherworldly quality. I’m not overly sure how I’d use this mini, as I don’t usually have many adventures take place in far northern regions, but if I can find it cheap I will be buying it. Mr. Mona has stated that there aren’t many minis left to reveal which has me all the more stoked to see this set released. I’m curious as to what’s left though. Any way you slice it, it’s a long way to August.

On Sunday as we built a big old table of LEGO’s in the basement we watched the first season of Life’s Too Short (***** out of 5). This little British gem was brought to us by the combined genius might of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. It’s a ‘Mock-U-Mentary’ about Warwick Davis, the famous ‘little person’ actor. As funny as Gervais and Merchant can be, Davis is the undisputed star. The guy plays up his part of egotistical has been actor with a certain unrestrained gusto and yet naiveté that is simultaneously nauseating, hilarious, and endearing. Oh and in case you’re wondering whether or not you could get into this show, it ALSO stars Matthew Holness, better known as Garth ‘Friggin’ Marenghi! Remember kids he’s the only author who has actually written more books than he’s read! He plays Davis wife’s divorce lawyer, whom she’s also shagging. He’s a complete stone faced prick, and it’s priceless. How Holness isn’t a household name is beyond me. As funny and disturbing as the guest stars like Liam Neeson or Johnny Depp are I can’t state enough just how wonderful Warwick Davis is. As a self-professed Willow fan, and let’s be honest with each other if you love Fantasy how can you not love Willow and still have a Soul, it’s nice to see Davis get some more leading man work. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Merchant & Gervais kill it, not just from a writing standpoint, but also in their every on-screen moment. If you’re looking for a laugh with some heart, look no further.

Let’s wrap this fiasco up…


- Between released documents regarding his approval of an Individual Mandate & his out and out lies about Solyndra this week is there anyone who really believes anything out of Mittens mouth anymore? I know Conservatives are desperate, for whatever real reason, to get Barry out of office, but I implore you to take a real hard look at who you are pushing as your alternative. The guy’s tax plan is a joke, all he really plans on doing is hitting the middle class and poor hard, cutting social programs, and giving more breaks and better rates to the wealthiest. He has virtually no foreign policy chops and simply mimics the stance of other ‘Chicken Hawk’ Republicans. I’m sorry, but salivating over invading yet another Middle Eastern country is not my cup of tea, nor do I feel it’s something that anyone other than the Military Industrial Complex wants. The guy has flip flopped on every major issue of the campaign. The picture is so sad and so true; he truly will say ANYTHING to get elected. Is that what we need as a leader; an appeaser of his true constituents millionaires and billionaires, someone without the integrity to say ‘No Thanks’ to Donald Trump, someone who will out and out lie publicly and on camera and yet doesn’t have the decency to retract or even admit it. I know that when I look at what I just wrote it’s as if I just gave the attributes of almost EVERY politician on both sides of the isle, but this plastic fabrication of humanity inspires nothing in me but fear. Fear of what he’ll do if he gets in office. I know Barry hasn’t been the transformative figure some of us thought he could be, hell he hasn’t even been much of a Liberal, and ask any Socialist he Damn sure isn’t one of them, but I have to say I’d rather deal with the Devil I know than one who would just assume I starve to death if I reject subservience at a now abolished minimum wage.

- I’m going to try and hold off on mowing until Saturday morning. I’m hoping that I don’t have a jungle to deal with by then, but I can’t justify not mowing in the cool morning air.

- Just found out my wife’s supervisor, and someone I’ve grown to like working with is leaving. I’m happy for her, which is surprising since for a long time we were ‘work foes’. I’ve grown to like this person, and have respected who they’ve become. They will be missed. On a stranger and more self-serving side note, I have no earthly idea what the company will do. I predict full blown meltdown.

- We have yet to reschedule D&D for this month. I’m beginning to think that the group is slowly falling apart.

I don’t think I have anything else to say…

“Saddle up,get in line.

You say you wanna go, all you ever do is whine

the bomb drop, the sky drop

They say stop don't stop don't stop don't stop

Good God my eyes are on fire baby, there's something in the air

The foundation's cracked and crumbling

The politicians are soaking in innocents blood

We're dropping off here,we're dropping off there

No further questions!

Look up before it's gone

Cause that death ray's pointed right at you son

Maybe if you accepted your birthright

The right hand of doom would fall upon us all

Kirby can you help us or are we all lost?

We'll find the unstable molecules at any cost

I got the gun, I got the knife

I got the mask that let's me see the demons run at night

Snow fall, blood on all

When you gotta get somewhere and don't know how to get there

Maybe you should stop and ask for directions?

They got so far without tryin'

And now they are cryin and cryin and cryin

I'll take a vacation I hear whore island is nice this time of year

They're building up and tearing down

Brick and mortar stores, they won't be around

I don't want to be your companion

Because when the Daleks come, you know I'm dead!

Dave Martin we're so jealous of that band name

If you lose your stolen Picassos then who's to blame?

And then one day they come out with a 5.1 version of Aqualung

And instead of paying $25, you have to buy it in a $140 box

Dream Crusher have you mellowed anytime this year

Or are you still a crushing? It's what we fear

You know damn well it's what he was made for

He was our inspiration, the Smooth Operator”

* = Holness' next project appears to be some sort of late 70's early 80's Vigilante parody. However he did just finish what some have said is a 'Black Drama' or 'very bleak' short called the Snipist about a post-apocalyptic 1980's Britain riddled with rabies, so who knows if we'll get comedy or drama. All I know is the guy is friggin' brilliant and his works deserve to be enjoyed by the masses.


  1. hehe, i Luurve the pic on the top: casual insults, science, cool car, Tony Stark. It's got it all

    1. I think I stole that pic from you. If not we should make a Meme of you with the same quote. Just you with your cap and gown on, and a bunch of tools. Oh and maybe a beer. MAKE IT SO!