Monday, September 3, 2012

Careers In Evil Podcast Episode #4 - Have A SOUL POUNDING Burfday!

This week The Czar & El Iron Fisto have Dastardly Dan Roberts aka The Swamp Fox aka D-Andrea 5000 into the Secret Lair for stimulating conversation on animal boners, another 50 Shades Of Grey reading, The Swamp Fox gives us a disertation on the greatness of Evan Stone, the rigors of customer service, why Friday night is NOT alright for fighting, we pick winners for the ENTIRE Vikings regular season while quizzing The Czar on where the opposition teams are from, we learn about a lot of new acronyms, selling our crap on Ebay, the importance of communication and compromise in a successful relationship, how the Swamp Fox is the 'White Dave Chappell', and the effets of Culver's on one's gastrointestinal system.

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