Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Careers In Evil Podcast Episode #6 - I'm Glad Ken Russell Is Dead!

It's a very special episode of the Podcast as The Czar & El Iron Fisto welcome 'Mighty' Mike BACK into the Secret Lair. We discuss Matress Actresses we fear, Univers Zero, Dave's past as an artist, our Top Ten Horror Movies of all time as well as those of some of our listners, slipping on hard wood floors, why heaven is made up of multiple Yodas and one Freddie Mercury, dealing with depression and addiction, whether or not melancholy equates to or spurs on creativity, our Halloween experiences, seeing Horror movies WAY before out little minds could put them in proper context, our mispent youths, why The Stand is EPIC, the metal that is Waves Of Mercury, all things John Carpenter, 'The Fairly Secret Interview', how the most depressing double feature of all time would be The Road & The Mist while eating crappy pizza, the fact that angels look like Art Garfunkel, El Iron Fisto's sister's RAGE, and the "Govenator" reads 50 Shades Of Grey. Join us, won't you?  Careers In Evil Podcast Episode #6 - 'I'm Glad Ken Russell Is Dead!'

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