Thursday, November 22, 2012

Careers In Evil Podcast #10 - Nerd Boners For Everyone

What are you thankful for today? Well a new episode of the Podcast that's what! The Czar and El Iron Fisto are joined by the unofficial official third member of their nefarious team, Mighty Mike! While deep in the bowels of the secret lair the trio discuss Metallica HATE, why Rick Remender might have set the table for a âCrazy Insaneâ Uncanny Avengers run, we Polish That Turd, we try to NOT talk about significant others, praise Rom The Spaceknight, get interrupted by an inebriated Nephew Philip, we SPOIL the crap out of Dan Slott's Spider-Man run, we issue an apology to Zack & 'Lady' Christy, Mike declares his undying love for Lawrence Kasdan, we laugh at the sexist and racist insanity of Roy Thomas' Avengers run, we delve into some of Ben's horrible decisions, blabber on about why the Hulk isn't Incredible anymore but rather Indestructible, we debate MST3K and all it's off shoots & why it brings joy to Ben & Mike's hearts, we debate the merits of the X-Men, and we contemplate Friday's Podcast with Sister Sarah.  Careers In Evil Podcast #10 - Nerd Boners For Everyone

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