Thursday, November 15, 2012

Careers In Evil Podcast Episode #9 - "Willy, WHAT THE F*%K!"

The Czar & El Iron Fisto are Podcast hijacked by Nephew Philip in a bizarrely poignant, depressing, slightly uplifting, and actually funny talk about being BIG in the inbred cat community, our collective trust issues, fat douche bags, dating girls who listen to Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum, the nature of addiction, being Butt Hurt, the works of Stephen King, how to talk into microphones, Philip hits for the bigot cycle, dissin' dogs, getting girls on OK Cupid who are 'Down To Pound', why Harry Richardson was the Benny Hill of Brooklyn Center, whether Dave is an attention whore, things that loss or bad memories have ruined for us, 'tripping ballz', what it means to lie and know you are a liar, our divorces, fucked up friendships, the wonder of Willy & dastardly Dokes, why Homicide: Life On The Street still rules, living with anxiety, building a new life with someone new, whether or not Philip is gay, Little Women, why Ben is a whiny bitch, how religion fucks you up, how Dave was a shitty baby sitter, whether or not Willy looks like 'Aunt Jenna', why Funions and Chew don't mix, 'Youngest Child Syndrome', AND per Dewey's request Dave's Top Five Guitar Solos of ALL TIME!

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