Saturday, January 26, 2013

Careers In Evil Podcast #17 - Michael McDonald > Gorguts

Mighty Mike re-enters the Secret Lair to spend some quality time with The Czar & El Iron Fisto. Topics included, but were not limited to; a bit of the Mantherapy, we gush about Superhero Porn Parodies, we digress about being double jointed and putting thumbs in butts, we discuss making prison ghost movies, we contemplate Hickman's Avengers, we withstand Dave's rage, we chat about women in prison movies, lament the movie Van Helsing, expound about why Neil Gaiman OWNS, we SHILL for Mindblow Studioes, exalt Steve Ditko, plans some Blaxplotation February, we make our own 80's Cop Movies, being in The Friend Zone, we give you some more music that you should be listening to, the progression of Neil Young, we SHILL the Delicate Sauce Podcast, and Duke, Zack, & Mighty Mike's 2012 Year In Review are finally discussed. So as always listen and enjoy...OR don't.     Careers In Evil Podcast #17 - Michael McDonald > Gorguts

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