Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Titan A.E. Vs. Wizards

* = I was going to write about this and 'Barry's speech last night, but then I remembered that this stuff gets me so made and irritated because of the lying, disingenuous nature of these ‘people’, and the fact that they care so little about us that I’m not going to waste my venom and vitriol for these fools.  I’ll save it for more important things that I still believe in or care about.

So Monday Night we hammered out a fantastic Podcast with Jessi. We chatted about Dave’s ‘Internet Stalker’, porn and its many uses, Ancestors, RapeDoor (It’s a band, and I didn’t name it), & The Jelly Project, the amazingness that is The Thrilling Adventure Hour, we SHILLED(!) Jessi’s photography business Evil i Studios our friends at the Delicate Sauce Podcast and of course ‘DiamondDave Wheeler and Mindblow Studios, Dave talked about how he isn’t sharing his heartache with friends anymore, I discussed Saturday’s Munchkin Game Day, and Dave gave us some ‘Drumsterbation’. I know I’m forgetting some stuff, but it was a great Podcast, it was ’Careers In Evil Podcast #19 - For Our Ears ONLY!’, and it didn’t get recorded. Yup. It didn’t record, so you will never get to hear it. It is our ‘lost’ episode. It was really fun to do, and I hope Jessi comes on again soon, but it’s a bummer that I’ll never get to hear it. The only consolation is that neither will you.

But I’m a dick that way, and if you read this blog regularly you knew that already. Your only consolation folks who feel wronged is that my renewed love affair with Wendy’s is over. Monday I partook again of the Baconator and was still smitten.
You see I hadn’t had Wendy’s in like three years because Cassandra is not a fan. Monday I ate with gusto and purpose prior to the Podcast, and felt pretty damn good. Then at about 2:30am my stomach when into full revolt. It has been a long while since I’ve vomited without alcohol being involved, it was horrible. Suffice to say Wendy’s, you and I are not meant to be. I’m not sure I can go back into the ‘loving embrace’ of the Baconator for a long while after having it hurtle at me at high speed. I have ‘Sad Panda Face’ as I try and recover from 24 hours of purging all the food and liquid from my body forcefully via two unpleasant routes.

I don’t have a ton to talk as I’m lazy and really tired, but since I try to make sure I get one of these in a week, I give unto you…


- We got another ‘We Be Goblins’ preview last week.
This time it’s Chuffy Lickwound.  First off I adore that name, ADORE!  That is a fantastic Goblin ‘Big Bad’ miniature. There is menace in that face, a lurking nature to the pose, and enough shadow in the face to make it look creepy. This miniature would also make a fantastic PC or NPC associated with the PC’s. I’m not blown away by the paint job, but you don’t have to be, the idea for it is to be simple and effective, and it IS! It’s the pose that is evocative and perfect. This is a great miniature and the more previews that they put out there regarding this ‘set’ the more it’s looking like I’ll be buying. This one is a MUST BUY for me.
- Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I’ve already gotten and given my lovely wife most of her gifts and she has reciprocated. I’m not a big Valentine’s Day fan, but I get it. It’s a day to show appreciation for those you care about. Sure it’s a ‘Hallmark Holiday’ and all that jazz, but it means a lot to people and there is never an excuse to not show your love and affection. So I to do without complaint and I endeavor to give the one I adore things she wants as well as making sure she and everyone in her general vicinity that she is loved.
- I’ve got to cut my massive hair helmet soon. I’m thinkin’ of ‘Rockin’ The ‘Hawk’ for Movie-A-Thon!
- While at home I finished CHIKARA’s King Of Trios 2008, and Team Mexico won. I was beyond disappointed, and that sandbaggin’ S.O.B., El Pantera got his hand raised. This was by far the worst King Of Trios I’ve watched. There were so many other teams that deserved the win. I don’t understand what the fascination was with Lince Dorado at the time, but I’m glad it ended. Dude did nothing for me in any of his matches. Bizarre to see some WWE style booking in a CHIKARA event. I’m now on to King Of Trios 2010 and I’m digging it. This was the B.D.K. at the height of its powers, so I know what I’m getting into. Already though I’m rooting for Team Big Japan because Daisuke Sekimoto is a FRIGGIN’ BEAST!
- I played some WH40K: Dawn Of War: Soulstorm yesterday. I had forgotten just how fantastic that R.T.S. is. I can just throw up the ‘Skirmish’ setting and play random armies and have a blast. It makes it more fun to have to try and work to different army styles, adjust my play style, and try to curb the computer’s seeming ability to produce troops at a break-neck pace. The Dawn Of War games are possibly my favorite PC games of all time.
- DCM is going to be doing a Kickstarter again in March, hoping that the third time is the charm. I’m a fan of this small company. I think they put out decent miniatures at a good price. I pledged to both of the last two Kickstarters and will be doing the same here. It appears that they’ve re-thought their strategy, goals, and incentives. I have my fingers and wallet crossed that it works out this time.
- D&D Group 2 meets for the first time on Saturday. It is simply a get together to get PC’s created, build some group camaraderie, and for me to layout some of the Campaign ideas. I’m seriously thinking of going ‘West Marches’ styles. I need to decide soon or maybe I’ll just lay it at the feet of the PC’s? Something to ponder.
- Next week I hope to get back to painting. Lord knows I need to get more done.
- Remember how I didn’t care much for the Temple Of Elemental Evil novelization? Well I can’t say the same thing about Ru Emerson’s ‘Against The Giants’ (*** ½ out of 5) novelization.
I’m not sure I’ve ever used Giants in a D&D Campaign, after reading this I will now. The opening is fantastic with the Giants ransacking a village and just destroying everything, killing the people, and eating children. It is the stuff of nightmare, done in a way that is overblown, and works perfectly to de-humanize the book’s main antagonists. They are monsters and the horrible things that will be done to them in retribution are earned. The book then takes on an infiltration/mission style as a group of Adventurers goes to and into the Giant’s Steading to gain information and a bloodbath ensues. The characters are nothing outstanding, but they fit their parts extremely well, and the moral conflicts while at war are brought to the forefront. For me the book should have ended at the Hill Giant’s Steading. I didn’t really need any of the stuff with the Frost Giants, Fire Giants, or the Drow. It felt rushed, wasn’t as tense, and really didn’t help the book at all. I know that stuff is in the original module, but if you want to keep the pace, style, and level of tension you’ve built up over like ¾ of the book don’t dilute it down by cramming the rest of it in, just do two more books. This is a decent, nasty, fun read that has really gotten me thinking about Giants and how I can use them in my D&D Campaign(s).

- Lasagna tomorrow, I’m going to DESTROY it!
- The two ‘Brick’ order I put in with Hot Comics, Richfield & New Hope locations (SHILL!), didn’t come. Apparently Alliance or Diamond messed it up. I’m hoping that stuff arrives by Friday. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t disappointed.
- David helped me put up two E-bay auctions for D&D stuff that I’m no longer using; Lot 1 & Lot 2. I’m hoping that they sell and I can then take the cash and use some of it on miniatures, save some of the rest, and maybe track a copy of Samurai Swords down with the rest.

Crap, I wrote a lot more than I ever intended to. I think that’s all I got…

“I close my eyes
As Fire Swept Clean the Earth
Nothing left to strangle
As the cords were torn from our hearts

"Tired I blew out my last warning, the claws were ripping me apart"

As we emerged
From darker dungeons
Splendor of yellow hells
Expanded swollen eyes

No words were said
As Fire Swept Clean the Earth
Would the mothers be crying?
If they saw torches in our hands?

"The wind, once able to conquer, captured As Fire Swept Clean the Earth"

A kiss was placed
Upon my cheek
And all color came back
Melting in solid blue tune”

      * = True 'Basement Nerd', TRUE!

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