Thursday, May 9, 2013

Silent Running Vs. Open Your Eyes

* = Indeed Skeletor, INDEED!

I had no idea what to blog about today, so I decided to go to my ‘default’ setting and just smash you all in the face with…


- Last week brought us another Skull & Shackles preview!
First up is the Pathfinder version of the Cyclops. I have to admit I was not an initial fan of the D&D 4E version of the beast, BUT it grew on me. Seeing them as vassals of their Feywild overlords gave them a niche to fill that I have grown to love. In fact they are on my agenda of monsters that I look forward to shining a spotlight on soon. So when I look at this ‘classic’ take on the beast I’m a bit torn. I want to like it, but for me it just doesn’t have a place in my homebrew world, which sucks, because it is a fine looking miniature, even if it appears to be a tad on the small side of Large. I like the pose a lot; the paint job is solid and fits a theme wonderfully. It is a damn fine miniature, but unfortunately I am ‘married’ to the current D&D version so this one is a PASS for me.
Next up is the Large Aquatic Naga. This one is a case of me having a LOT of one type of miniature that isn’t high on my priority of minis or monsters to use. I can’t think of the last time I used a Naga in a campaign, although after reading Pirate’s Honor recently that WILL change. The idea of a Naga cult built upon addiction or even using it as a front for the dark machinations of the Yuan-Ti is very appealing. However I already have at least five various versions of the Naga, do I really need another? Even if it has a really great looking facial expression, a rock solid flowing sculpt, and a popping paintjob I’m afraid that this one too becomes a PASS due to circumstance rather than quality.
Last but not least this week was the amazing Sea Cat. Oh my god, I am in love. This is a miniature that has been needed for some time. I remember fighting a ‘Sea Lion’ back in 2nd Edition and always have had a soft spot in my heart for them since. The Pathfinder version of the D&D beastie is beautiful. The sculpt has outstanding fluidity, the pose is dynamic and feels like it is moving through three dimensions, and that paint job is magnificent. This is a miniature that I will need multiples of for the 2nd D&D Group’s adventures at sea. It is just a fantastic miniature that fills a serious need and makes me very excited for rollicking Pirate tales. This is a HUGE MUST BUY for me.

- Here is a Kickstarter shout-out to Michael May’s ‘Kill All Monsters’ vol. 1! This looks super fun, and I’m in, you should be too!

- I have the meat grilled, seasoned, and ready. Now I just need to prep it, and get it into the crock pot for one last Chili ‘hooray’ before the summer makes its warm deliciousness obsolete for four months. This Chili has to be amazing; it has to tide us over for the foreseeable future.

- New Queens Of The Stone Age makes me swoon.

- Ronnie Denton you magnificent bastard! The Deadzone Kickstarter, by the amazing Mantic Games has drawn me in lock stock and smoking wallet.
In my wake I’ve brought Mighty Mike with me. The game looks fantastic, the minis are top notch, and all the new terrain just blows my mind. If you are looking for a sci-fi skirmish game with a great design pedigree for the non-Games Workshop player then look no further! Get on board now as there is less than a month left. The sheer amount of stuff you can get for the cost is fantastic and it seems as if every day there are two or three new things ‘unlocked’. I really can’t say it enough; Mantic has become what Games Workshop was in the 1980’s. A company that seems to be run by fans and gamers who want nothing more than to entertain themselves and their fan base. THAT is a company I can get behind.

- This move by Mantic has renewed the Sci-Fi War brewing between Michael and I, it has also brought David back into the fold. I have the miniatures, some interesting terrain, and I think the Deadzone Alpha Rules might quickly be adopted by us for larger battles as well so we could hit the table top at any time. I’m eager to continue to put what miniatures I have left together and to possibly start painting some of my Alien Legions forces.

- Sunday we are grilling for my In-laws. It is Mother’s Day and my ‘Mom 2’ is so cool that all she really wants is for us to grill. Consider it done Mrs. Lady Pants!

- I cancelled 2nd Group D&D this Saturday to give myself a full day to get off my right leg. My knee is a wreck and while the T.E.M.’s unit my lovely and caring wife bought for me is helping it isn’t recovering as quickly as I’d like. There have been too many nights sitting in uncomfortable chairs and WAY too many hours in the car. I think a day off of it, icing, and using the T.E.M.’s might at the very least allow me to get a full night’s sleep without feeling like someone is smashing my leg with a sledgehammer every time I toss or turn. On a side note with the 2nd Group it has also allowed me more time to refine what I want to do with that group. I am going to really ‘beef up’ the fun factor, it helps that Zack has come up with a really brilliant new character to play after the death of Gleb, or as it should be called DM Folly. I also FINALLY found some cheap plastic ships to use as well! So there will be some High Seas hijinks on the horizon. I’m thinking while I’m ‘laid up’ Saturday that I’m going to really try and digest some flicks as inspiration for this group. They’ve been so incredible that I really need to raise my game to meet their enthusiasm.

- Speaking of inspirational flicks Ray Harryhausen died.
It is terrible when someone who had such an amazing impact on your childhood passes. The man was responsible for making many a Saturday morning with my Father something special. Whether it was Jason & The Argonauts or Sinbad his skill at stop motion was without peer and his monster design simply breathtaking. I’m thinking that in the very near future I’m going to have to propose that we have a Harryhausen-A-Thon to just enjoy all the gifts he gave the kid in all of us. Rest in Peace sir, you will be missed.

- I really miss working with Joe.

- Yesterday morning when we got up there was a ‘cat pow wow’ going on in our front yard. Seriously there was like 3 neighborhood cats just chillin’ in the yard. Just as quickly they were gone. I had no idea our yard was such a ‘hot spot’.

- I listened back to Monday’s Podcast and it was far better than my initial feelings. I really upon completion that I had brought that Podcast to a screeching halt with a lack of enthusiasm and focus. I was so tired that I felt I had a hard time meeting the level of Dave, Barb, & Cassandra. Upon listening back to it I know see that was just being tired talking. It was fun, I was my normal self or least sounded like it, and it went well. I hope everyone enjoyed. CHIN-DO!

I’m sure I had other crap to talk about, but it is lost on me in my current fugue state.

“Far beyond the desert road
where everything ends up
So good the empty space, mental erase
Forgive, forgot

Heal them, like fire from a gun
Kneeling, my god is the Sun
Heal them, with fire from above
Kneeling, my god is the Sun

I don't know what time it was
I don't wear a watch
So good to be an ant who crawls
atop a spinning rock

Heal them, like fire from a gun
Kneeling, my god is the Sun
Heal them, with fire from above
Kneeling, my god is the Sun

Heal them, like fire from a gun
Kneeling, my god is the Sun
Healing, kneeling

godless heathens

Godless heathens always waltz on the sky…”

* Because sometimes I just want to see Ultra Mantis Black get smashed with a garbage can...