Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Visitor Vs. Explorers

Here's a very short D&D Group 1 Picture blog for a late Sunday night.
First up is a shot of where Zack Attack, who is currently running put us in a position where we had to sprint across a room full of lava pits spawning horrible monsters, mainly an Eye Of Flame Beholder.  The Encounter was difficult, and we didn't exactly do the best job as the group sort of got befuddled and separated about half way across the board.  This led to some in game and out of game tension.  It was simply squashed and we moved on.  Nasty little encounter though, built mainly on the idea that we were in a rush to get to the 'objective' so it challenged us to go against our normal stand and fight instincts.  That may or may not be a blurry, hidden pic of El Bobert-O in the background.  Oh and the Eye Of Flame Beholder is gorgeous.

Another shot of the battlefield where you can again see the group sort of spread thin as we attempted to get across the room.  I have to admit, had we not been under a 'time' requirement for that encounter I would have loved to have stayed and seen how the group would have fared in that fight, as I can't think of the last time I'd fought a Beholder.  We did however survive, and move on.  The boards are one part World Works Games stuff printed and glued to foam board and then some D&D Dungeon Tiles.  Nice, simple, and clean layout, as is Zack's normal style.

There is Mick in the foreground going through her options.  She is playing Saveria, the group's resident Chaos Mage with a shady past.  Mick's our newest player to 4E & to D&D in general after not playing since her mis-spent youth.  I think she's done a fine job figuring it out on the fly and fit into a group full of more 'hardcore' players very well.  In the background is Zack, well aware of the DOOM he is preparing to unleash upon our unsuspecting PC's.  Honestly the finest compliment I can pay The Attack is that he is an amazing ambassador to the game.  He endeavors to make it fun, exciting, and easy for all players.  He's one of the only people I've ever met who I enjoy EVERY game of anything we play together.  I tried to take pictures of almost everyone, but Cassandra & the mysterious El Bobert-O where having none of it.

Here is the mighty C-Fish, aka Cordell, getting ready to roll with Mick still concentrating on her next move, and Zack looking slightly befuddled by my need to take pictures of stuff that no one cares about.  Either that or he's secretly plotting my death in real life.  After that session neither would surprise me.  Oh and before you even ask, yes Cordell is a black guy playing D&D, and yes he's the old Careers In Evil 'Racism Authority'.  He's also one of the nicest guys you'd want to meet, as well as a keen player.  He's playing Drakel, our shady Teifling Warlock who likes to summon a Hellhound and an Imp for company.

A disturbing close up of The Koala, aka Joe aka Work Joe.  Although to be honest he is no longer Work Joe as we don't work together.  And if we're being really honest, how much 'work' did we actually get done when we were at the same place?  Joe's a busy guy so I don't get to hang out with him as much as I'd like, but I have a damn fine time playing D&D with him once a month.  Oh, and that two day stubble beard that's planned.  Just like his shoes.  When we first started working together I thought Joe moonlighted as a male model.  Then I tricked him into becoming a huge Geek, go figure.

Last, but not least is a crazy hair, porn 'stache', angry (?) face picture of myself.  That's right ladies drink in that visage.  Ok, maybe don't drink it in I don't need you to be sick on your keyboards.  I'm enjoying playing in the group.  Zack's a solid DM.  We have different styles and approaches, but honestly I learn as much playing under him as I do just enjoying the session.  The last thing I will say here is to Bob, I hope I didn't offend or hurt your feelings by being that forceful.  If I did I apologize sir.  So it was another fun session of the 1st Group.  Now I just have to get my poop in a group for the 3rd Group this Thurs.  

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