Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Insecurity Blanket Podcast - Episode 1 - What Direction?

Tonight in the MUDD House Basement I get to welcome 'Magic' Mike, Kolie, Kedrin, & Cassandra to the table for a conversation on car radio Nazism and our 'Repeater' issues, a teenager tries to sell me on One Direction, what we are listening to right now, a Power Trip Morning Show intervention is threatened, our collective Clown Issues are discussed, we discuss our favorite horror movies, music obsessions, we do some List Judging, the worst costumes ever are revealed, we talk about our best Halloween memories, we are told tales of High School woe, I get share my Old Nerdery, we SHILL some things, we do a bit of Hatin', and send a final thanks to those that deserve it.

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