Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Last Gun Vs. Among Vultures


I think the only reason I’m blogging today is to stay somewhat functional as I am thoroughly spent.  The day is slow at the place that pays me so I need a mental distraction to ensure that I stay coherent as well as simply stay awake.  This is especially true since all I really want to do is go home and snuggle in bed, which would be bliss.

Since I can’t think of an over-arching theme or idea or feeling to rant and rave about I’ll just slog through 


- Life is so strange.  Last night Cassandra pointed out that we are not anywhere in our lives where she or I thought we’d be.  We are somewhere far different, and it is far better than we ever hoped.  Sure we don’t have everything we want and just like everyone else we have struggles, but we have a life, a home, and a Love that is so perfect for us that neither of us could imagine or lives any other way.  It is what makes the hard times easier to deal with; it is what makes the promise of tomorrow so much better than the reality of today.  To live, to give, to Love like that is something that humbles even my soulless Gingerness daily.  To those that know it is just, “All the Ditto…”

- I really want to get some hard cheeses and smoke them.  Geneius you down?

- For the record I don’t care much for the game Robo-Rally, it just isn’t for me.  That being said I’ve never prevented someone from playing it or enjoying it.  Contrary to strange things that pop in my FB feed I am not some type of Ogre who saps the fun from rooms, eats pets, makes arbitrary rules that I enforce with an iron fist, beat dead horses, or struggles to leave something that is dead alone.  I’m a different kind of Ogre, the kind that burns farm houses, hugs children but not the British children, laughs a lot, who wants to see the folks I care about happy, the kind who opens his home to people, punches babies, and who will try new games any time they are brought to the table.  I just reserve the right to not like them.  Watch out unsuspecting public, YOU have been OFFICIALLY warned. 

- I’m thinking of painting minis on Thursday night while watching PWG.

- So I finished the 99 Rooms Of The Blind Pharaoh’s Palace Tomb the other day.  It took me about a week to knock out a 99 room Dungeon that I’m relatively happy with and actually want to run.  I think I’m going to follow Magic Mike’s idea and just make the PC’s pretty basic and then maybe have a Character Draft, and let the Player’s fight out who they want.  I’ll throw in a few random character bits or motivations, and we’ll just go from there.  I’m thinking it should take 6 to 10 sessions.

- The NFL Draft is tomorrow night and I can’t tell if I even care or not.

- We haven’t had a chance to bust out Deadzone yet, and I still need to finish gluing our Orx(s) in their giant power armor.  I know that Mighty Mike has been ‘crazy, insane’ busy with Wizard World Minneapolis and Free Comic Book Day so the time he’s had available to war with tiny plastic dudes has been limited.  I’m really looking forward to sitting down and hammering through some games to enjoy the fruit of our wallets and super glue, because that game looks and seems to play AMAZINGLY!

- According to Cassandra & THE Karl the next Movie-A-Thon will be a Creature Feature, color me intrigued.

- I find myself craving a huge hamburger with all the fixings.  The problem is I want it with a bun, but that can’t happen with the Gluten free thing unless we pony up the BIG bucks for buns.  Sunday Cassandra made what in my opinion was the best burger she’s ever made; I grilled them perfectly, but only ended up getting one of them.  And of course I ate it sans bun.  I find that buns are one of the things I am missing, along with donuts and fried chicken, the most.  Maybe this Sunday I’ll grill again and we’ll just make a bucket load of burgers so I can grub them all week and satisfy this hunger. 

- Sleep, you are a harsh mistress…

- “Julie The Meatloaf” is going to loan me Skyrim.  From what I’ve heard it will change my life.  Honestly I’m a tad intimidated by it.  I have a lot of games right now, like the Batman Arkham games that I am excited to play, but slightly intimidated by because they are a time investment and they aren’t the normal game style that I’m used to, i.e. Wrestling and Sports games.  I like immersive experiences, but I always have trepidations about jumping in with both feet.  Perhaps this weekend Cassandra and I should finally sit down and start Fables III.  It is two players and we can make that journey together, maybe that will get me out of my Dungeon Crawl and Wrestling game rut.

- Fire pits, holding hands, the smell of rain, and the taste fresh baked bread, THESE are a few of MY favorite things… 

Almost done, and remarkably I’m still awake…


  1. How do you smoke the hard cheeses? With a bong?

    1. and slow, as far from the actual 'hot box' as possible, we used foil below it back in the day, and you NEED a hard cheese.