Monday, September 8, 2014

It Happened One Night Vs. Three To Tango


I don’t even remember if I blogged last week.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t.  Things are a haze.  In fact I can’t even concentrate enough today to have an overall idea so you’ll have to settle for some…


- I watched some Football this weekend for the first time in over a year.  I might watch some more.
My Grandma is in the hospital.  I have come to the sad realization that at some point in the future, the near one if we are being honest, she will pass away.  I am not ok with this.  While my relationship with my Mother and Sister is non-existent, and my relationship with my Brother is distant but good my Grandma Jean is sort of the last tether to Iola, to my ‘Family’, and to my Dad.  Everyone gets old.  Everyone dies.  I am just not ready for this to happen.  I don’t know how to react.  My Grandma has always been harder than a coffin nail.  She’s smart, sassy, funny, and strong, stronger than any one person has any right to be.  She’s dispenses laughs, knowledge, wisdom, and tough love all when needed.  I would not be who I am without her.  I am embarrassed to admit that I have distanced myself from talking to her as much as I used to because she has a tendency to want to talk about my Dad a lot and that is so raw for me in many ways that I can’t handle it.  I miss her.  I worry about her.  And in my heart of hearts I know that I can’t do anything about the passage of time, her health, or the fact that we live so far away.  All I can do is send her good thoughts, and try and be a better grandson.

- On a side note of TOTAL frustration it sucks that I had to find all this out like a week after it happened.  Luckily my Brother gave me a call and let me know.  I don’t expect my Sister to because let’s face it, that bridge isn’t burned it has been thoroughly nuked and the Earth salted.  I was more than a bit hurt though that my Mother didn’t at least e-mail or ‘teh Fazebookz’ me and let me know.  I know we only talk like twice a year and that usually consists of my calling her and leaving a few messages, but damn.  So thank you to Sean, who isn’t heavy, he’s just my Brother.

- Congrats to Magic Mike!

- We had the ‘Ked Mess’ for dinner last night and it was spectacular.  It consists of assorted veggies, quinoa, cheese, beans, sausage, and scrambled eggs.  It is a HUGE protein boost and was not just tasty, but filling.

- Congrats Master Kedrin 4.0!

- My shoulder had been bothering me for a while, but the last two weeks or so I really felt it was on the mend.  Last Thursday I’m not sure what I did, but it quit on me in spectacular fashion.  I feel like I now have the same gap that I have in my right shoulder joint, but rather than the numbness and acclimation to pain that I have there I have something else entirely.  Instead I feel like someone has their hand in my joint and is wiggling their fingers nonstop.  The ‘best’ part is now I’ve got discomfort from my fingertips in that arm all the way to my neck and shoulder blade.  When it doesn’t outright just hurt I am instead ‘enjoying’ a dull ache or burning sensation when I do almost any task.  It was bad enough that my sleep on Thursday night was non-existent even after ingesting Percocet.  Instead I stayed home Friday and when I crashed out I slept till almost 2pm in the afternoon.  The last few nights haven’t been much better.  Whenever I roll over I am met with feeling like my arm is literally being slowly torn off my torso.  I think what the real kick in the shorts happens to be is I was feeling so much better, and now we aren’t just back to square one.  Oh no, that would be a significant step up.  We have gone backwards.  It is the worst it has ever been.  So I’m back to heat and ice, limited use, and the hope that it starts to mend again.  In fact today it hurts so much I feel like I have to vomit, honestly it is the drizzlin’ shits.

- For those that know, “All The Ditto!”

- I like Ticket To Ride, there I said it, and I’m not afraid to admit it.  In fact of late I’ve enjoyed a fair amount of new games brought into the basement lair by a never ending stream of amazing folks.  Back in the long, long ago I participated in a weekly Board Game Group.  These were the halcyon days.  It was a great time; we played a lot of really fun games, and always tried to expose each other to new gaming experiences.  Oh and ‘Casual’ Doug you might be the self-proclaimed King Of Canada, but I am the DUKE of Santa Fe!  There was loose talk Saturday night of rekindling this; a once a month evening of Board Gaming.  I’m trying to figure out the logistics of it, but I do think this must happen.

- The next L.E.W.G.I. PPV gathering is for Night Of Champions towards the end of the month, what would you guys say to a Flashback Friday before that where we vote on what old school PPV we should watch?

- It sounds like the Patron Saint of all my Podcasts, Magic Mike, has an ambient room microphone for us to try out!  I’m excited to see how well it works.  Having a room microphone would help immensely with Heel Turn Radio and recording actual game play of D&D if we choose to record a session.  If it goes well and we need it I’ll have to grab a second one.  Hopefully one will be enough.  OH and this also means we could MST3K bad wrestling from the basement living room, which is something that MUST happen.  SO, thank you again sir, for without your off air and on air contributions the Podcasts would not exist.

- Thank you Cassandra for all that you do that goes said and even more so for everything you do that isn’t.  I don’t know how you do it, but you never cease to amaze.

- The month of September is going to be an ‘Off’ month for D&D.  It seemed as if everyone’s schedule was so convoluted, I feel like 10 lbs. of dog crap in a 5 lbs. bag, and with a bit of burnout creeping in that we could use a month off.  This will give everyone a breather, build some anticipation, maybe give us some time to sneak other RPG’s and Board Games, and let me wrap my head around some stuff.  I hate doing these ‘breaks’, but I really do need them to recharge, refresh, renew, and remember why I love doing this stuff for these particular people.

- It might be cold enough for chili this weekend!

- Team TROLLSTRONG had an ‘Emergency’ session on Saturday night as everyone felt a burning need to go to ‘Murder Town’, aka the Pathfinder Card Game.  We had to play sans James & his Magnificent Beard as he was off taking care of business up North.  In his stead was Master Kedrin 4.0 who joined Sassie Cassie, THE Karl, the Geneious, the lovely & multi-talented Cassandra, and myself.  As we go further and further into the Adventure Path I am delighted by how insidious the game is.  It seems to have a knack for attacking us where we are weak and not allowing us to play to our strengths.  I think part of it is the randomness of the decks that are built for all the locations, the treasure accumulated, and the potential for a scenario to get away from a group VERY quickly if the dice turn on you.  The dice were NOT in our favor on Saturday night and neither were the decks as Cassandra and I both were drastically affected by the Haunts in this particular segment of The Skinsaw Murders.  We just sort of slept walked through the majority of the night and couldn’t get going as a group.  It wasn’t until about half the group needed Sassie Cassie to heal them and we began counting turns that we realized just HOW much trouble we were in.  That is the thing about this game, if you aren’t diligent and always milling cards, closing locations, and working together you will lose.  So we had to tighten things down with about two turns left.  We knew where the Skinsaw Man was, we just needed to ensure that all other locations would be closed so I could go straight up ‘MURDER TOWN’ on him.  Luckily, we had just enough Blessings and moxy to get that done and wrap up the game on my last turn.  We really need to secure some better loot soon, find some ways get better at dealing with cards that don’t do anything but heap negative effects on us, and of getting the right folks to the right locations to close them.  I know we will because when we Troll, we TROLLSTRONG!  After surviving that we talked about busting out some Elder Sign, but instead went the far easier and more hilarious route of SUPERFight!  The Geneious busted out the most up to date rules off the interwebs and we got down to it.  I believe in the end Master Kedrin 4.0 was the crusher of ALL hopes and dreams and emerged victorious, but at that point I was laughing too hard to remember.  Suffice to say it was a challenging and fun evening and one where James & his Magnificent Beard were missed.

- Hopefully with the D&D hiatus on this month I’ll be able to sneak in a game or three Lords Of Waterdeep, Elder Sign, & MONSTERHEARTS!

- I have found that sometimes you come to a logger head with certain people, places, and things and that just is how it is.  There is either an issue, or a tension, or a history, or a pattern of things, etc. that just can’t be overcome.  I have always hoped that time, or distance or any number of things might give all parties perspective and a desire to get it right.  The older I get the more I have begun to think that my thought pattern here is skewed.  People don’t change near as much as you hope.  Hell, I don’t change near as much as I hope.  Sometimes you just have to face facts and be satisfied that you had a good run with whomever or whatever it was and move forward.  I’m in the process of doing that.  Moving forward isn’t easy, it isn’t always pretty, and it isn’t always something that makes for a clean ‘break’ of things.  However, if I stayed in a situation that just made myself and other people or a place that dissatisfied what would be the point?  All it does is allow all parties to do is to ruminate on what was, what has been ‘lost’, and what could have been.  No one grows from that, no one is made better for that, and no one gets anything worthwhile from that.  I can’t and I won’t do that anymore.  I’ve learned that lesson in a harsh fashion already.  So forward I move despite the cost, because if I don’t move forward I’m afraid I’ll eventually just be moving backwards.

Ugh…I think that is all I got.

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