Monday, October 13, 2014

The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad Vs. Sinbad & The Eye Of The Tiger


Since its Monday and I still haven’t broken free from my funk I’m just going to regurgitate upon you; the brave and faceless masses who actually read this drivel some…


- First up is the fact that Harwood Hobbies is rocking out a Kickstarter! So Wally from Harwood is one of the nicest guys out there making tiny dudes. He has a great blog, a nice website, and responds to e-mails. I’ve been fortunate enough to exchange e-mails with him and can tell you from experience that he is a GREAT guy. Add to that the fact that he puts out absolutely wonderful miniatures at a VERY reasonable cost and you have someone that any miniature enthusiast out there should be supporting with their hard earned cash. He has two lines; The Lovecraftian Circle & Sinbad. The Lovecraftian Circle stuff is a modern take on a lot of the great tropes of Lovecraftian horror. The nice thing is he does a lot of character models and not so many monsters. This is perfect for those of you who play games like Strange Aeons. Wally’s other line is Sinbad! I have a nice smattering of these models and they are TOP NOTCH! Again, the line is not monster heavy, but instead captures great PC & NPC models to a ‘T’. I’m going to push some of these models to the top of my painting queue this week and try to get at least one finished so I can post a picture. Now granted my painting skills are pretty subpar, but when the models look that good it doesn’t matter. So go to the Kickstarter, which by the by, is almost funded after like 4 days, and get onboard!

- I’ve been watching Horror documentaries on Netflix and it has been a blast.

- Does anyone know when Surly Darkness is released? My brother wants me to get him some.

- Saturday Night a mish mash of my D&D players met and we had our first world building Microscope session. Titantic Tiffany, everyone’s favorite drunken Dwarf Edgar, THE Karl, Magic Mike, Master Kedrin 4.0, and the lovely and multi-talented Cassandra all got together and the creativity tore through the room. I had trepidations about using a different game to world build and honestly about letting others just creatively run wild in ‘my’ world. However my fears were quickly put to rest when my players just went CRAZY with creativity. I will post the timeline of what was created sometime this week. About half the Gods in the new Pantheon are starting to get fleshed out, the continent will be drastically different, and the history of the world will contain amazing things done by the PC’s old characters. This adds to the creative immersion and investment. It was also a great place to get some constructive criticism about what some people enjoyed and what some didn’t. This allows me to make the changes necessary to make it a far more enjoyable experience for all. So with one session down and two to go I am incredibly excited!

- Thank you to Magic Mike for all his generosity. I’m not sure Mike that I know a person who gives as much to others as you do, but I hope we can all strive to meet your example.

- Would anyone be interested in an October Movie-A-Thon?

- We are binge watching the first season of Arrow, after watching the first episode of The Flash. Both of us are pretty blown away by how good and entertaining it has been. I feel like I had pretty tepid expectations being that Green Arrow has never been one of my favorite characters, in fact generally I haven’t cared much for Oliver Queen due to my love of Hawkman. Those things being said the rebuilding of Queen’s origin, the Batman like trauma and obsession, and the mine field that is his family makes the show fascinating. I’ve even enjoyed the changes made to the villains we’ve seen, which for me is the true test of a show. I am currently flummoxed and fascinated by both Merlin and Deathstroke. The mystery of their motivations and they both will play out is marvelous. I also have to say that watching a show that is telling you an origin story in flashback pieces is not just refreshing but adds a tension to the narrative that is riveting. Much like The Flash the writers aren’t running from the comic history, but instead relishing in it, immersing in it, and using it to craft something similar but decidedly its own. The best part is from what I’ve been told the first season isn’t even that good compared to season two! So if the best truly is yet to come then I am beyond excited!

- Any type of Beer Cheese or Potato Cheese soup would be delicious in my belly.

- For those that know, “All the Ditto ever…”

- Every time I feel like I’m turning the corner I have a setback. It is frustrating to feel like things are going to get better and then have that emotional rug get yanked out from underneath you for no real reason. That might be the most frustrating thing about it. I am literally anxious and sad for NO reason. I can’t even explain it. While this has been going on I have felt my self-esteem erode to a point where I am having problems recognizing the person in the mirror every morning. It feels like I’m in the midst of this landslide of personal negativity that I can’t get out of. I get so anxious, and swallow it down to the point that my face actually hurts from grinding my teeth. I’m exhausted from not sleeping. Worst of all I hurt, I physically hurt. It is as if when I’m struggling mentally that all those aches and pains that I normally just deal with become acutely pronounced and overwhelming. It is the worst. I just feel beaten. All that being said I just keep getting up every morning and keep trying to make the most of it. Some days that means I don’t do anything, other days that means we do yard work, smoke chicken, and spend quality time with Cassandra. All I can do is keep pushing forward. As down and out as I am I’ve been worse and I got through that. This is just a rough spot that I will continue to work through. I just need reminded of that every day.

- This is and has been a rough time for me, so thank you to those of you who have given me your support, your good will, your ears to bend, but most of all just your unrelenting friendship. From the depths of who I am; Thank You.

- Halloween is coming up quick. So we went a bit crazy last year with our decorations and it really helped make the Halloween Party something special. This year we are a bit more strapped for time and money. So I’m putting it out there to those that come to our yearly shindigs, if you have the time or a tiny bit of ‘scratch’ you can contribute for decorating it would be beyond helpful. Every year, for I think seven years going on eight now, we’ve thrown a themed Halloween Party, and each one has been bigger, better, and more fun than the last. Some of that is due to the people who attend, but the vast majority of it is due to the work that Cassandra pours into it. She goes out of her way to try and make the night something that we will all enjoy and something that we will all look back on with fond memories. This desire to do that has only exponentially increased since we’ve made these things ‘Kid Friendly’. So if you want to help continue that tradition, to help make things, help hang stuff up, get some props, etc. please let us know because we will gladly accept that from any of you.

- I really wish WWE 2k15 would hurry up and come out.

- “Remember when we were young, we shone like the sun…”

- I have two adventures completed thus far for my four D&D groups. One is a role play heavy tale that will be for 2nd Group. It is a bit heavier than I would normally want for that group, but I think it affords them some nice opportunities to make it what they will. It has a decidedly Ravenloft vibe to it which was a complete accident. The second adventure is something that I had to tack on to what ended up being a flood of creativity erupting into a sandbox for 1st or 3rd Group to go through. It was completely an accident that it manifested the way it did, but NPC’s just started gelling, the environment just sort of came together Encounter wise, and then motivations for the Monsters and NPC’s fell into place. It is always something magical when that happens. It is as if my brain goes on hiatus and my creativity erupts into a joyous festival of ideas. I have one more adventure to construct by myself, and I already have a decent idea for that one, which would make it VERY much in the wheel house of 3rd Group. I hope to get it done today or tomorrow. Then I have the last adventure to write with Master Kedrin 4.0, who will be taking over the reins of 4th Group. We’ll co-DM for a bit and when she feels like she’s ready she’ll take over and I’ll just be a lowly PC.

- Master Kedrin 4.0 is a Smallworld assassin.

- This week we delve deep into Harry Potter, BOOK CLUB!

- I want to get at least ten things painted this week, and this Sunday I REALLY want to get everything DIPped. I have a box full of stuff that is mostly done, sans eyes and DIP, which really needs to be finally finished. Throw into that fact that the Diamond ONE, Diamond Dave Wheeler, has been diligently knocking through miniatures for me like a BOSS and I have a lot of new stuff on the horizon for my D&D Groups. Including some Pugwampis, of which four are done! If anyone out there wants to paint this week, except Thursday night, please let me know. Painting alone is cool, but painting with others is radical. That’s right its ‘radical’, I’m takin’ it back…

- Nothing sounds better than retreating beneath my blanket in a dark room right now.

- We are supposedly going to bust out exercise equipment this week and start that. Supposedly…

I think that is all I have in me today…

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