Monday, December 22, 2014

To All A Goodnight Vs. Don't Open Till Christmas


I don’t have a whole lot to talk about this week as I and my lovely wife are just recovering from our bout with the plague.  So last week was spent either in bed or in a recliner full of Ibuprofen or cold medicine.  I know it is bad when Cassandra stays home, is still feeling sick, and sleeps longer than normal.  With us both being down and out 3rd Group D&D, Team TROLLSTRONG, and Podcasting all were cancelled.  So figure rather than go on and on about being run down I’ll just slap you upside
your head with some…


- We are working some crazy hours this week, and I’m already regretting my cajoling Cassandra to agree.  We’ve been here less than four hours and I just want to crawl beneath my desk and pass out.
James & his Magnificent Beard as well as The Geneious himself came over Saturday night and we partook of an evening of New Japan World.  I truly feel that my $9.99 a month spent on WWE’s Network is money well spent, so the fact that I’m spending less for the New Japan version makes me positively giddy.  There is a plethora of amazing matches from the last 30 years on their site already.  Thus far what I’ve taken away from it are the following; Scott Steiner was always insane, Liger Vs. Delfin is insane, The Great Muta spilled more blood than I thought a person has in their body, The Bullet Club is the bastard child of the N.W.O. and DX, never let Shibata or Nakamura kick you, Vader was indeed a beast, old Chono was slug, if you think American Indy work is stiff then you haven’t witnessed any New or All Japan, and Kobashi was indeed the greatest wrestler I have ever seen.  For 9.99 yen a month and the L.EW.G.I. Founders at my side I can’t see this leaving my Chromecast for a LONG time.

- Thank you Magic Mike, as usual you are too kind sir.

- The giving of gifts is so close at hand that I can taste it.
I am beyond excited to see the reactions of our Friends and Family as they open the bounty we have laid out for them.  We still have a bit of wrapping left to do, but the vast majority of stuff is done.  I may have gone a bit overboard this year, key word is ‘may’, but I hope people understand that for me giving gifts is right up there with cooking for people in the ways I show that someone is important to me.  It has become one of my supreme joys in life to find really cool gifts for people and then watch them open them.  In a few days I’ll get like 48 hours straight of that, and I can’t wait.

- I think tonight WWE 2k15 and I might spend some quality time together.

- For some people compromise is a dirty word.  I think I for the most part I’m not just a Ginger King, but a King of Compromise.
I have learned over the years to be better about picking which hills are mine to die on and which are just not worth the war.  At the same time I’d like to believe I’ve grown less stubborn and possibly even less selfish.  I try to go out of my way to make sure that I can put the people I care for in a position to get what they want.  In doing that sometimes I have to swallow down my desire to just be selfish and put myself and what I want first.  I’d love to tell you that my outward demeanor of everything being ‘cool’ is always matched by an inward monologue that matches that sentiment.  The reality is that’s just not true.  A lot of times I’m very frustrated by that, a lot of times I have to process things for a great number of hours in order to realize I’m being dumb, and it isn’t easy for me to just shrug and say “No, that’s fine…”  I do it though.  I do it because a lot of times it is the right thing to do.  I do it because the other person in my life and their happiness is far more important to me than almost anything.  But more than anything I do it because it is the right thing to do, and I’m working hard to try and be a better person every day.  I just want people to know that me doing that, me compromising, it isn’t that easy.

- I’ll admit it; I really enjoy The Trailer Park Boys, although I am really unsure why.

- James & his Epic Beard have been engaging in a lot of conversations with your own humble slice of fabulous lately regarding the nature of running a good ‘West Marches’ style campaign.
In the process of having these long discussions I’ve come to a realization; I’ve never run a Mega-Dungeon.  I’m trying to figure out a way to possible add the potential of a Mega-Dungeon to one of the current Campaigns.  In the process of sorting out this deep seeded desire to put this together and effectively run it I am really trying to not railroad any of the groups into making it a focus.  We did put the Silver Mountain on the map during Microscope and really it is nothing more than an Adventurer meat grinder built to entice PC’s to go attempt and loot the hell out of it.  I think I might start to drop some seeds in the groups about it being an interesting place to ‘visit’.  Maybe one of the groups will decide that for 5 to 12 Levels they want to delve deep and loot hard.

- Four hours to go in the day and my brain is complete and utter mush.

I know that is shorter than my normal inane ranting, but I’m fried today and I don’t think I have anything left in the proverbial tank.

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