Sunday, January 11, 2015

Golem Vs. Sayonara Jupiter

Halloween 2014, The Year Pete Pan took hostages

Sometimes I just blog out of obligation to keep momentum going, and this is one of those times.  I have just been uninspired and busy of late so this mental safe haven has suffered a bit of neglect.  The reality is the holidays hit me really hard on a lot of levels.  Nothing really bad, they just wore me down in a few ways I wasn't prepared for and now I'm left trying to get my feet back beneath me.  While doing that I haven't really had much to say to the world, let alone to this blog that like ten people read.

Hell I'm not even that excited about that much right now, well I'm excited to do some board gaming with The Casual One today, I'm excited about RPG Friday starting next month although I have no idea what game I'm starting with, I'm excited about Worldwide Wrestling starting next month with a crazy group of players, and of course I'm always excited about the 4 D&D games, but nothing else is currently grabbing me with type of vigor and passion that normally sweeps me away into long winded senseless rants.

I figured I'd drop some strange pictures of what I've had going on lately in here for those of you who don't get to see this strangeness.  So with that in mind, I think I'll keep it simple today and just throw out some...


- I finally got in the latest Lucha Underground this morning.
The new Lucha mask is Muy Swanky
I think that Aztec Warfare is better than the best Cinnamon Toast I've ever eaten in my life.  The pace was fantastic, there were so many 'mini' stories being told in the confines of a larger match, and the ending was tight.  If you couple that with the fact that they put the belt on the right guy, they continue to build on a larger narrative, and yet felt like they closed a chapter on this initial run I think you have a great example of what the current 'E' product doesn't or even can't do.  In addition getting teased with a Big Ryk Vs. Mil Muertos true confrontation was a moment worth marking out for.  I for one am still chomping at the bit to find out just who Dario is talking to in those scenes in the bowels of the temple, how Drago & Curano's feud will end, just who is that Asian woman who keeps showing up in the crowd, and what does it mean now that Blue Demon Jr. is back?  So many unanswered questions leaves fans like myself wanting more.  Currently Lucha Underground is the most entertaining wrestling on television, as I don't count NXT and neither PWG or CHIKARA have a television show.  It is just relentlessly entertaining.

- P.O.S. is still ruining my life;

- I really need to get on painting again soon as apparently in 60 to 90 days I'll have Bones II at my doorstep, and then I'll again be drowning in miniatures.  Lately I've been uninspired to just sit down and plow through miniatures, which is sad, because I've got a lot of miniatures I'm interested in painting.  I think next Wed. I'll sit down with the goal with getting three miniatures done in a night.  If I can do that and just get back to enjoying the process then I should get back on track.

- The Love seat & Couch in the basement are going 'bye bye' today.  Now we just need to find new ones that better fit the space.  *sigh*

Even Cultists of Cthulhu must cut down their own Christmas trees with random GIGANTIC dogs.
- We've been watching House Of Cards with the mighty Master Ked 4.0 about once a month in three episode blocks and I have to say I'm digging it immensely.  I generally struggle with shows where I can't find a moral center to wrap my head around and 'root' for, see Game Of Thrones, but this one has me utterly and completely enthralled.  I think maybe we finish the first season I'll go back and give Game Of Thrones a proper go and hope that it connects in a way that will help me get on board with all my other Friend's crazy love of it.

I'm your RPG HOSS.

- Anyone know a good and EASY Super Hero RPG?  I'm at a loss, but really want to run one.

- Movie-A-Thon this coming Friday with nothing on the agenda being set, I might see if I can find a copy of The Babadook, because I've heard it is absolutely engrossing.  Although maybe that is something I'd want to keep and savor alone.  Hrm.  I know I can count on Casual Doug for some crazy ass flicks, and maybe if Mighty Mike makes those two can destroy our collective minds with their own unique cinema collections.

War Machine & L.E.W.G.I. getting photo bombed by Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens)
- I have gray hairs in my goatee; O-L-D-!

- I've got 5 books going right now and all of them are so damn good or at least intriguing that I'm having a hard time giving one priority over another.  It is as if I can't read them all fast enough.  I never thought I'd be that person, but I am a reading fiend.  I find such solace, joy, and imagination fodder in-between every page of ever book I devour.  And don't even get me started on being able to share books with others, because THAT is the best!  

Oh Kevin Steen, ER...Kevin Owens, you were a delight.

- I've got to do some 'hand surgery' on some miniatures this week.  Cultists need weapons, FACT.

- Last night I tricked Cassandra into spending some serious time with the Hero Forge miniature builder.  She took to it like a fish to water.  In fact I know something is seriously good when she tells me, "That thing is a HUGE time suck..."  She made one of her characters, Bargret Orcslayer, and they turned out fantastic.  It is rare to meet someone who gets you, who obsesses like you do, who digs the things you dig, and who not only tolerates but relishes in your madness.  I have that person in Cassandra.  I can't even imagine the amount of time she spent last night agonizing over belt choices.  I can honestly say just when I think I can't love her anymore than I do, she does something like this...
She married this...
- I love fish.

I think that's all I really can manifest out of the ether of nothingness, not to mention it is almost time to BOARD GAME!

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