Monday, February 23, 2015

Minblogisode - Episode 1 - "'Puter Is Broken"

Rather than continue to try and find time to hammer out the written word, I've decided to throw together the same old crap in a totally different format.  No guests, no theme, no questions, only stream of consciousness.  OH, and RANDOM CRAP!  So enjoy, or don't.
Minblogisode - Episode 1 - "'Puter Is Broken"


  1. This is a cool idea.
    thanks, we're pretty happy...even though the rest of 2015 is sucking...except for being married to an awesome lady...and getting into tons of funk&sould music...haven't listened to metal for over a year.
    But.. FOUR D&D GROUPS! are you crazy...don't answer that.

    1. Czar,
      Mitzy is pretty damn amazing, you sir have found yourself a wonderful partner in crime there. I'm sorry your hurting, as I said before, if you need something Cassandra and I are here for you. New music is always fantastic, I know that every time I stumble into something new it is like tasting food for the first time. Yeah...It is Four Groups of D&D, one Monsterhearts which is only a 4 'Episode' season and then we'll move to a new game, World Wide Wrestling once a month, Pathfinder Card Game twice a month, and now every other week 'Casual' Boardgaming. So it is a busy schedule, but the honest truth is I enjoy it immensely, and that is most likely the first sign of my insanity.