Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Never Sleep Again Vs. Sleep Away Camp

My inability to sleep struck brutally at 4am this morning.  About a week or so ago a friend of mine pointed out that maybe I suffer from Exploding Head Syndrome.  The idea that instead of that explosive startling auditory hallucination I instead get a blaringly loud jukebox that fires up and plays random songs at full blast in my brain startling me awake.  The thing is it isn’t just to wakefulness, it is to full blown function. 

This greatly interferes with my ability to get real, restive, restorative sleep.  I am the offspring of two Insomniacs.  Their struggles were so consistent and debilitating that for most of my teenage years they moved to separate rooms, not due to marital strife, but so each could find even a small bit of sleep.  The irony of seeing the two of them pass on the stairs in the middle of the night as one is finally trying to go back to bed while the other can’t just lay in bed any longer, like two workers passing during the shift change isn’t lost on me.

I’m lucky in the fact that my better half could and can sleep through a nuclear explosion.  I toss, I turn, I am startled awake, and eventually I rise.  This isn’t an every night thing, but it is the majority of nights.  I take Ibuprofen to try and deaden the joint pain, I take Zquil to hopefully knock me out, I’ll take Valerian Root to help me sleep, and I have been taking Melatonin for years to try and deal with this.  Nothing works consistently.

It hits me the hardest on days like today when it is cool, rainy, and foggy.  I really just want to curl up back in bed and read until I finally fall asleep.  Getting through today will be a struggle, but one I’m up for.  Considering four out of seven days a week I have to deal with this has made me at least able to function.  And really that is all that the place I spend 40 hours a week at is going to get from me.

How about some…

  • Hey I painted!  The pictures don’t really do them justice, but here they are anyways.  Check ‘em out!

  • You know the best part of my day is when I can walk by my wife’s office and do something dumb and make her giggle.
  • Board Game Day went really well.  The only thing that fell flat was Iron & Ale.  I think that had more to do with the fact that you need to have a group who are VERY into the drinking part of it, and willing to do dumb shit.  On the flip side Werewolves Of Miller’s Hollow was a crazy hit.  Trollhalla and Boss Monster were also a great time.  Overall, it is the people who make the day and the games fun, so THANK YOU to all of you who made it.
  • I hope to start watching Daredevil this week.
  • With the help of THE Karl we finally started repairing the water damage from the leak in the upstairs bathroom.  First off they determined the problem, then THE Karl showed up how to proceed, and we did.  That’s right Cassandra & I did some home repairs!  Now we just need to finish this week. 
  • I’m not sure how well anyone who reads this Blog likes the MinBlogIsodes, as I’ve only gotten one real piece of feedback.  The reality is I like doing them, but I really need to get back to writing things down as well, so my goal is to try and do one of each a week, along with all the other stuff.  If anyone has any thoughts, please feel free to e-mail me or to drop them in the comments section below.
  • We have to mow, but the weather won’t let us.
  • I’m getting rid of my Horrorclix the Great Cthulhu & my Heroclix Fin Fang Foom.  I think I’ll post them on Craigslist tonight.  The reality is I need the room to put some of my other enormous miniatures.  Here are the pictures of the Bones Dracolich that Diamond Dave painted for me, it is incredible.  He also knocked out a Shoggoth & a Griffin.  

  • They are stunning.  I figure if I have these that I will use for D&D, then there is NO reason to hold onto a few miniatures that someone else might want or use.

I think that’s all I got!


  1. Keep on blogging King. Love to get the updates for the times we are not able to spend much time together.

    1. You keep reading it Gene, and I'll keep writing it.

  2. Yes! Keep on blogging and pod casting! The casting of pods is always a good listen =)