Monday, January 4, 2016

Bone Tomahawk Vs. The Green Hell

I haven’t’ done as much actual writing last year as I’d been doing previously.  In fact, in all honesty I’d done very little.  I think that Podcasting as much as I do has cut a bit into my creative juices in regards to free reign to the voices in my head.  I’m going to try and get back on track and do short blogs this year to supplement all the hours of talking into microphones I do with my Friends.  It isn’t something anyone who listens to anything we produce in my basement NEEDS to read.  It is just a good way for me to stretch creative muscles and kill time.

So my goal is one blog per week.  Even if it is just a run through of what I’m up to or what I’m watching, reading, or listening to I want to get back on the 52 weeks, 52 blogs, 52 Earths in the Multiverse dynamic.  Because I’m sure Earth-S Ben is hammering out long, involved epic posts about The Supreme Court and their Savage Swords Of Justice striking down the Kaiju Invaders from beyond the sentient rings of Saturn obsessed with their Great Old One’s given right to devour the weak.

Yeah, that’s right I’m a 40 year old man….

I’m not so sure I have a main topic to discuss today, so instead I’m going to launch right into…


  • I’ve been listening to ‘Rachel & MilesX-Plain The X-Men’ basically non-stop. 
    I don’t always agree with their views or opinions, but I do so enjoy smart people talking about what they love dearly.  The X-Men aren’t really my jam, but this podcast is reminding me that the 13 year old in my LOVED them.
  • For the 2nd year in a row I’ve missed the live from Japan broadcast of Wrestle Kingdom.  I swear on ALL that is HOSS, I shan’t miss it again next year.
  • We watched Star Wars – The Force Awakens (***** out of 5 *’s) Sunday morning.  I know that The Beard and I are going to go in depth on Wednesday’s Insecurity Blanket Podcast episode, but let me quickly give my thoughts.  It is a wonderful ‘Greatest Hits’ of Star Wars movie.  It takes all of the big beats from the old movies and uses them to build this new story and these new characters.  That being said, I REALLY dug it.  The actors are fantastic, the way the world has aged makes sense, and the way the story unfolds makes sense.  That’s really all I’m going to say until Wednesday.
  • By the by, the whole scene on the freighter with the gangs, monsters, and Han is perfect.  Just sayin’.
  • Speaking of Star Wars, The Beard and I will most likely be discussing our co-running the three part Apocalypse World hack of Star Wars (which I’m calling ‘Uprising’) on the Podcast.  I’m using the Rebels timeline of 15 years after Revenge Of The Sith, setting it on the Outer Rim, and really want it to be self-contained with enough threads to leave it open for a sequel.  We’ll see what The Beard and I can craft for the PC’s to run through. 
  • We might see Krampus tonight!  Cassandra is the best!
  • There is a lot of D&D running through my head right now.  The groups are heading towards 10th level, and I sort of want to move things into the next stage of the Meta-Plot. 
    The 3rd Group has a headquarters, The House Of Mystery, has figured out their ‘place’ in the politics in Dustkeep, and the players in the region are set for conflict.  In addition, they’ve formed complex relationships with the NPC movers and shakers.  I look forward to the next session which will set the table for all that comes next.  1st Group is finally headed into the Dwarven Keep to re-claim Grundlebutt and eventually go after the Wyvern in the Tor.  Couple this with some of the PC’s remembering what they went through during the Extra Life sessions using a potential ‘Dark Future’ and there is a lot of moving parts that will require some interesting Role Playing.  We have Cassie currently playing the Ogress Chieftain, Ladrig, James still playing Savage Winterbeard, BUT not the Savage who went into Extra Life (!), and just what will THE Karl’s Dwarf character do now that he isn’t watching over Cassie’s now crazy Halfling?  This month should be a doozy!
  • Dazzler might be my favorite underused X-Men character.    
  • I’ve been painting a LOT lately.  Most likely I’ll post a blog full of photos regarding the work I’ve got prepped for Cassandra to put eyes on and DIP.  I’ve been working on a riff on the Evil Masters of the Universe characters project pretty intensely.  I am really happy with the way my Skeletor, Evil Lynn, & Beastman turned out.  They were just Reaper miniatures, Bones & Pathfinder metals respectively.  Thus far the real gem is my Trapjaw.  He’s an amalgamation of a Reaper Bones, Warhammer Fantasy, & Warhammer 40k bits.  I’ve got some Reaper Bones miniatures set up for Two-Bad, Merman, & Whiplash.  The problem is they all need serious modding.  I need to really think long and hard about how I want to try and accomplish this.  Until then I’ve got plenty of other stuff to keep me busy.
  • I’m tired and hurty.  Tired and hurty, but happy.
  • Bone Tomahawk is up on Amazon Prime for free streaming! 
    This is a flick that I’ve been dying to see, but couldn’t catch it in a theatre.  I don’t think I’ve ever been happier that we have Amazon Prime than right now.  I just have to hope that I can get Amazon Prime to stream seamlessly with my Google Chrome. 

I think that’s all I’ve got!  One down 51 more to go…

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