Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mysterious Island Vs. Burke & Hare

I'm trying to keep the streak alive.  That's right three weeks in and I already have to treat this like 'work'.  I don't know if that has more to say about my motivation or just how I feel overall.  I'm sick.  I have the flu and it sucks bad.  I've got body aches, a fever off and on, a runny nose, and an upset stomach.  None of my symptoms match anything and it is lame.  Add into that my low grade seizure prelude headache that I've had for a few days, the potential ulcer or hernia thing that's been going on for about 6 weeks, AND the never ending shoulder pain and I am in a 'sad panda' type of mood.  Is this what getting old is going to be like?

I just lack a lot of desire to do anything at all except go lay in bed beneath a warm blanket and listen to Podcasts or watch cartoons.  I especially want to re-watch Batman the Animated Series for the Ra's Al Ghul stuff after getting through the third season of Arrow.  I mean c'mon that dude's Ra's is a pale comparison to David Warner.  I sort of just want to go to my comforting things, my comforting place, and remain there for an undetermined amount of time.  My stomach hurts if I don't eat, but then when I eat it really hurts.  So I can't find a lot of solace in food, which has been my go to.  I hurt enough physically that having my wife in 'The Nook' isn't even that pleasant.  My shoulder just slips right out of socket.  It is like all I can do is be alone in a quite space falling backwards into childhood comforts.

The thing is I'm not sad.  I'm not afraid or even anxious.  I'm frustrated.  I don't like feeling this way.  I've been doing some different things to cope with all these concurrent maladies with varying degrees of success, I just can't seem to find the magic combination to get things back to an acceptable level of discomfort.  All I can do is keep my eyes forward, keep pushing onward, and get better. 

Well enough literal belly-aching, let's...


- The new Suicide Squad trailer actually has me interested in the movie. 
They've done a fine job choosing music that really fits the characters and the vibe.  They don't seem to be shying away at all from the fact that these characters are irredeemably awful villains, and I'm ok with that.  The one big complaint I've had with the Suicide Squad in Arrow is the 'redemption' of a character like Deadshot.  Let bad guys with bombs in their brains be bad guys.  Hopefully this movie will do that.  And while I don't care much of the new DC 'Grimm DARRK' film style I actually am now interested in seeing this before getting into knee jerk hatred.  Oh by the way, as interested as I am in this flick now, it pales in comparison to how excited I am for Deadpool, which looks perfect.

- Frostgrave Sellsword came out today.  I am beyond excited.

- I'm hoping to knock out a MinBlogIsode tonight.  I have all the crap ready to go, I just literally haven't felt well enough to go into the Podcast Womb and record.  I'm already about three days behind what my self-imposed schedule would be.  It sucks even worse because I wanted to just spend some time discussing what did and didn't work in 1st Group D&D & Full House Wrestling before 3rd Group D&D on Thursday night.  Looks like once I'm done shoveling tonight I'll have to shuffle downstairs and knock this out.

- Car repairs can suck it.

- I had been on a real roll painting wise, but that has come to a screeching halt.  I have four miniatures that are almost done that I had really hoped to finish before Saturday's Frostgrave game.  Now that looks like an impossibility.  Perhaps tonight I'll be able to work on them a bit, but I'm doubting it.  My goal was to work on it last Saturday a bit, but I just started to feel crappy so I stayed in a semi-conscious state of lethargy.  The rest of the week, after tonight, is basically booked & double booked.  It looks like I won't be doing anything on these until next Monday the earliest.

- Venture Brothers Season 6 starts in 11 days.  HOLD ONTO YOUR GENITALIA! 

It's always good to vent, but it is even better to have your concerns and struggles put into perspective.  I spent an hour this morning talking about what we do and how it contrasts with someone else's experience coming after working with former child combatants in Liberia trying to re-integrate into society.  I have no real point of reference on what it would be like to be 10 years old, have no hope, be reduced to a weapon in someone else's war, behead people, and then 10 years later try and be a part of society again.  It is beyond a foreign concept to me.  It is important to be reminded that the world is a gigantic place and that our personal trials and tribulations pale in comparison, most of the time, to the true tragedies mankind will inflict upon itself.

On that note, go out, find your bliss, and try and make this world a better place.

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