Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Revenant Vs. Deathgasm

I had a plan.  It was a good plan post-Christmas.  My finances aren’t necessarily bad, but I really need to get them into a better situation.  I think most of us that are ‘Working Class’ are in that category.  We are doing ‘good enough’ or ‘our head is above water’ or ‘we’re not living quite paycheck to paycheck’, but is that how we really want to spend the rest of our days?  I know I really don’t, at least not anymore.

I was getting things in place and enacting that ‘plan’.  Well today I got nailed with another $400 bill, unavoidable car repairs that had apparently snuck up on us since the last oil change.  If you couple that with the talk of another ‘UnCOLA’ pay take back here at the place that pays me, and today I am feeling that heavy pinch of being Lower Middle Class.  Hearing about how profits are more important that worker wages only re-enforces this.

I don’t really get that ‘depressed’ about things.  That being said, money is one of those things that seems to know how to cut me to my very core.  It bothers me to know that most of my money is just gone the moment I get it.  It bothers me that I can’t seem to really get ahead.  It bothers me that I can’t really give my amazing wife all the things she deserves.  It drains me.

I am drained.

How about we leave this all behind and knock out some…


- We knocked out the newest Shuffle Sounds – Podcast last night.  I thought it went rather well.  I think if I have any critiques thus far is that we do tend to run long.  It is just so easy to keep chatting, laughing, and having fun with David.  I think we both needed that last night, and I hope the fun we were having translates to the episode.

- Ocean Buffet raised their prices, the service got worse, and the food quality has declined.  I now have to find us a new Asian Buffet.

- Painting miniature tonight with Edgar!  I have my paints packed, the miniatures I’m going to try and knock out, and I’m beyond ready to get to it!  I’m hoping to finish my new Frostgrave Wizard and Apprentice as well as the remaining Dark Assailants I’ve just picked up.  Oh!  And maybe if I’m fast I can work some more on my Half-Orc Steampunk Alchemist!

- The All Star Weekend 11 PWG Preview is insane.

- Speaking of miniature stuff, I finally did some pinning last night!  Sure I drew some blood, but the results were pretty good.  My Whiplash analogue is assembled; I’ll prime it tonight, and start painting it on Saturday!  Knowing that I can sort of do this pinning thing has me interested in continuing to do some more modding.

- I miss sleeping in.

- I’ve managed to get all my 1st Group D&D prep done, well besides pulling the miniatures, for not just tomorrow night, but for the foreseeable future.  The PC’s are on the threshold of finally heading into the abandoned Dwarven Keep, something that they have been working towards since the first arc.  It was really interesting to go back to this site based adventure that I had constructed back when the PC’s were 1st through 3rd level, make massive adjustments for their 7th level + bad ass selves, and find really great narrative threads to tie together.  Some of those were there all along, others are setting the table for the immediate future, and still others are leaving new threads for what would come in 6 to 10 levels.  It has been a satisfying exercise to plot this out, and I might add in no more than 5 pages.  Suck it Zack!  All silliness aside, I owe my ability to streamline these things to Zack staying on me about easing up on the prep, being less ‘married’ to linear storytelling, and going back to a more improv style.  Thank you Zack.  It’s going to be a long 24 plus hours till I get to roll some damn dice!

- 2 down 50 to go.

- Speaking of Zack, we had to push Antagonist Relations Podcast back to the end of the month due to scheduling issues.  Believe it or not, it is REALLY hard to schedule things.  With four D&D games, Full House Wrestling once a month, Star Wars once a month, four Podcasts, and all the other assorted shenanigans that occur when a monkey wrench gets thrown in it really pushes things back.  Luckily Zack Attack, Lady Christy, Magic Mike, and the lovely Cassandra are amicable about moving things.

I feel like I should have more things to say, but today I’m just at a loss…

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