Monday, March 28, 2016

40 Year Old Virgin Vs. So This Is 40

I missed a week.  I snuck a MinBlogIsode in, but the craziness of last week didn't leave me with an opportunity to knock out a written blog.  It is slightly disappointing, but in my unpleasant reality as an adult I get it.  I am not a very good Adult.  As I cleaned for our gathering on Sunday, and was filling Target bag after Target bag with LEGOs, well faux LEGOs to be exact, to put away I realized that I am sort of a child in a grown person's body.

Our house is littered with Blocks, Godzilla, Lucha masks, Kamen Rider, superheroes, the Tardis, etc.  I can't tell if it is a good thing or not.  Am I drowning in 'stuff'?  Sometimes I look around and I feel more like my Father than I care to even contemplate.  I don't think I hoard, but I do think I have a predilection towards keeping things for no real reason.  I have a lot of 'stuff'.  I like 'stuff', and I really like 'MY Stuff', but it isn't normal 'Adult Stuff'. 

My Ex used to make comments about it.  Small passive-aggressive barbs that really stung me. 
I think one of the reasons they stung so badly was that they was a truth to them.  I do like to hold on really tight to these childlike trappings.  I have never felt particularly motivated to move beyond them.  I don't feel like I need to grow up any more than I already have.  I feel no internal push to set aside the trappings of the things I enjoy to move forward into a world where I scoff at the 'follies of youth'.

I think I'd be more successful in the 'Adult' world if I did.  I'm sure I'd have more money and more room in our home if I did.  I would be a different person, a contributing member of society, and most likely looking at the world through a far different lens.  This kept me up at 3am this morning.  This question of whether or not the path I have chosen, to hold on tightly to who I am at my core, is a less favorable course when compared to those I see 'Adulting' at a high level is vexing.

I think about that; about what could have been or who I could have become and my brain spins.  I see this whole other life.  This Earth 2 existence of a stuffy, stressed, balding Ginger man with 2.5 children, a job he tolerates, and a family life that is 'acceptable'.  I see this and cringe.  I see it and I realize that I like what I have, because it is me, and I am sharing it with my Best Friend, Cassandra.  So while I may never end up 'Adulting' successfully, at least I'm blissfully happy.

How 'bout we wrap this up with some...

- For our Eostre celebration that we have been doing for a few years now we played a print and play version of Secret Hitler!  Let me say first of all, thank you .  Thank you to THE Karl, Master Ked 4.0, La Randita Rojo, Casual Doug, Electric Elyssa, Mom3, and my lovely wife Cassandra for some great grilled food and even better company.  Now back to the game! 
So Secret Hitler is a Kickstarter game that was put out by the minds behind Cards Against Humanity.  The game has a lot in common with Avalon, Werewolf, and the Resistance.  However, it differs greatly as it becomes about political policy interaction, voting, outing one another potentially as Fascists, and of course the win condition; name Secret Hitler chancellor.  The thing is the person who is Secret Hitler doesn't know who the other Fascists are, while they DO know who the Secret Hitler is.  If you don't like finger pointing, yelling, laughing, and long debates about the shady motivations of people all desperately claiming to be Liberals then you won't dig this game, that being said if you dig on that vibe then pick this bad boy up when it comes out.  OR just come play with us as Cassandra picked it up on Kickstarter!

- Smoking cheese in an electric smoker is REALLY difficult.  I failed spectacularly at it.

- The Koala suggested the 'Imaginary Worlds' Podcast to me. 
I have to admit, I was skeptical.  I listen to a lot of Podcasts, and I mean a LOT.  Joe and I don't always find enjoyment in the same subjects as he skews far more to 'Adulting' than I do.  All that being said, this is one of the best Podcasts I listen to, and I am now devouring voraciously.  It is a brilliant, short episode format that picks and interesting concept in fiction and explores it from a personal perspective as well as finding an 'expert' in said subject and getting their point of view.  It is robustly produced, succinctly edited, and a great listen.  I can't recommend it enough.  Thank you Joe!

- WrestleMania is this Sunday, and I am excited for the gathering but not the show.  The NXT show should be amazing though.  It sucks that the bar for the main show is so low.

You know I think I'm going to call it a 'blog' at this point.  I have high hopes that we'll knock out Heel Turn Radio, Insecurity Blanket Podcast, & a Shuffle Sounds - Podcast episodes this week.  I hope people are enjoying what we are putting out there. 

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