Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Heel Turn Radio - Episode 56 - GingerPalooza!

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger do a series of quick hits around the national Independent Wrestling scene, discuss the recent Hopkins ROH extravaganza & post show Perkins shenanigans with 'Big Mike' & The Sheik, talk some Lucha Underground season 2, and pontificate on the current standings in Chikara Pro.  We then are humbled to pick the prodigious brain of the 'Ginger Ninja' Darin Corbin!  The local Ginger Iconoclast treated us to a master class on 'Keeping Wrestling Fun', his various sojourns around the country, and gave us the low down on this weekend's MASSIVE Wrestlepalooza Events!  Sit back, grab a loved one by the throat, chokeslam them, and ENJOY!
Heel Turn Radio - Episode 56 - GingerPalooza!


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