Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Batman Begins Vs. Superman Returns

That's right it's a bloggin' reboot. As so many of my regular readers, all five of you, over the last 5 hundo blogs have pointed out Myspace is a dyin'. So MC Joe C. in his infinite wisdom has steered me here as a new cozy place to put my many musings, rants, reviews, and general vitriol and venom about movies, music, comics, games, all things nerdery, and just life in general.

So today, based on a suggestion from my lovely wife, I'm riffin' on a Cheap Seats favorite;


- Do you care that I started bloggin' on "Teh Myspazz" as a response to Rims Tardipants & Justy Timbo telling me it was cool?
- Do you care that in that time I've switched title formats from random thoughts, to music titles, to now movie battles?
- Do you care that I mainly blog about movies, comics, and games?
- Do you care that I have written another hundred plus blogs that never will see the light of day?
- Do you care that I do my best, the vast majority of said bloggin' as fast as possible from work?

Of course you don't care. Hell, I barely care. So why do I blog? It's interesting question. Why does anyone blog? I think it's an attempt to have your words heard, even if it's by the faceless masses of the digital realm. It's not that I have anything particularly important to say, anything profound to share, or an opinion so great I feel it must be heard. Far from it. In fact I prefer to communicate in person if at all. I believe the reason I blog is to scratch a creative itch in my brain. A lot of times I can feel stiffled or unfulfilled in a creative sense so this is an outlet. This also gives me a place to share my thoughts on interesting things I may have seen, heard, or read. So this is the next step in my blogging I guess. A more public forum away from the saftey net that I'd created on the Myspaces.

How about some


- The 2nd Annual Dark Dave Game Day is Sept. 19th and I for one am extremely excited. I feel like I have to redeem my horrible loss in Nuclear War from the last Game Day.
- I got my hands on a copy of Campaign Cartographer 3. Anyone who has some CAD experience should feel free to help my ass out, because as neat as this program seems to be I am LOST.
- I caught an interesting little flick last Sunday, In The Land Of Women (*** 1/2 out of 5 Stars). It was decent. Adam Brody as the lead was very good. The Run On Sentence Review is as follows; So strugglin' writer loses model girlfriend, goes home to care for ailing crazy grandmother, meets midlife crisis wife & EMO daughter, romantic issues insue (sans hijinks), and writer finds himself.
- I'm real hungry for a Gyro.
- I also caught an interesting work related documentary on Discovery Health entitled The Man Who Slept For 19 Years (**** out of 5 Stars). Traumatic Brain Injury absolutely terrifies me. Understand that all it takes is for you to slip on some concrete and bump your head hard enough to cause serious damage. Once that frontal lobe takes some damage, you lose your ability to control impulses and your ability to abstract think so your problem solving is impaired, & this is if your lucky. The main portion of the documentary revolves around a man who has been in a coma for 19 years, has come out of it, but can't mentally rectify that he has been out of the world for 19 years. Not to mention all the physical trauma and atrophy he has suffered through. It's fascinating.
- I loves me some Wildcat Formation.
- Thanks to Anthony "Hammer Drill" Jensen for the plumbing lesson, the plumbing work, and pulverizing the floor in my basement. The good news is the plumbing issue is now resolved, the bad news is I'm just as terrified about doing my own home repair, BUT I did learn something. And as we all have learned, KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE!
- As the regular season approaches I can' t help but get more and more excited to watch the Boarder War this year, the Dirty 'Sconie rage is palbable.

Well it's time to go earn my way...
"I wanted to thank you for finding Grover Cleveland's presidential time machine for me. I'll give him your regards..."


  1. Well done! I'm liking the new digs. Myspace is the dirt mall of social networking sites.

  2. I agree, total DIRT MALL! And who isn't hungry for gyros?

  3. I still go to the "Dirt Mall" to post. I think it's because I'm a loyalist.
    Glad to see you both ahve jumped over to the new digs though and are enjoying.