Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blazing Saddles Vs. Young Frankenstein

I missed bloggin’ last week mainly due to workload. It’s been crazy, so crazy in fact that I’m completely frazzled about my review that will take place, supposedly, today. I say supposedly because we’re about a month over due. Now I’m not surprised I went through a similar thing last year, but with what could conceivably be on the line for me this year my dander is already up.

Oh well, thus is life.

BUT, I’m back on track this week, back in the flow of things, and back on the blog. So I pre-ordered Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for PS2 a couple of months back, and was SO looking forward to it. I had a bit of a banking issue, as some asshat stole my number and made some purchases online. Wells Fargo is handlin’ my bidniz right now, but still it messed up my purchase. Luckily Gamestop in my ‘hood took care of me and I was able to pick the game up last night. MUA2 (so far *** out of 5 Stars) is NOT Marvel Ultimate Alliance (***** out of 5 Stars). It’s a good game sequel of a GREAT game. I’m a bit frustrated with the board I’m stuck on right now, the fact that the PS2 version is 2 players only pisses me off severely, but the $30 price tag helps take the sting out of it. The roster isn’t as loaded or as customizable as the last game, but it’s serviceable. I think what I’m learning is I need a PS3, and that breaks my heart a bit. I’d love to drop 3 Hundo on a new system, with the Blue Ray, and I will once DCUO comes out, but currently I have a TON of other things I have to purchase first; the fireplace, the deep freeze, the second bed frame, paint, two new TV’s, car repairs, guttering for the garage, etc. There is just no real room for a $300 purchase right now.

On a side note I picked up Scribblenauts on DS for Cassandra. She is digging it completely; I’m looking forward to trying it out. The basic premise is a puzzle game, but you have an almost unlimited ability to summon any crazy thing you can think of, like Cthulhu or God or a Jet Pack or even a Flamethrower, to solve it. Bloody BRILLIANT!

How about a little

- Dave has a new album almost complete. Everything I’ve heard so far has been incredible. I won’t lie; I’m a Dave fan. From the Endless to the 1,000 Suns album I have yet to hear anything that I dislike that he’s done, but let me just say that Waves Of Mercury is the best thing he’s ever done. It’s melodic, yet heavy and incredibly sharp. I look forward to enjoying it for years to come.
- Marvel was bought by Disney. Sigh. So does that mean that now Norman Osborn will shoot Mickey Mouse in the face and be celebrated as a National Hero? If you’re reading any Marvel title right now you’ll understand my frustration with the new “dark” direction of the company. I don’t mind a dark storyline, but it’s getting ridiculous. I know Normie and crew are bad guys I don’t need to be shown 800 times monthly that they are reprehensible monsters. I like a bit of escapism in my comics, maybe some whimsy and right now Marvel is bludgeoning me with too much “real life”. I understand that the world sucks, the American public are easily lead sheep, and that politicians are sharks at best. I don’t need you to drag it headlong into my comics as well. Story wise the build up has been so heavy that the beat down will have to be of EPIC proportions for me to be able to wash the taste of this story from my mouth. On the DC side of things Blackest Night has played out thus far like a horror movie. The best part is I have no earthly idea where it is really headed. DC is churning out some amazing titles right now and with Warner Brothers taking a more active role in the rights of the characters I’m hoping that will translate into some amazing movies. Although they need to leave the comics and animation wing alone, they are fine as is.
- I never realized how hard it was to live without a check card until I had to cut mine up due to some online thieving by some foo’! I hope they catch him, not so I can get my money back as much as hoping they prosecute THE HELL out of that guy! No one toys with my scrilla, NO ONE!
- Big weekend ahead with the 2nd Annual Dark Dave Game Day! J.B. and Anthony “Bachelor Party” Jensen will be down for festivities. Saturday will be an all day board game extravaganza. I’m hoping to get some Battle Masters in as that game is “teets”. Sunday J.B. and I are contemplating some DDM, a bit of the Batman Brave and the Bold cartoon watchin’, and I’m going to try and rope both of them into some MAU1 or MAU2! All in all I need this weekend to rock, that way I can hopefully shake this malaise I’ve been in.
- So already my pick of the Houston Texans to win their division is already lookin’ real bad. At least most of my other NFL picks are still looking viable.
- My Legendary Evils minis arrived and they are gorgeous (for the most part). The Beholder Ultimate Eye Tyrant is a wonder.
- I usually try to stay clear of politics, well mostly, in my blog because I don’t like to preach at people like I’m some authority, or that my opinion “es bests”, BUT the current political climate is shaking that. When did we collectively lose our minds? When did we lose our sense of civility so much that this behavior seems like a good idea? I lean towards being a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, so overall I like to think I’m a centrist. Watching the polarization of our country has left me wondering if there is anyway back after this. Be it these sadly misguided “Tea Parties”, the Health Care “debate”, watching Joe Wilson make a fool of himself, or any number of politicians on both sides fake self-righteous indignation I’m finding myself sick of it. We’re not even a year into a new president, a president I voted for, and instead of getting an opportunity to do what he campaigned on we have people bringing guns to rallies. We have political opponents, who may or may not have a legitimate take on Health Care holding rallies where people are comparing our president to Hitler. HITLER! A guy who perpetrated one of the greatest atrocities in the history of man, why? Because he’s a Democrat? Because he’s a liberal? Because he’s black? Why? Or is it just because he’s not your choice? Let me explain something to my Republican/Conservative friends. You’re killing your argument by acting crazy. The country is in no more danger than it has ever been. Democracy, or what we have that passes for it, will continue. Settle down, be rational, and state your case in a realistic way. I loathed the last 8 years, L-O-A-T-H-E-D-! BUT I didn’t move to Canada, and as much as I thought we had a corrupt and idiotic administration I still respected the office. That’s what I think irritates me even more is the idea that you, the Republicans/Conservatives, had the last 8 years to “get it right” and you failed. The people you put into power failed you and the rest of us. They gave us a record deficit and got us into two wars, yet the new guy, who was legally voted in by a landslide, doesn’t even get a year? Seriously? I get that he’s not your choice, obviously since your comparing him to Hitler, but you’ll get your chance in a little under four years to try and change that. I want National Health Care, I want a education heavy incentive laden initiative, and I’d like to see us go as “Green” as possible, if you don’t that’s cool we can talk about it as rational adults who can agree to disagree. So leave your guns at home, no one is taking them, stop worrying about grandma, no one is putting her before a “Death Panel, and get some perspective about history before you start calling our duly elected leader Hitler. Sheesh.
- Speaking of the awesomeness that is politics, can someone explain how Tim Pawlenty got elected in Minnesota, let alone thinks he’s running for President? He’s raping Human Services in an effort to cut spending, while try desperately to never raise taxes. So rather than raise taxes on individuals who make over $200,000 dollars a year he’ll cut the benefits of kids and adults with Autism, Mental Illness, Traumatic Brain Injury, Down’s Syndrome, etc. Where is the perspective? This has nothing to do with cutting costs, as much as it has to do with setting oneself up for a future run at the Oval Office. I’ve never actively campaigned against an individual, but if Bachmann or Pawlenty actually runs I will take it to the streets in an effort to keep those two out of any office. I guess even I would take my political musings more seriously, if my entry before this didn’t involve a little piece of plastic sculpted to look like a floating eyeball…
- Oh by the way, THE DEEP FREEZE will be in my basement on Saturday! It’s like I’m almost a real adult.
- Two session of D&D in two weeks and I’m exhausted. The first was the EMERGENCY D&D session, and it was amazing. Mary, Christina, Cassandra, & Brian rocked it out with four intense encounters that got them into Overlook. The second session of Cassandra, Dave, & Mike was more about catching up and role-playing. It was good, but the reality was we couldn’t go on without the other players. Had we tried the body count would have been astronomical. I have to pick a date for October, but it’s a LOADED month as the Halloween party, Dynamic Duos this year, will be upon us very quickly.
- MICHIGAN IS BACK BABY! Suck it Notre Dame! Seriously, it’s so nice to know that Rich Rod is bringing the Blue & Gold back to prominence.
- For those that don’t know the trailer for Solomon Kane finally came back up online. I have been looking forward to this flick for some time. I sent out the trailer to the vast majority of people who have been dumb enough to give me their e-mail addresses and received a lot of interest. With one exception. J. to the B., a HUGE R.E.H. fan, had a “meh” reaction. He felt the implication of Solomon fearing for his immortal soul, as a motivation was weak. The fact is I don’t totally disagree. Solomon Kane is a religious zealot, he’s doing his Gawd’s work, he shouldn’t fear some type of horrific afterlife fate for the deeds his done in the name of his beliefs. That being said, if this is simply the beginning of a trilogy, like I’ve read then I’m all about watching the journey of this character. Overall I never in a million year thought I’d get a Solomon Kane movie, especially after watching something as craptastic as Van Helsing rape the body of R.E.H.’s work, so I’ll take what I can get.

Well back at it I suppose…

“Hey Monarch, I’m takin’ your F’N Car!”

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