Monday, October 19, 2009

The Dunwich Horror Vs. Cool Air

I was super excited about stuff, I just can’t remember for the life of me what stuff exactly I was so excited about this last week or so. I mean there’s plenty to be “up” about; possible work stuff, Brett Farve, Cassandra, Halloween Party, Dreamy Tom Brady, Mike’s wedding, D&D, bad movies on SyFy Channel, etc. I have decided to throw myself a Birthday Party. On 12/6/09 starting at 12pm it’s going to be a Kung Fu Birthday. Depending on what the Movie-A-Thon crew does next watching wise it could either be Shaw Brother’s flicks OR Sonny Chiba (Most likely Chiba). Either way I WIN!

Oh, NOW I remember what I was SO excited about; VENTURE BROTHERS Season 4! So last night I stayed up late, 11pm for me is SUPER late on a Sunday, to watch, even though I DVR’ed it, the Season 4 premiere of the best damn show on television; THE VENTURE BROTHERS! I’ll save a ‘*’ review until the season ends, but HOT DAMN that was radical (It’s ok I’m takin’ radical back). I’m not going to spoil it in any way shape or form, but this is the culmination of the whole of seasons 1 through 3, and it is GLORIOUS!

Saturday we took Mary & Christina to geek nirvana, The Source. I had thought it might be overwhelming for them, being two fledgling closet geeks, but oh how wrong I was. They literally, with my lovely wife, spent thirty plus minutes just going through dice. That’s right just looking at different colored dice. They missed all the splendor around them because they were captivated by the “prettiness” of dice. Then I realized, dice are like geek purses, female geeks need their accessories to match, to “go with” their other accessories, and they need order. My mistake. They also were pretty stoked by the vast amount of miniatures and we may have two more to add to our miniature-painting covenant. Then we were off to the main event; All You Can Eat Shrimpfest at Red Lobster! That’s right it was another attempt by yours truly to actually consume by body weight in shrimp. As always it was pure crustacean bliss. I was able to consume quiet a bit of shrimp, but I’d punch an old person in their toothless mouth right now for another go at it. Christina put up a valiant effort, but was done in eventually by the sheer volume of the little “sea bugs” she was trying to cram in her craw. It was a good time, as always when we hang with the real Dynamic Duo.

D&D was Saturday night. We were one man down with Mike being at his Bachelor Party, but with the addition of the Companion characters; Barber Cog (The Warforged Anvilpriest of Moradin) & Graham (The Squire) the group was able to pull through. The reality is they dominated. With only a few exceptions I got POWNED by the players. They went through three encounters that I beefed up considerably and crushed. Sure I rolled a bit bad, but they just were running on all mental cylinders. We have to pick the date for November as they are heading deeper into the tunnels of Moradin’s Monastery, and I’m hoping I’ll offer a bit more of a challenge then. While the game wasn’t maybe as focused or as exciting as I wanted, the players seemed to have a good time. There was lots of laughing, some serious bouts of “to much information” syndrome going around, & a bit of drunken shenanigans. It was one of those occasions where the gathering outweighed the game, and I think that’s just as important as how many crits were rolled. Not to mention it was pretty damn funny to watch the slew of Freudian slips that took place. Just remember, what happens at D&D stays at D&D…

I tried to watch the 2009 version of The Dunwich Horror on SyFy, but was being pulled in another direction via a family phone call. I had it on closed captioning, but that could not fully relate the sheer Z Grade crapfest this movie looked like, so it was RIGHT up my alley. I’ll be watching it soon, I’ll review it then, but I invite everyone else out there to seek this celluloid abomination out.

Since I have so little actual coherent thought going on today, it is Monday, let me lay down some


- Dreamy Tom Brady illustrated again this weekend why all he does is knock up Supermodels & win Super Bowls. 5 Touchdowns in one quarter is just redunkulous!
- There is intrigue afoot at the place that signs my paychecks. I’m beginning to become increasingly curious how long my title will remain the same. In addition it’s getting harder and harder not to become jaded with certain aspects of people. I guess I get real tired of incompetence, excuses, & procrastination. It makes me very cross, very cross indeed.
- You know what I want to listen to? WAVES OF MERCURY! I can’t wait to bask in its glory again.
- The Halloween costume is finally coming together and the Mom-In-Law just added an incredible component I NEVER would have thought of that is just going to make it BRILLIANT! I’m starting to get excited about the big day.
- BRETT FARVE! There I said it. It feels good Minnesota, don’t it?
- Hannity = Leotarded (thank you David)
- Suck it New York Jets fans! On a side note, the Chiefs won.
- If you’re looking for cheap, plastic miniatures I HIGHLY recommend Wargames Factory’s miniatures. They mainly do historical stuff; Romans, Celts, Germans, Zulus, etc. although they do have some rockin’ zombies, both modern & Zombie CELTS! The thing that impresses me is the fact that they have a recycling program, they sell their sprue packages VERY cheap, $20 gets you enough stuff on sprues to make 30 pieces, their well sculpted, & best of all you can go on their website and put in ideas for future sets. If they you can get 1,000 people to pre-order your design then not only will they make it, but you’ll get it free! Just a great little company that I plan on supporting not just with words, but with my money as well.
- Cassandra is starting to put together the house for Dynamic Duos. It’s taking shape and it’s going to look as good or even better than anything we did in Bloomington OR Burnsville. She’s just that damn good.

Well time to go be disappointed by other people…

“Playtime’s over! Time to get your gay little ass home!”

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