Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Shining Vs. The Dead Zone

Yesterday was one of the single most horrible days I’ve had in some time. There were things that went on at work that I can’t really go into, but that we’re very hard to take. I mean I am responsible for putting people out in the field with the skills and confidence to give the best care possible, so when things happen, even things beyond their sphere of control that turn out to be catastrophic it makes me second guess not only what I do, but in a way who I am. When tragic events occur it makes me feel powerless. I hate feeling powerless.

This doesn’t even take into account the other people I have to deal with who can many times show me the worst in themselves. I try to remain professional, reserved, and detached during working hours, it’s how I remain sane, but circumstances and behaviors yesterday brought me to the brink of losing it on some foo’s. I think I’m more shocked and awed by some people’s general lack of anything resembling a sense of compassion than anything else. Oh that and the idea that world revolves around them and only them. Sometimes it’s like working in a junior high, no one can see past his or her own b.s.

In addition I’m an idiot. It’s funny today; well not that funny, but I performed a monumental accounting error as well. I overpaid my mortgage by about six hundo. Now I have enough or had enough cash to cover a lot of the damage I did to us, but it emptied my savings in the process. So because I wrote a check while not paying attention to what I was doing I almost crippled us fiscally. Instead I just dealt us a significant blow. Adults don’t make these mistakes. Scratch that. Adults who ACT like adults don’t make these mistakes. I’m sure I was distracted by pretty colors or daydreams of Doc Savage teaming up with The Creeper to battle Gentleman Ghost in Gotham City, admit it that would be hell-a-cool, but it’s NO excuse for making huge errors like that.


I’m over it now. It’s a new day, I’ve put my pants on one leg at a time and I’m back in the flow of things. Poorer but alive nonetheless, and with that I give you some


- I watched a really interesting documentary the other day, Outrage (**** out of 5 Stars). It was concerning the number of ultra conservative politicians who push anti LGBT legislation, and yet later on are revealed to be gay. It was absolutely fascinating.
- How did I ever live without a DVR?
- I find it sad that no one took me up on my bloggin’ Zombie challenge. Hell, no one took me up on the bloggin’ once a week challenge as well. This is two weeks in a row that I’ve blogged twice in a week. What happened people? I expected better.
- Max Brook’s Recorded Attacks (***** out of 5 Stars) IS OUT! I picked it up. It’s a bit sparse on words, which is fine it’s a graphic novel, but the art is tight and the attacks themselves are cool as hell. For those that don’t know Brooks is the best damn Zombie author ever. This book is about recorded attacks throughout his “world’s” timeline. If you haven’t read The Zombie Survival Guide (***** out of 5 stars), which is a sublime comedy take on 1950’s guide books OR World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War (Infinite *’s out of 5) which is a Ken Burns-like account of an all out pandemic Zombie attack then you are missing out. Great stuff!
- I had NO idea but apparently there is another DDM set coming out like next month! WTF! I needs me some previews!
- South Park tonight sounds INSANE! I’ve been a bit hit and miss on this season as far as watching it, not on it’s quality, because I think it’s maintained its brilliance. I need to either DVR it, or just make sure I watch it. I remember when I was as loyal to that show as I am to The Venture Brothers. It deserves that loyalty and I should give it.
- Maybe we should do an Emergency Halloween Season Movie-A-Thon? Thoughts?
- I need to start watching Fringe. Maybe I will do so tonight.
- I love this season of the year; TMC & AMC show a lot of old school horror flicks. Last night Dr. Sardonicus was on, I didn’t get a chance to sit down and watch it, since I was knee deep in watching a documentary on ESPN about Donald Trump killing the USFL, watching the DVR of Attack Of The Show, and the newest episode of Web Soup. Then because I’m like an old person, I went to bed at like 8:30am. I need to start looking at their program list to see what flicks they’re showing, as there is ALWAYS some hidden gems in there. Maybe this year they’ll give me a ton of Hammer flicks that would be awesome.

Well it’s about that time once again…

“I swear that boy, when thing get tough, that boy gets a going….In the opposite direction…”

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