Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hellcats Vs. Sidehackers

I have the flu, and make it’s making me grumpy. No, wait, it IS making me grumpy. I’m tired, even though I slept like 12 hours yesterday before going to bed, my temperament is very short, and I have absolutely positively NO interest in being at work or even blogging. I would rather be in my bed with a heating pad, my blanket, and some soothing music then sitting here stewing over real and perceived slights as I prepare to teach a class I loathe. Just for specifications sake, it’s not that I loathe the students; I loathe the monotony of teaching the same old thing. It breaks you down a bit mentally after awhile.

I think I’ll keep this short today in hopes of just keeping it positive; here is your weekly doctor recommended amount of


- Don’t come to a man’s Halloween party drink his beverages and then take yours. It’s bad form.
- Waves of Mercury. Streak continues.
- Speaking of Halloween, it was a good time. Till about 2am in the morning when the sheer amount of alcohol I had ingested finally got around to kicking the beejezus out of me. Sunday was awesome. If by awesome you mean throwing up constantly. I know better. I really do, and I plan on showing myself and everyone else that from now on. Otherwise it went well. Anthony “Farve is Jebus” and I won the best costume contest for our startlingly realistic depiction of Minnesota’s lord and savior Brett Farve & Brad Childress. Everyone seemed to be festive and joyous, and in the end isn’t that all that matters.
- In fact it mattered so much that the Border Battle Part Duex held the next day was subdued. It was a lot of lounging and talking in low relaxed tones as the Vikings went into Lambuea and handed the hated Packers a devastating loss. Joe Evangelista and wife even attended. Hopefully I’ll be a more interesting and entertaining host for Kung Fu Birthday.
- David had lent me Del Torro’s book The Strain (*** ½ out of 5 Stars). It’s a good vampire book, but I couldn’t help but feel he’d touched on this material before during Blade 2 (***** out of 5 Stars) with the Reaper strain of vampires. I also was not a fan of how the book was simply a set up for another book. Not a bad first entry, I’m at least interested to see where it goes from here.
- I started to dig into the 1st Season of The Legend of the Seeker (No review until I finish the season). It’s a little fantasy diddy by the same crew, the Raimi’s, who brought the world Xena & Hercules back in the day. It’s good. It’s not great, but so far it’s damn good. The wizard is the crazy guy from the Mad Max flicks, the main character looks like Justy Timbo (I mean EXACTLEY like Ricky, scary!), and it has a distinctly fun D&D feel to it. Thank you to Attack Of The Show for turning me on to it.
- On a sidenote question to the blog readers; about what percentage do YOU think Xena & Hercules the TV Shows were faithful to the mythology? 80% or 40%? Show your work.
- I have been trying to read some comics of late and let me say two things have leaped out at me;
o Dark ReignWHEN WILL IT END! Seriously, they’ve milked the “villains WIN” thing to the hilt. The premise was interesting, and at times remains so, but overall I’m just sick and tired of it. There are some things spinning out of it though that have peeked my interest; FrankenPunisher, what are the consequences for Daken for his actions, where do the X-Men go from here, where does Namor go from here, and just WHO will be the one to put Norman Osborne and his sinister cabal in their collective place? Interesting yes, entertaining not so much.
o Blackest Night – Wow. Simply amazing. It’s funny how the GLC book has become about the 2nd stringers, the main GL book is about Hal and the other “faces” of the various corps; Sinestro, Atrocious, Indigo 1, Carol Ferris, & Larflreeze (who is my favorite!). And the actual Blackest Night book is the one that spans the DCU. The last issue with Barry Allen (Silver Age Flash), Ray Palmer (Silver Age Atom), & Mera (Aquaman’s wife) was spectacular. I thought the Sinestro Corps War was good, but this is blowing it out of the water.

All right I have a ton on my work plate to handle here, and the day is getting short…

“Whoa there boy, your not ready to go into the Court of the Crimson King, to much of that this early & you could become an evil super scientist!”

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