Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Quiet Man Vs. Hatari

You know what? Legend Of The Seeker season 1 (**** out of 5 Stars) was pretty damn good. It wasn’t by any means great. There was a lot of the main female characters screaming “RICHARD!”, a bit to much slow mo “300-esque” moments, to few beasties, some mediocre digital effects, and a lot of forgettable minions. That being said there were some absolutely fun episodes, some nasty villains, and I really dug the messed up season one finale. This show looks a lot like Hercules and Xena, and seeing as the Raimi’s produced it as well it’s not surprise, but looks are where the similarities end. There isn’t a lot of humor in this show. There aren’t a lot of sidekick moments, no ‘yuks’, and it doesn’t always end happily. Oh and did I mention torture? This show has a lot of morally questionable behavior by its heroes, Confessing someone is NASTY, as well as the villains; the Mord-Syth’s re-education via torture is messed up, especially since all the torturers are hot women in red leather (YOWZA!). Overall an impressive little show that I can’t wait to re-watch with Cassandra, not to mention a fertile ground for D&D fodder. I’m intrigued to see where season 2 goes.

I’m now going to start The Middleman, which I’ve heard is a hoot. I can only hope it’s as pleasant a surprise as Legend Of The Seeker was/is. On a side note episode 4 of the new season of The Venture Brothers was superb. I know Cassandra didn’t enjoy it as much as I did, she just expected something more. To me this was on par with last season’s episode that revolved around Quizboy Billy Whalen and his ‘origin’. This one dealt with the fallout of 21’s death, and just how 24 became the badass he is now. Oh and there’s very ineffective Chinese water torture, a glimpse into the intimate life of The Monarch & Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, lots of Sgt. Hatred with no clothes on, Giant Boy Detective references galore, and The Monarch laying the verbal smackdown on Tim Tom & Kevin. GREAT episode!

Cassandra has a birthday in about a week; in fact it is one week from today. Now I’ve already given her the gifts, but I’m hoping to make it a special day for her. I haven’t planned the way I usually do, and I wasn’t able lavish a vast amount of riches upon her as I have in the past. Instead I was only able to really give her one big beautiful heartfelt gift, oh and some kick ass bowls she wanted. I didn’t even plan her birthday dinner this year, she did. It’s not that I feel guilty or anything, but I just hope that in her heart of hearts she doesn’t feel like I let her down on her birthday. She only deserves the best, and I always want to give that to her.

Last Sunday, rather than watch football, we got caught up watching the final four episodes of the first season of HBO’s Bored to Death (I’ll review once I finish the whole season). A neurotic little comedy about a floundering writer who decides to moonlight as a unlicensed Private Detective, and what hijinx ensue. Let’s be honest they had me at Jason Shwartzman. Rushmore (********** out of 5 Stars) is one of my favorite all time movies, mainly due to him and Murray, Bill F’N Murray. So I’ll give anything he’s in a try. It also has a demented white haired Ted Danson acting CRAZY & Zach Gilifianakis acting well, like Zach Gilifianakis. It’s an entertaining little comedy faux noir thing.

I haven’t spoken to my dad in like two weeks. I’m a little worried, but just can’t muster the energy to deal with him currently. The last two calls have been so dreary that they have obscured the previous two good conversations. I don’t want him to think I’ve abandoned him, I just need a break to refresh myself, get my defenses back on full alert, and rethink my approach strategy before dealing with him in the throes of his illness. It can be exhausting staring into the face of it. I always understood why my mother split with him, but never had a complete appreciation for how his illness can swallow up a conversation, a moment, a relationship within it’s gaping maw. Now I do. It changes nothing with her, I haven’t cut ties with her due to the divorce, but due to the way she handled it. But at least I think I better understand where she was coming from. I wish I could understand where he is coming from; maybe then I’d have a better understanding of where he truly wants to go. It’s as if he’s a rudderless ship tossing in a black and cold sea without a port to call home. It’s sad, it’s frustrating, and it leaves him hollow. No one likes to see or hear his or her heroes in that condition. I know I just need to suck it up though and get back in there. Is it bad that I’m questioning why?

How ‘bout something a little happier,


- Need a pick me up? Here ya go;
o http://www.vikingkittens.com/
- This Sunday AMC starts it’s remake of the seminal television work The Prisoner, with Sir Ian McKellen & Jim “I was Jebus” Caviezel. Now understand I adore the original, it is timeless, subversive, and utterly brilliant. That being said McKellen is one of the greatest actors of this generation, and no not because he was Magneto or Gandalf. I have high hopes for this mini-series; I hope I won’t be disappointed. Be seeing you…
- It has been brought to my attention that Phillip Rivers is the Bizzaro version of Mike Nelson. This hypothesis is correct according to “teh Math(s)” and should get the utmost respek(s).
- Shunning ALWAYS works…
- I sincerely hope Larry Johnson gets caught in a bear trap and is mangled. I’m so happy that douche is out of Kansas City.
- I picked up Paizo’s Critical Hit & Critical Miss deck for D&D. I’m looking forward to implementing them into the gaming session, but I’m at a loss as to how I can make the group as excited about it as I am. I’m thinking an ‘incentive’ plan of sorts for characters who use the decks.
- I miss Black Adam.
- So I have a deep freeze now, and a food saver, but I’m using neither because I haven’t had the cash to go out and buy a bunch of meat. This makes me sad.
- I’d shove your grandma down a flight of stairs for some good Chinese food right now.
- We got our hands on Cage The Elephant self-titled album (**** out of 5 Stars). It’s sort of White Stripes-esque, but way out there. We had heard their big single during the Borderlands video game ads on TV. and were intrigued so I tracked it down, and the album is very good. “Back Against The Wall” in particular has been stuck in my head for two days now.
- For those that don't know I also blog at myspace bloggin' site; www.myspace.com/bmironfist
So if you enjoy this stuff make sure to go there as well and read the old crap I've written about that will make you question whether or not their is a place like heaven, and if so how could it NOT be this blog... Oh yeah WAVES OF MERCURY!

I’m off to watch some stuff on Manic Depression, YEAH!


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